Friday, July 3, 2009

Reading a new great book.

Tom's Journal.

My son, Andy, dancing with the Hound.

Mike Ryan, at the Milwaukee VA shot up both my knees.. Woo Woo! Still I found it hard to sleep last night as things were whirling thru my head and my back still hurt, but stop the gripping ... lol. Praise the Lord for all good things... and bad things too-- that we may come thru Victorious after all the tested times, purified by fire and sword! I sincerely hope that I don't come across as a 'dooms day er' dude, because I have more joy, happiness and thankfulness in my life now than ever! I prayed most of my life for the gift of UNDERSTANDING and Balance only to find most of it this past year in it's fullest most understandable way, as I look back. But sometimes the Lord has to use a big stick across our back and head to drive some important points home.

Most of you know that I hype special books here and there, and now for another biggie: TORTURED for CHRIST ~by Richard Wurmbrand, founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, that I just started supporting. People say that this is the 'Survival Handbook' of the near future, as we can't help but see all the hard pressed persecution even in the USA right now that will only get worse. I hope you all celebrate the 4th of July this year, 2009, because it very well might be the last one that we still have most of our freedoms left intact... LOL. Yes! I mean it! Even with my special Financial Investments background, saving some precious commodities will only mean a short time hedge against what is to come, Gov't Bankruptcy. Even some the Dims can see this coming...Ha!

I used to laugh and sneer at all the UN-believers who put their faith and trust in the gods of Riches, Investments, Worldly Leaders and Politicians [about 90% of them, IMHO -- but then had to admit that I too was in that goofy, prideful class of individuals. And even with my sinful past of chasing the wrong things and too many 'good times', etc, etc., the Lord had already chosen me to be in His fold. And I have nothing inherent, skill, or gift to deserve God's Grace !! It's free gift that God bestows and I am still learning more all the time. But once someone honestly KNOWS the requirements and love of Christ-- we are nothing in ourselves, but the Holy Spirit bears us along to do super human things, IMHO. BTW, According to the original Greek, "martyr" means "witness." A REAL, True Witness of Jesus Christ cannot help himself/ herself but to WITNESS to everyone that they can-- no matter what so-called 'communication skills' they may think they have! Trust the Spirit! And sometimes that means sacrifice even unto death. There are actually some Nations that are drifting toward Democracy while we in the USA are surely pushing toward Socialism in a big way! It won't take much more to completely close the trap-- and now I am slowly beginning to admit that Obama just MAY be the 'Anti-Christ' the bible speaks of.

So I don't want people to be confused at the parallels I draw/ illustrate, that while stating all the woes of this world [that are only a part of pure Bible prophecy] -- and at the same time shouting for joy about the soon coming Christ, our deliverer. We gave up our earthly bodies and lives to Christ when we accepted Him into our hearts and lives and our future is TOTALLY in His hands, not some ego centric dirt bag in the WH, worthless, cowardly, do-nothing political party, or the United Nations NEW WORLD ORDER!! It took me a long time to figure this out too.

I just carved another plaque [with my router] out of Cherry wood, with Philippians 1:21, "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." Only a mature Christian will understand what that truly means. That's not a brag-- just fact. One way of restating it would be: 'If we don't die before Jesus returns shortly-- there may be a good chance that we might be martyred for our Lord and Savior', so what are we doing for the Kingdom in these last final days??? Do we give the Lord the crumbs off the table-- the left overs? We will all be judged in the end-- so these 'Last Days' are very important now that we get with the program and get to work for Him. Personally, I think it's easier for a soldier to understand some of this because he knows there may only be a spit second between life and death-- and death is only the door way to eternity.

Posted: 03 Jul 2009 11:04 AM PDT
By Jimmy DeYoungIndependence Day celebrations mark the birth of the United States of America, an experiment that has been very successful in many different ways. Many Christians say that the reason for America's prosperity is due to their support for world evangelism. The U

Have a super, safe 4th of July, 2009. Drive safe--with all the nuts on the road.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman