Monday, June 1, 2009


Tom's Journal.

I don't care if the Stock Market rose 200 points today as GM failed. The Market is and always will be fickle-- up and down. So as things get worse economically, I always thought it wise to have a "B" Plan, just in case. I remember my dad losing a good job because a Milwaukee Y+O Coal Co. folded or was bought out, so he found another job as crane operator [an occupation that he learned while in the WW-2 Sea Bees] that paid better, and latter became a supervisor at Harnishfeger [P+H] Corp in Milwaukee, the 2nd largest Crane Co. But he called a family meeting to explain that we would have to pinch pennies and cut back on things for a while. I am thinking about getting rid of our '05 Dodge Caravan but I don't think it has much resale value. No hurt feelings meant or implied, but I can save tons of money now when Sharon is in the hospital... lol. I just don't need much to be happy and content and I live simple and clean.

I have to pick her up tomorrow, and her staff from Rehab will "take a tour" of our house to see if she is able to come home sooner and get around without problems. I think and believe that she CAN-- IF she keeps up with her strengthening exercises daily. But I know the staff will want to play things safe. They weighed her again today and she said that she is less than 160 pounds!!! Wow! She has never been that light since I met her!
I brought her fav. lunch today and some more fresh strawberries... but as soon as I got there-- a long train of staff came in to do their thing and check her out, etc.

I had a full day on PAYDAY - June 1st, as I went to the Credit Union in Kenosha to transfer funds around, and I got the same old, nasty teller who verbally abused me before, but this time I just stated my business and stood there mute and on my very best behavior. First of all, she was the so-called "supervisor" of the tellers but she took so long to do a simple task, then she gave me the wrong amount of money back in cash. But then she said as I asked her name, "you and me usually butt heads." And I thought that was totally uncalled for, and I just walked away, but pondered on that in the parking lot, and decided that as a member in good standing at that business for over 30 years-- I shouldn't have to take that continual kind of crap from her! And she MUST be dishing out the same BS to other clients as well but few have enough manhood to speak up for their rights. I will send a copy of this post to the management, 2nd time. Last time they just slapped her on the wrist-- they said they "talked to her..." I have many friends who do business with that Credit Union, and maybe I should write a newspaper article about this. Some people just should NOT be dealing with the public. When I look at some crabby, witchy women-- it makes me very happy and thankful to have a good wife like my own Sharon. That teller's name was Karen. I called the management but they dropped me/ hung up on me, and then Karen called me back with an apologize to cover her back side... but she should not be working with the public, IMHO. She always has a scowl on her face, is grumpy, abusive and condescending. I have never had a problem with the rest of the many tellers there... although they seem to have a large 'turn over' of staff in that place.

When good old Tom does something wrong he can expect many bitter wonks to jump down his throat in a heart beat. They can't dismantle or fight me on biblical/ scriptural grounds so they attack my personality when I slip up.

I am having some good discussions with my wife about the book I am reading 'The Dawn's early light', and what I am getting out of it. She is realizing that I am more apt to point out and explain where I make mistakes and why-- the root cause. Selfishness and Pride are the Big most dangerous sins that most of us have/ commit. I remember high school Agriculture with Mr. Fry as a freshmen/ farmer' student... lol. 'If you don't get the ROOT OF THE WEED it will certainly grow back!', he said. I look back fondly at my happy high school days when things appeared to be simple and clean cut. I figured that I would certainly be in college and then grow rich-- but I landed in South East Asia instead and worked as an auto worker and skilled welder. But the good thing was that I finally found the Lord... after beating my brain against a rock for 30 years. Hey! It doesn't matter when you cross the finish line in THIS Game--- just so you DO cross the finish line ! Woo Woo! Sharon and I witnessed to her Psychologist for a half hour when I was there today. I joked with my wife that that Dr. prob won't come back to see her if I am there anymore... lol. And then we dissected my Gospel/ witness presentation to see where I could have done better.

My dear son, Andy, said he would be over here after work to cut the rest of my lawn that I didn't get last night, and that will be great to see him. I think he turned out to be a fine man, skilled and hard working. I have got to get a recent picture of him to post--- with his permission. I think he came full circle and changed his mind what kind of father I was-- strict, but loving. I always figured it was a 'bad dad' who didn't teach his kids right from wrong and a few important skills to help him in life. He was always my personal helper in carpentry, motorcycle mechanics, woodworking, gardening and how to defend himself in combat. One time I took the kids to grandma's house in the woods of WI and showed him how to fire the .22 Ruger pistol... actually all of the 3 kids. I was very, religiously strict about gun safety. So I told Andy to take his time, the proper way to stand, aim and slowly squeeze off ONE round. Bang, Bang, Bang--3 rapid shots! I said, "Andy, give me that pistol-- you are having too much fun with it ... " LOL!! We all went camping all over WI many times and with other families when the kids were young and now Andy is still hooked on camping with his buddies. We went fishing a lot too. I taught Andy how to drive one of my XL 500 on/ off road dirt bikes too in back of the church parking lot when he was still a teenager, about 15 years old. I love Andy!

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Silver Star Families of America Aiding Dying Veterans
The Silver Star Families of America endorses Hospice for those veterans who are eligible.
Silver Star Families
PRLog (Press Release) – May 30, 2009 – OUR WOUNDED, OUR ILL AND OUR DYING

The Silver Star Families of America has one mission: To remember, honor and assist the wounded and ill of our armed forces from all wars. And while we struggle to meet the needs of our wounded and ill we cannot forget those that need us the most; our dying veterans.
More than 1,800 veterans die every day. (More than 600,000 a year) This represents one quarter of all deaths in the United States. 85 per cent of veterans do not receive V.A. care and most still die in their own communities with only about 4 per cent dying in V.A. facilities.
Our dying brothers and sisters deserve to die with dignity, respect and honor. And they deserve to die pain free with Spiritual and emotional support.
Hospice care is part of the basic eligibility package for veterans enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration. (VHA) If hospice care is appropriate for enrolled veterans and has been approved by a VA physician, VA medical centers will either provide hospice care directly in their facilities or purchase it from community hospices.
“The need for education extends beyond the public to community hospice and VA providers as well. Many community hospices are unaware of the dedicated inpatient hospice units that exist in VA facilities. Likewise,VA facilities are often unfamiliar with the services community hospices can offer and how to work with them. There are also complex issues surrounding payment reimbursement and administration.” (Hospice Veteran Partnership Tool Kit)
End of life issues are always hard for us to deal with but it is an essential part of the mission of the Silver Star Families of America. We have started to issue Prayer Blankets to Hospice units at selected V.A. facilities. We can use your financial help.
Death is part of life and we will leave no veteran behind until they finally leave us for their last duty post.