Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hang on Sloopy.

Tom's Journal.


Walk a few miles in another person's shoes.....
The Rehab/ Hospital where Sharon is was like a ghost town today as I saw my wife after church. I am going to get her some ham salad and toasted bagels tomorrow like she wants. Her PT people/ staff say now that they want her to stay there ANOTHER 2 weeks! She says that she works out 3 times a day to strengthen her body for endurance and I think she out to come home now. She lost a lot of weight-- I bet over 70 pounds in the past 2 months-- as I hug her and can feel her ribs and lack of fat. We all know that if she didn't have the good insurance they would have put her out on the street a long time ago......$$$$$. And it ALWAYS boils down to the 'bottom line.'

As I am half way through "THE DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT" by Stowell, I feel like a huge spot light with a surgical knife has laid open all my sins and wrong mindsets of my past life--- compared to what COULD have been. The book is somewhat weighty and complicated as the author leaves no stone unturned and he is very detailed so that I have to "chew his words" carefully. I wish I had his skills-- and I have learned so much about myself lately and God's REAL purpose for His children. Stripping everything away for the sake of time and space, the big question is: 'Why are we here??' Answer: "TO GLORIFY GOD." Soooooo, as Paul says, 'everything else in life is nothing but a dung heap!!' And so there it is, plain, unvarnished and naked! What ever we do should be done to GLORIFY God. With this understanding, and God is a HAPPY, generous Spirit who loves his creation, He is not trying to hold us back from having a good time-- but just like a human father, He has to make us understand that juggling hand grenades is not healthy for us. Neither is having sex with every one in Chicago healthy, or eating Twinkies every day...LOL! From now on, I will push myself to do more physical work, inside and out, and work out with my cane and staff-- Bo-jujitsu, as the weather is nicer now, and the sun is good for my skin and mind/ health. I am taking care of the garden and mowing the lawn too, but I have to take short breaks to catch my breath. I feel good today---- but I realized that my wife has a very lonely existence in her "cell."

Christians SHOULD have an edge as they have and read/ study the Bible... but having some friends to visit you is truly a gift and help.

Well, at least I get to hug and kiss Sharon and massage her back. They actually had a movie camera in her room focused at her bed-- so she told them to point it up at the ceiling if they could not just turn it off...LOL! It feels like the CIA is watching us-- not that we intend to have sex there... made me paranoid as if 'Big Brother' was watching. She cries and misses me, even as I come every day to see her. The staff got rid of a ghetto woman and a foul mouthed hillbilly woman who WERE in that new room Sharon moved to..... as the staff figured that there would be a big 'personality clash' with my wife, but I think they ought to clean up the bath room better after they shagged out the 2 oinks. The hillbilly woman has a head injury and cusses and screams all the time.. and I saw her, so I know. Sharon would rather have a private room than be with some dirty, unclean rude person, and she gets along fine with all the staff.

So now, my 'conscience' is pricked more often as I ask myself, what should I really do. My selfish part of me [my brain] wants to 'take the path of least resistance.' I am gaining some real insight with this book even though it's not "fun" or easy, or fast to read-- it's more of a study book, IMHO, but I still need it to help me get my mind set correct, and then share it with others. And if I would have read this book and applied it 30 years ago, I probably would have had better success with relationships and might have been rich [so that I could have helped better spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ]. But we were all "shaped" by inherent sin from Adam, our surroundings, parents, religion that we were born into, schools, teachers, etc..... the world of Satan-- to be correct. Our minds and hearts have to be re-tuned to the Bible standard of what our Father in Heaven wants for us. He loves us and wants the best for us. Instead of selfishly fighting the Father and trying to get away with wrongful desires of the flesh, material things and lusts that never satisfy in the end-- we [I] need to GET WITH THE PROGRAM now, and THAT will bring true happiness.
Happiness is a bi-product of serving the Lord. Most of us older folks have tried every other avenue, thrill, path, addiction... but none produces real happiness or total, complete satisfaction. Don't wait too long to trust in the Lord of Heaven and get right with Him... please. There certainly is a limit to His Divine patience and mercy.

My good son, Andy, called me up tonight to tell me that he loved me. I love him to pieces too, and he knows that he is always welcome here and can talk to me anytime. What a handsome fellow-- born in Dec. 1973 when the snow was up to our hips in Wisconsin!