Monday, May 25, 2009

PTL for Veterans.

Tom's Journal.

I only want to say a few words of THANK YOU to the Veterans who gave their lives in combat to maintain our precious Freedoms and Liberties even as they are fast eroding in 2009, due to moral decay in this land of greed and corruption. It was not always this way. I remember when Veterans were honored and respected in America! Those were the 'good old day!' And I well know that a few employers gave me a break by hiring me as they knew they were getting a hard working, disciplined person embedded with the right work ethic and loyalty/ values. Thank you, too, for allowing me to hold on to my self respect and provide a meaningful existence and support my family.

Thank all the wives and children of Veterans who put up with so much baloney from their dysfunctional Vets hubbies and fathers who endured many nightmares and flashbacks, etc., but still tried hard to be productive members of society. May they all know that the Lord in Heaven loves them and wants them to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
This has been the 2nd time when I visited my wife at Lakeview Rehab Center where there was a 'disturbance' concerning the poor quality of food. It's not my wife, but yesterday I witnessed a pregnant staff/ cook who publicly reprimanded a teenage boy who refused to eat his food, and today an old lady cussed up a blue streak about her poor quality of food next table besides us. It "looked" OK, until I tasted a small piece of roast beef that was stinky, tough and rough... lol. Sharon told me, "that's why I am losing wieght ... lol!" But I do bring her fresh fruit ever day and she does have a suplus in her room. I am not fussy but that institution 'food' would knock a buzzard off a manure wagon... Ha! I can also usderstand that my wife is very lonely there without many to talk to, and I believe that has a direct bearing on how fast she heals. I will see her tomorrow again during her physical rehab and they will teach ME who to pick her up, etc.
She cried on my shoulder today that she missed me and is lonely there. I guess she really needs more TLC and physical contact. I will try harder to work on that aspect of my life with Sharon. She is so bored, and she just can't watch TV and read the bible non-stop, so I will bring a radio with a CD player in the morning. I took a few pix of her and will try to post them soon.

Have a safe Memorial Day!


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