Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another fine Sunday in Wisconsin.

Tom's Journal.

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The church picnic turned out very well yesterday- Saturday- with the temperature about 85 degrees F., and we met some nice people for my wife to contact and get to know better-- the food was great too.
I think we stayed for about 2 hours and then we were expecting my son to visit us from Milwaukee-- and Sharon cannot handle too much hot, humid weather, and so we left somewhat early. Hundreds of people attended that great church picnic and the picnic staff was very professional, kind and helpful to us. They are self-sacrificing to go that extra mile and show consideration for us all.

Today's Bible study at church was also great and we again met some new people who joined our group as we studied from the book of Luke, chapter 5 today. I made a comment about tax collectors in Jesus' day, how crooked they were in that they were very hated in the first century AD-- who were Jews appointed by the Romans who would go beyond the 'Rule of the Law' to defraud and coerce more money and merchandise from the Jewish peoples. The Pharisees [ruling religious class] pointed at Jesus for sitting and eating/ drinking with Sinners and the Tax Collectors-- but Jesus said, 'The healthy people have no need for a physician...'
I got the email addresses of 2 guys whom I will send a copy of this Blog post. When we got home today, I grilled some meat in the back yard for my wife and I as we kicked back for the afternoon. The heavy rains have helped the garden and the weeds that I need to hoe, hoe, hoe, as soon as the Milwaukee VA injects both my knees for acute bone on bone arthritis-- and I much welcome the injections... lol. The VA Nurse Practitioner is a real Pro and nice guy!!

I hope that I have not stepped on too many toes these past few weeks, but I suppose things might seem "anti-climatic" because Sharon is home now and life goes on. I feel guilty too from getting too lax and lazy in my regular prayers and supplications to the Lord... now that things seem to be more normal in the dog days of Summer. I also think that many of us [even Christians] are getting our senses and brains dulled by the every day loss and breakdown of Big Gov't and the U.S. Constitution and death to Morality. The nature of things now days seem to actually be "normal" as if it's always been that way, unfortunately, just as the days of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah. [Like boiling the frog]
Like I said before, Satan's rotten world of corruption has seeped into the Church so that too many of us act, think and operate like the UNBELIEVERS OUTSIDE OF THE CHURCH! We fail to keep our minds sharp.

We want to be on God's side and balanced, so the best way to go is to stay very close to Jesus and study the Bible when we at home and with our spouses/ children. I know how hard it seems to "walk the walk" instead of just 'talking the talk.' I made a few mistakes in my life of waiting for something big to happen-- and then missing that event because of something like a 'pressing personal necessity/ reason' happened. And it seems that every time I let my guard down, something bad happens to me. So I have the problem of being 'hyper alert' for fear of missing an important event. Some of this stuff is confidential, so that I may sound like a dog chasing his tail by not speaking specifically and detailed. Sorry, folks. Most of my dear readers are descent, kind, honest respectful people-- but there are a few resentful trouble makers lurking in the bushes who don't have a life... LOL, so I must guard my tongue.

I also learned lately that I should NOT write people off, even some hard hearted, myopic, brain dead extended family members-- and we should even preach and share the Gospel to our enemies. Yes! It's very hard for me to say that even Mr. Obama MIGHT have a change of heart, and that is why we "pray for the king" according to scripture. I have my own personal opinions about that fellow that I shall keep to myself...for now. That was a hard pill to swallow, but we cannot pick and choose the biblical laws we like to obey and follow. Being a Christian means being a good soldier-- and that means following ALL LAWFUL ORDERS of Jesus Christ just as He took ALL the Bible seriously. What would the Drill Sargent say if you refused to learn how to fire your weapon on the range or learn the Spirit of Bayonet?? Or what would my college welding instructor say if I told him that I didn't want to learn Mig and Tig ??

I have many errands to do and people to call on Monday morning, and Oxygen bottles for my wife and I, so I am going to bed early again. I let my wife have more freedom and she can come to bed when ever she likes, of course. I bought her 2 cream puffs and more flesh strawberries today. I am just so glad she is here with me at home and I like to show my appreciation for her by buying special things for her. She helps me a lot at home too.
Let me say hello to a good buddy of mine at church, Cliff S, who is at our church bible study Sunday mornings, etc.

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