Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Hair Cut for the Summer.

Tom's Journal.

The Buckinghams - Kind Of A Drag

For me, getting a hair cut makes me feel good all over, and I dislike long 'curls' tickling my neck and ears when I sleep at night. I am losing some of my hair anyway and no body pays me or signs my checks for looking like a 'cool character', so I like to be comfortable, and I like my old barber. And barbers give me all the latest 'real' news in the Kenosha community area, and info, etc. 'Why change canoes up stream?' I had to go to Sears to buy more belt sander belts [ 4 inches by 21] to refinish the picnic table in back, and stain it/ finish it. Sharon and I spend a lot of time on the picnic table that we built together 5 years ago when we first met. She loves to help me build and make things out of wood, and even wanted me to teach her how to weld, and cut steel with a torch! I like to pamper her and serve her the food I make and grill. I also bought some bananas, grapes, plums and strawberries for her today on the way home from my chores in the 'big city' on the Lake [Michigan].

My days run like this: I like to write a list of things to do the day before, and then attempt to knock out the important ones first-- and then see how many I can do before my knees and back get too painful. I remember when I worked at AMC/ Chrysler how I used to make the same type of list in the morning at work-- but as the day went on, I lost some of the drive [the spirit is willing-- but the flesh is weak]. I used to work out and power lift AFTER work for the past 25 years and that was my fav. sport which made me strong--- and I have the pix to prove it.
1st Timothy 4:8 says: "for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come." NASB. That doesn't mean weight lifting and exercise are no good. Paul is just setting the correct priorities. For what ever reason people think I loved to lift weights-- I still benefited from that sport and liked the feeling of being strong, until about 6 years ago while arthritis said, 'HELLO!' So many other people have it much worse than I do-- losing jobs, investments, homes, families, self respect and hope.

Do you know that I can safely BET that another big tragedy will befall us [Americans] every week that comes and goes ??? We lose more of our Freedoms, Liberties, Stability's, Protections and Treasures every single week! I wonder when the majority of Americans [with an I.Q. over 70] will figure this out before the Socialist Messiah in the WH does enough irreparable damage so that we will never be able to dig ourselves out of it. Merry Old England WILL go bankrupt pretty soon and WE will, of course, 'bail them out' -- just as the Feds will bail out California in 2 weeks!!
The folks who drink cheap wine every morning in the ghetto, who never worked at a job more than 2 years, who never graduated from high school, who worked for ACORN, could care less if America sinks or swims.... just as long as the dog in the WH "shares the wealth" of people who do care-- do work, do save some money and invest. But that's all part of the master 'Global Plan' of which RINO's [Republicans in name only...] are also a part of. They are snakes too. There will only be two classes then: rich and poor.

If indeed, this is NOT rocket science--- just like reading and understanding the Bible is NOT that hard, why is it that the majority of Americans and Western Europe just let some 'slippery snake' lie and steal from them?? Remember, PLEASE, that I am NOT advocating violence or anarchy! If I did-- I might be in some right wing militia thing. But I am well know as a Bible loving Christian warrior who depends totally in the promises of JESUS CHRIST. Martyrdom would be the easy way out... and it's still a distinct possibility, and yes-- even in America! I recently told my dear wife that I would rather just die peacefully in my own bed with her holding my hand. Death is nothing more than a 'gate' leading to eternal life. As the apostle Paul said in Phil. 1:21, "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."

The days, weeks and months are just flying by so fast for me. I can see Winter and Snow already.. LOL! The garden is growing like 'Jack and the Bean stalk', except that I might have to replant the cukes. With the deafening lack of help [ in these "Last days"] to take care of the yard-- I just do it myself even if it takes a bit longer. No complaints.

I have a big day planned for myself tomorrow, chores and things to get done. I may also carve a scripture in cherry wood-- something from Philippians perhaps. And I need to make some more cabinets for the bathroom, etc. When I get the notion to build something or a project, I DO IT! Lest 'Murphy's Law' kicks in.

Sharon said that she just started writing in her own Blog again today-- after being 'out of action' for a while. I will try to post it in my Journal. She needs to expand and make more friends too.



Send this to your Congressman.

Tom's Journal.

As you read through the latest happenings & opinions on the Agent Orange issues please take time to print out & share the flyer I have attached concerning HR 2254 The Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009!

And Please Call or Write your Congressman and Senator

Today and Request They Support HR 2254

The Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009!

VVA National President calls for a declassification of all DOD info on Agent Orange Exposure
June 2, 2009

No. 09-13

Mokie Porter
Vietnam Veterans of America: Crying Need to Deal with Agent Orange Problems Here in America
(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - "Vietnam Veterans of America applauds the conclusions and recommendations of a Ford Foundation-funded report issued today by the National Organization on Disabilities on the effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam," said John Rowan, VVA National President. "While VVA feels compassion for the many adults and children injured and made ill by exposure to Agent Orange and the many other toxins used in Vietnam during the war there, it is now time to fully deal with the same effects on Americans who served in Vietnam and other areas that were also contaminated. The effects of these toxins on the children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren must similarly be addressed."
The U.S. government currently is not studying the possible intergenerational effects of exposure to Agent Orange, nor are they doing any morbidity studies at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or anywhere else.
Rowan called for "the immediate de-classification of all Department of Defense information that pertains to exposure of U.S. military servicemembers to any toxin at any time, to include the Vietnam Era" and to take immediate steps to begin epidemiological studies, birth defects registries, and outreach necessary to scientifically document the problems suffered by our veterans and their offspring.
"Dow Chemical is not going to fund these studies," Rowan said. "Only the U.S. government can reasonably be expected to fund this vital research, and they have not been doing their job. In fact, it would appear that for the last decade that our government has been doing everything possible to prevent such studies from being done.
"That the Administration is adding another $3 million to the $3 million already pledged from the Ford Foundation for work to help those suffering in Vietnam is fine and good," Rowan said. "However, there needs to be at least a commensurate commitment by the U.S. government and the Ford Foundation to American veterans and their families. Under a new President, now is the time for a dramatic change of direction for our country. Similarly, now is the time for a new direction from the Ford Foundation."
AVVA National President applauds Agent Orange report

June 2, 2009
No. 09-1

Press Release

Agent Orange, We Live It Every Day
(Washington, D.C.) - The Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., (AVVA) applauds the National Organization of Disabilities and Ford Foundation for the release today of U.S. Vietnam Veterans and Agent Orange: Understanding the Impact 40 Years Later.
Said Elaine Simmons, National President of AVVA, "As the families, friends, and supporters of our nation's Vietnam veterans, we know, only too well, the long-lasting, debilitating effects of Agent Orange/dioxin, because we face them in our daily lives, as we attend to our sick and disabled."
"We find it ironic, however, that this brutally honest assessment--which concludes that, forty years after the war, "It is still not too late to correct lapses in the nation's treatment of veterans who were exposed to dioxin during the Vietnam War"--is the byproduct of the U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin, a group whose primary missions are to raise awareness and mobilize resources .for the Dioxin damage to Vietnam, the country, and its people.
"Unfortunately, it is 'way too late' for so many our veterans--we remember them at the In Memory Plaque, when we visit The Wall, in Washington D.C. As families, we stand together, way too often, at the funerals of our beloved veterans, who are dying at a rate, from Agent Orange related diseases, that breaks our hearts on a daily basis.
"Lovingly, we scrutinize our new grandbabies, praying that we won't see evidence of birth defects, learning disabilities, and cancers, which seem to strike us at a rate that is so much higher than our non-veteran families-Agent Orange, we say." And if Agent Orange rears its ugly head, we pray we can help our children learn to live with these disabilities and diseases.
"We will continue to hope. If it takes addressing the effects of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam to focus on addressing the lapses in care in America, then we will demand that our nation, when providing aid to our former enemy will, finally, address the needs of our veterans and their families at home.
The Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America is a national, nonprofit membership and service organization dedicated to advancing the full range of issues affecting all veterans, their families, and their communities. Our more than 6,000 members are families, friends, and supporters of Vietnam veterans, as well as Vietnam veterans and veterans of other eras.
New AO update at:
Some possible good news but only possible.

Agent Orange Update

Finally; at last a non-government association that receives no money or grants from our government is speaking out and maybe it just might be some good news on our Herbicide Issues. I say maybe; because the long arm of our cover-up the mistakes no matter how many Veterans/Widows/Offspring it may have damaged government still might get to them. As they have in the past with others that tried to report the real facts.

I will let you read for yourselves the report being presented to Congress.

Now as in the past will they do nothing except enable the cover-ups by DoD and VA? My guess is yes they will do NOTHING! Except say we need better communications as they have in the past when even government scientists brought forth issues. And Veterans elect the same folks time after time?????

That link is located at:

U.S. Vietnam Veterans and Agent Orange:
National Organization on Disability
With funding from the Ford Foundation
Special Initiative on Agent Orange/Dioxin
June 1, 2009

Already some of the Veterans Groups you pay your dues to so they can supposedly represent you have all of sudden after seeing this report are jumping on the bandwagon. I would point out that these same groups have remained silent for at least 40 years when they should have been demanding and not just whispering the issues. Especially since our congress has somehow deemed they alone speak for the entire Veterans Community. All so assuming at least on face value that the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs has no influence in your “so called” representation with your real representation.

I am sure these VSO’s will now all of sudden come out of the woodwork with demands; all be it a façade or not after 40 years of silence will be up to you to decide.

Also in this report you will find issues and facts that will never be reported on the broadcast media or in the print media. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN would never bring these issues to the forefront of the public in their lack of concern for what our own government has done to its Veterans and the civilian population in general. Yes, as Dr. Birnbaum concluded in her presentation “Are We All At Risk” from these toxic chemicals regardless of source and the byproduct of dioxins; the answer was yes. While diminished some since the mandates were tightened in the 80’s and 90’s for control and banning of some of these products and the environment improvements of residuals from that time of infancy of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when the chemical companies and their representatives with millions in lobby money practically ran the fledgling EPA.

Birth Defects:


Betty Mekdeci

Executive Director

Birth Defect Research for Children

800 Celebration Ave., Suite 225

Celebration FL 34747

407-566-8304 Fax 407-566-8341

Int J Epidemiol. 2006 Oct;35(5):1220-30. Epub 2006 Mar 16.

Comment in: Int J Epidemiol. 2006 Oct;35(5):1230-2.

Association between Agent Orange and birth defects: systematic review and meta-analysis.

Ngo AD, Taylor R, Roberts CL, Nguyen TV.

School of Public Health, University o