Thursday, May 28, 2009

My views on May 28th.

Tom's Journal.

I love this song:

A recent pic of my wife and I at RBC [church] about 3 Sundays ago for that one week that she was home before she fell again...

I just got an email from a buddy who is also disabled, but he has it much worse than I do, as he was explaining to me. And another email friend, Helen, has a serious back pain problem. I certainly don't have joy or glee learning about other people's hurts and challenges, but it forces me to realize that I still have it pretty good in WI. I also may have been a bit one-sided and selfish in asking everyone to pray for Sharon and me-- but I have been slack praying for others. That will change right now.

The more I get serious in my Bible study and reading some great, Christian books these past 2 months-- the more my short comings and failings are spot lighted, and they show up like a fire in the night. We are 'convicted' by the Holy Spirit, and if we have the 'right heart' and knowledge of God's Word, we work harder at what we need to. That is what we learned today as we read from Proverbs 9 and 10 at the Rehab place.

I have always thought-- how can we imagine going to a perfect heaven where there is no sin or hurt/ evil, if we are so laden down with our immoral thoughts and pleasures of THIS world of Satan? The books I am reading say that the "Churches" who claim to be Christian have been invaded by the worldly things, pagan ideas, goofy, wrongful, accepted, popular philosophies of the world! We will never be completely perfect on earth-- but we ought to remain true to the Word of God and 'filter out' worldly thoughts, ideas, abortions and perversions of the world, IMHO. We can't just pretend and put on a show-- but we must get the true, proper mindset of God!

I believe that I have finally found the KEY to understanding and with it, a great JOY and HAPPINESS and LOVE -- fruits of the Holy Spirit !! It's as if I somehow discovered an herb that can heal cancer or diabetes, and I want to SHARE IT WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. But as I have posted many times in the past, the majority of mankind refuses to accept-- to grab hold of it in time, even as much of the world hates the very name, JESUS! Although God is SO MERCIFUL that there will still be a chance of salvation after the Rapture and during the 'Tribulation', people will suffer greatly and have to literally 'lose their head' to get into God's Graces, from what I understand. Carolyn, please feel free to jump in and help me. Why go thru that 'taste of hell' ??

When you study military history or watch the History Channel, you find that there were some great military geniuses who gained the victory because of their brain power and cunning. We must do the same and get the RIGHT, godly mind set. Well, right now the devil has guided his earthly servants to create a huge global economic sinking ship!! And that is just one of the scary things that will befall mankind in the near future. Christians can now accurately predict what will soon come down the pike because the Holy Spirit has allowed them to truly understand the Scriptures! But even worldy economists can tell you that we cannot continue to 'SPEND MONEY WE DON'T HAVE !! This is NOT rocket science, but the Congress keeps rubber stamping the most stupid laws!! I also might think that the world will have a "limited" nuke war, but the BIG war will come at Armageddon, that will be waged by God, and He will be the Victor.

I need to have the dog's toes nails clipped, and Sharon always does it, so maybe I can get her outside the Rehab center on a sunny day to help me with that. I am afraid that I might clip him too short and make him bleed to death. Has any one done that?


More Recent Pictures from Tom.

Tom's Journal.

To the left is my wife at home [where she should be with her cat, 'Cuddles', in her comfortable EZ chair in the living room.

To the Right: Our friends who live in IL coming over to till our Victory Garden a few weeks ago. Rick Brown and his son, Ricky. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is what REAL, authentic Christianity is all about!

Got new Pix.

Tom's Journal.

<<< picture of our friend, Wayne B., associate pastor at RACINE BIBLE CHURCH where we attend now days.... near our home in U.G.

I had some new pictures developed and Sharon taught me how to scan them on our PC, etc. Remember: When you are dealing with men-- 'keep the dots close together...' lol! She had a taste for Pastrami so I got her some good stuff at a deli in Kenosha today, and I had one sandwich too at her Lakeview Rehab Center near Waterford, WI where I was raised on a farm and went to high school-- class of '67. I got her two boxes of fresh strawberries also and showed her the pix. We had a great visit and she seems to be doing well-- but admits that she is not well enough to come home yet, for fear that her legs are not stable enough and she would fall again. I read and we studied Proverbs 9-10 for a while and applied it to our lives and choices, and told her how my personal book reading is coming along, and discussing how my life is changing-- for the better lately.

I also took a few pix and downloaded them of my good friends, Rick, and his son, Ricky Brown, who came over and tilled up my garden about a week ago.... and the tomatoes are doing well with all the rain in WI. And I have a few pix of pastor Wayne B. from RBC encouraging my wife at the Rehab place. That place is actually a "Specialty hospital and Rehab" where they do a great job in helping people with spinal, neck, head, and other serious injuries, in a nice country setting -- "God's Country." I am getting used to be alone, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it. I feel that it's just another test or battle that I must endure until the Father calls all BELIEVERS to Heaven. And when it appears that I am complaining-- I am ONLY forwarding/ posting FACTS to share with my readers and friends who want to know about my life and news, etc. Chrysler/ Humana Ins. says that I MUST enroll in the Medicare part B soon, OR I will be put into some inferior health care that will cost be about 80% of my co-pay--- but I will then be charged about $97 that comes out of my hard won SSDI !! Ha! We will all be poor pretty soon.. LOL. BUT-- true Believers-- true, 'authentic' Christians will weather the stink storm and be protected by the Lord of Heaven, who CANNOT lie. So says, THE DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT ~by Joseph M. Stowell, president of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago. It's not a simple book as Stowell comes from the 'old school', but it's loaded with facts and scriptures to back them up, and I am hooked on it-- great book! It's all about using and training the mind with PURE Scripture instead of just going thru the motions of sitting in church like a bump on the log or faking it, IMHO. He says in his book that the 'worldly' pagan/ selfish, hurtful influences have already permeated the 'Church' a few decades ago, and now many so-called 'Christians' have just as many divorces, immorality, problems as 'unbelievers'-- and wonder why! Friend/ Bro. Wayne B. has given my wife and I more books to help us cling closer to the Lord as things on planet earth dissolve and disintegrate. The TV grow more 'simple headed' and degenerate every day and we can expect much more not that the close friend of abortionists and perverts in living in the WH... Sad.

We are getting rain every day! And by the time I get done with all my 'chores' and visits, it's about 2:30 in the Afternoon. But I get edified from visiting my wife every day and sharing news, etc with her. As I was just pulling into her new room, the staff was transferring a "lady" out to another room, whom I'd heard before-- very obnoxious, loud, vulgar with potty mouth. They say she has a brain injury... and she called my wife a 'bitch.' But that comes with the territory. Those people are no doubt in great pain too. Sharon just kept her mouth closed, but the new room needs to be specially cleaned and sanitized... after the other two ladies departed-- with different cultures and backgrounds/ lifestyles. I am sure that there are many other horrors in the place that are much worse. And for people with all these hurts, disabilities and suffering, God holds out the FREE gift of grace and the promise of much better things to come. I heard that same disturbed,Caucasian "lady" scream out the other day in the mess hall that 'there is NO God!'-- and a mouthful of other profanity that would make a drunken sailor blush.

The days and weeks are rushing by to quickly and it's been over 2 months that my Sharon has been in the hospitals. They now want to do surgery on her spine, but she says 'NO !'