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Dear State of WI Rep.

Tom's Journal.

Here is an email/ message, Witness that I just sent my hard working State Rep., Robin Vos [Republican] in Wisconsin. Our goofy Dim. Gov. signed and passed a 0530 sneak bill thru to tax the living hell out of us in Wisconsin a few days ago... that I might post latter. Can you believe how low and sneaky that is??? Of course the middle class --working man/ family will pay for MOST of that junk!!

Dear Robin Vos, State Rep. of WI.
I firmly believe that you are working hard to do the right thing-- but it seems that you are fighting a huge wicked giant-- the Dims, who are hell bent on destroying America. Being a 60 year old, retired Chrysler worker after 30.5 years, a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, a History buff and serious Bible student for the past 40 years, I also firmly believe that we live in the "end times" that were specifically foretold in the Scriptures, easy enough to understand by most grade school kids-- who can read. America may not exist in a year or two. Our American currency will prob be abandoned within a year. There is NO way we can sustain all the stupid, careless spending in the obama administration, and China already owns us. I love America but her sins of abortion and sodomy and corruption have clearly piled up to heaven, and God has just about had enough. I will be 'saved' only because I have accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and am ready to die for Him in a heart beat.
I realize how busy you must be, but I recently got a book from a friend at RCB - Racine Bible church, on highway 'C' , a mile East of I-94, that knocked my socks off about the under ground, persecuted Christians in China, and how their numbers have grown larger than the [real, biblical, authentic] Christians in America and Europe COMBINED! I had to make that distinction for all the CHINO'S/ fakes [Christians in name only...] The book is called, SAFELY HOME, ~ by Randy Alcorn.
People like me--all over the world believe with good, sound, scriptural reason, that Jesus will come, as promised, soon, to Rapture His Believers up to heaven-- and then turn His wrath upon the wicked and UN-believers on Earth. I served as a helicopter door gunner in Vietnam from 68-70, and death/ blood doesn't scare or worry me-- but being "LEFT BEHIND" does!
:-( Seek the Lord Jesus Christ NOW while He may still be found.
If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.

I also EXPECT all guns to be banned in the near future, Christians to be persecuted and banned in the USA, loss of most Constitutional Amendments/ Rights, a bankrupt USA, more big time corruption. greed and war.... but all these things are out of my control, and yours too, much as some might try to 'polish the brass on a sinking ship.' Ours is but to be more concerned with our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and helping to share this witness and powerful Gospel with others now.
I also write a Christian based on-line Journal that also tries to help other Veterans, and other helpful subject matter.... "Tom's Journal." I would never advocate any violent over throw of our country/ Gov't, and neither did Christ. The devil, Satan, has most of the world and leaders under his thumb, and personally, I believe that Mr. Obama is the devil's servant and a great liar. But the Republicans that I once trusted and voted for are almost as corrupt, greedy and guilty... too cowardly to stand up and take a stand for the U.S. Constitution, IMHO. This was a Christian based country-- but not anymore. Sorry, that's the way I see things, and no disrespect intended.
If I don't die before the Rapture, I would expect to be martyred-- in America.
Have a great, blessed day. Thank you for your hard work-- and I hope to see you again at the Racine County Fair in August.
Take care.

Tom S


"Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book." Revelation 22:7
and He is coming soon! Amen!

Budget Passes Committee in Middle of the Night

While most of you were sleeping this morning at 5:30, Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee approved a budget that increases taxes by over $4 billion and raises government spending by more 7% in the worst recession in a generation. As a member of the Committee, I was there for the entire 12 hour session, and I can't tell you how disappointed I am in the product that was approved by the 12 Democrats on the committee.

The committee co-chairs and leaders of the Assembly and Senate promised to put a budget on Governor Doyle’s desk by the end of the state fiscal year on June 30. With votes by both houses planned for June, it appears they will meet the deadline. While Madison politicians keeping their word may be a welcome change of pace, it doesn’t amount to good news in this instance.

Unfortunately, just getting the budget done doesn’t mean getting it right. Turning to tax and fee hikes to fuel an explosion of state government spending means Governor Doyle and the Democrats got it very wrong.

Governor Doyle promoted his state budget proposal in February by vowing to protect middle class taxpayers. He told lawmakers that we can find new revenues and fund our priorities “without raising taxes on middle class families.” He continued, “so, I am not going to raise taxes in the ways that some have suggested. Some say we should raise the sales tax. I’ve never done that, and I’m not going to now.

However, Governor Doyle did nothing to protect middle class taxpayers. To fund new state spending and government jobs, Governor Doyle cast a wide net that trapped middle-class families with a creative assortment of tax and fee hikes. Their tax burden ballooned when Democrats gave the green light to an amended version of the governor’s budget this morning.

Do you own a house?

Your property taxes will go up $316 according to the LFB estimate of the increase on an average home.

Do you use a telephone, cell phone, or fax machine?

Add 75-cents to your monthly bill for each one in order to fund 911 dispatch centers, plus more to fund an $11 million increase in the existing $30 million Universal Service Fund (which ensures all Wisconsinites have phone service). Then watch helplessly as Governor Doyle and the Democrats siphon $100 million to plug holes in unrelated state programs.

Do you have a child in daycare?

Forget about deducting child care tuition and fees from your state income tax. The deduction approved by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Doyle in 2007 has been scrapped. In addition, the per-child licensing fee your child care provider pays to the state is increasing 39%.

Do you pay a portion of your health insurance premium?

It’s no longer tax deductible in Wisconsin. This deduction was also established in 2007.

Do you pay for automobile insurance?

Your rates will go up about 33% due to higher mandatory coverage amounts.

Are you getting married or having a baby?

The marriage and birth certificate fees are doubling.

Is your teenager looking for his or her first summer job?

The work permit fee is doubling.

Do you turn on the lights, heat or air conditioning at home?

Your utility bill will go up so that you can chip in to fund a $9.1 million annual increase in the existing $105 million low income energy assistance fund. And, you can again watch helplessly as $18.2 billion is drained from the fund during the two year budget period in order to pay for Wisconsin Works (W-2) benefits.

Do you have a child attending a University of Wisconsin school?

Tuition for the 2009 school year will go up at least 5% while financial aid is held flat.

Do you have a family member in a nursing home?

The nursing home bed tax will double this year and then increase another 13% next year. And, once again, most of those dollars will be used to pay for other programs.

Do you invest in stocks or real estate?

You’ll share any earnings with the state treasury now that the capital gains exclusion is slashed.

Do you depend on municipal garbage collection?

The “tipping fee” charged to your local government by the state more than doubled.

Do you buy cigarettes?

You’ll pay 75-cents more per pack.

Do you download music, ring tones, videos or books from the Internet?

You’ll now pay a 5 percent state sales tax on these digital products.

Do you ever fill your tank with gas?

You’ll pay 6-cents more per gallon.

With only a few hours to scan the Democrats’ handiwork, this list is apt to expand, and with it, your tax burden.

In the end, Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee packed hundreds of decisions into huge “omnibus motions” and took just a few votes to decide nearly all state government spending. They dodged debate and discussion, and avoided individual votes on particularly tricky political issues by continually meeting in secret, cutting back room deals that have more to do with the personal interests of the legislators rather than the taxpayers, and held meetings in the middle of the night and on weekends to avoid public coverage of what they were actually doing.

Survey Respondents Overwhelmingly Support Cutting Government Spending

Last week, I asked readers to complete a survey designed to help me understand the thoughts of Wisconsinites as to how the $7 billion budget deficit should be handled. Over 3,000 people took three minutes to answer three questions. Thank you to all who responded! Following are the results:

What do you believe state lawmakers should do to address the state’s $7 billion budget hole?

Cut Government Spending





Raise Taxes


Eternal Prospectives.

Tom's Journal.

Friends, I want to recommend this Blog by an author who has enriched my own life and spirituality: See below, please.

I saw Sharon walking on her own today when I brought her some carnations, etc. I paid off one of her Capital One charge card bills and had her call them to FORCE those crooks to CANCEL that card, and they actually jerked her around and didn't want to do it. They are also very dishonest and let someone else make an unauthorized charge on her card right after I paid it all off!! Sharon handed me the phone and I 'leaned on them' in a mighty way-- I was ticked off. FYI, the Bible says, "Be wrathful-- yet do not sin." We just cannot let immoral, lying dogs walk on us, but take positive action to legally deal with them. Woo Woo!

View the interesting video of how animals chum together, heal and care for each other!


Eternal Perspectives (Randy Alcorn's blog)
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An Unlikely Animal Pair

Posted: 29 May 2009 08:41 AM PDT

People often ask me whether animals will be in Heaven. Their second question is whether they’ll ever see their pets again. To some people, these are merely sentimental questions. To others, they are very important. Children especially want to know the answers. What do we tell them when they ask?

Scripture says a great deal about animals, portraying them as Earth’s second most important inhabitants. God entrusted animals to us, and our relationships with animals are a significant part of our lives.

Isaiah 11:6-9 speaks of a coming glorious era on Earth when “the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. The cow will feed with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. The infant will play near the hole of the cobra, and the young child put his hand into the viper’s nest. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

Some interpreters contend that this passage speaks only of the Millennium, but Isaiah anticipates an eternal Kingdom of God on Earth. Isaiah 65:17 and 66:22 specifically speak of the New Earth. Sandwiched between them is a reference very similar to that in Isaiah 11: “ ‘The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. . . . They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain,’ says the Lord” (65:25).

This video of an unlikely animal pair is just a foretaste of that peace to come.

(Click here if you are unable view the video.)