Friday, June 5, 2009

Chicken in the Sun.

Tom's Journal.

I give credit to God for saving me again from a personal matter yesterday and I was blessed from something that really un-nerved me, but was straightened out. All I have to do is to beat my pride down with a huge club and continue to pray and trust in the Savior. I also benefit from listening to Charles F. Stanley on Christian radio about how to control anger.

I had a full day again shopping in Kenosha, getting my oil and air filter changed, etc., and they check everything else like tires. I been going to one fine place for a number of years and they take good care of me.... and I trust them. I believe in loyalty! Sharon and the cleaning lady get along well-- that's good. Our garden is doing well, sprouting, and I water it daily and need to weed it now.

The only negative things was that my power scooter re-charge jack got 'pushed in' again, so that I now have to repair it so as to recharge it! I just might try to fix it myself, but I wll certainly let the company and store know about this. I can save on back and knee pain, and shortness of breath a lot by using the power scooter, and I get plenty of walking anyway, but the wear and tear would other wise pain me so bad that I would need more time to recuperate and then I would not get so much done. This way I have more 'quality of life.' I also have COPD- respiratory problems/ trouble breathing, and part of that is being evaluated now with the VA [from Agent Orange in Vietnam]. My Lung specialist wants me on Oxygen 24/7, like my wife, Sharon, but I just use it at night while sleeping with my CPAP machine. And there are many other things I have not and don't discuss on this blog/ Journal. Sometimes I share things with close personal friends whom I can trust. There will always be some jerk out there who doesn't have a life or true Christianity-- who waits to ambush an outspoken Christian-- because they are too cowardly to use their real name or leave an email address. What perverted wimps and gutless monkeys who are on the highway to hell... LOL. How can they live with their lies and miserable, shallow lives, knowing that they have absolutely NO future, name or rank in eternal punishment in a nasty dark place FOREVER. Even a life of torture on earth would be worth paradise in Heaven with the Lord, forever!! Perhaps people who never had the inclination to sit down and seriously study the Bible won't totally realize this fact until they get to their "final destination..." And what people DON'T KNOW WILL HURT THEM! They are usually so full of themselves, pridefull even with their low I.Q's.

I admit to being a slow learner
-- but happy enough to at last be SAVED, and with a good working knowledge of the Truth of the Bible and love for Jesus, the Savior. As I continue to REPEAT... 'it's NOT because I am a "good" person!' Millions/ Billions of so-called "good" people will certainly end up in Hell. Truthfully accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior is what SAVES a person. Of course, when we 'say' that we love and accept someone [Jesus] -- that means getting to know them over time and learning what pleases them/ obeying their wishes. Most people so love being independent, not accoutable to anyone for their actions, that kneeling to the Lord is simple out of the question! And so it goes. If they cannot be taught to bend-- they will break with the Lord's Iron Staff.

For the most part, I am happy, joyful and content with my lot in life, and very thankful for everything I have. I believe that Sharon feels the same way.

I got a roasted chicken that Sharon didn't care to eat, so I took some outside with the dog and we ate most of it in the warm sun. After the dog finished it up, he came inside and rested for a few hours as we watched TV and relaxed. I got everything my wife asked for on my shopping list. She will not be able to drive for a few weeks until see feels better.