Monday, June 29, 2009

Joy and Happiness from Serving Jesus.

Tom's Journal.

KENNY ROGERS----ruby don`t take your love to town

While getting 3 watches new batteries in Kenosha, I decided to buy a new yellow gold wedding ring to replace the old one that I must have misplaced after searching the house inside out for the past 6 months. I want people to know that I am proud to be married to my wife, Sharon, as I put my arm around her shoulder at church, etc. I also bought Sharon a gold cross pendant and had it gift wrapped-- she loved it! Picked up some cat food for 'Cuddles' the show cat, on the way home and filled the Dodge Ram pick up with gas for $60 for about 25 gallons-- and I just know that this will sound 'cheap' a few months from now when OPEC runs up the price and laughs at the stupidity of US Congressmen [according to Mr. Donald Trump, on Fox News TV]. Remember those high sounding campaign promises from Obama about now taxes for people who make under $250,000/ year?
Well, he just broke that promise before the 1st half of the year!! As some of us studied his back ground, lies, lack of transparency of his ill gotten gain/ wealth as a "community organizer", we knew something wasn't right. I just want to rub some of this baloney in the Dims' noses when they finally acknowledge that their great messiah gutted them too... lol.

I have been getting a lot of rich sun on my back working outside these past few days, reading, wood working, working in the garden, and I shampooed the dog today too.
Sharon cannot tolerate much sun shine because of her Sarcoidosis, but Mr. Sun and I are buddies!

All things considered, Jesus Christ will be our ONLY Savior, but I just find it all interesting how a big, wealthy, freedom loving country can let itself drown in this cess pool of demon led illogical manipulation ! Which leads me to my own interpretation of a 'Conspiracy Theory' that I won't get into tonight. But... if the Republicans just sit on their hands while all these horrible, senseless Bills are passed [shoved down our throats] without even being READ first-- there has got to be something evil about the whole scheme! That is my personal opinion. This 'nightmare' is about a total collapse, and not just America. Frankly, there is not much an old retired man like me can do [and why are there not any younger, super educated, honest men and women to stand up and shout from the roof tops of this national travesty, theft and robbery of hard working Americans, by Obama??].

Not that it would do any real lasting good, because God is really maneuvering things for that fateful ride of Jesus Christ's return with His huge angelic Army of warriors.
In view of this, the new book I am now reading, THE TREASURE PRINCIPLE ~ by Randy Alcorn, is showing me how important it is to 'store up our treasures in HEAVEN, now' while there is yet time. Once we are dead or Raptured up, the 'book will be closed on all of our activities on earth.' For Romans 14:10-12 says, "For we will all stand before God's judgement seat... So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God." Instead of living on the 'wild side' and storing up all kinds of treasures, wealth, money, 'Ameros', on earth where rust and moth consume--use the correct portion to sanctify God Almighty and His congregation, missions on earth. That will honestly produce more joy and happiness that other material things. I am learning too, even now at age 60, as I look back at my own track record of trying to amass, collect material things to show off and live well. Pretty soon our US paper currency won't even be good for wiping up some mess, and then we shall see some REAL civil unrest.. lol.

To those of us who are not true believers in Christ, I would say: PRAY right now for Jesus to come into your heart and CHANGE your heart! Begin reading and studying the BIBLE. Find a Bible teaching church if you can and change your life to become a servant of Jesus Christ, and obey His every word. Bless you. I wish you all Joy and Happiness.

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