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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Convert to Christianity, get fired and socked in the face

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What would you do if you heard about a person that helped someone convert to Christianity from another religion and then was fired, and the person that converted was physically assaulted by a principal of a high school, and yet the police or media did nothing even though there were witnesses to the assault that took place?

What would you think of a country that allowed this type of behavior to happen to minors?

How would that make you feel?

Well, this happened right here in the United States where a practicing Muslim who is the principal of a high school fired a legendary wrestling coach for telling one of his wrestlers about Jesus Christ. In addition, this principal also physically assaulted the high school student who converted from Islam to Christianity, and yet the media sits in silence.

Another incident in Dearborn Michigan

A high school hall-of-fame and Christian wrestling coach in Dearborn, Mich., claims he was muscled out of his long-tenured coaching job by the school's principal, a devout Muslim, because the administrator was furious over a student wrestler who had converted to Christianity from Islam.

…According to lawsuit documents, Principal Fadlallah's retribution against the Christian coaches serving Fordson High began in 2005, after Marsazalek's volunteer assistant coach, Trey Hancock, led a non-school sanctioned and independent summer wrestling camp. Hancock, who is also pastor of the Dearborn Assembly of God and parent to one of the wrestlers, reportedly shared his beliefs at the camp and baptized a Muslim Fordson student into the Christian faith.

That fall, Fadlallah fired Hancock and ordered the volunteer coach not to have further contact with the student wrestlers.

Fadlallah approached the young Fordson student who had chosen to be baptized a Christian at Hancock's summer wrestling camp, punched the student and advised the student he had 'disgraced his family' by converting to Christianity from Islam."

…According to the lawsuit, however, Marszalek's treatment by Fadlallah isn't isolated, but part of an intentional eradication of Christianity from the school.

"Fadlallah, since assuming duties as Fordsons' principal in 2005, has systematically weeded out Christian teachers, coaches and employees and has terminated, demoted or reassigned them because of their Christian beliefs," the lawsuit continues. "Fadlallah has publicly stated 'he sees Dearborn Fordson High School as a Muslim school, both in students and faculty, and is working to that end.'" [1]

Final Thoughts

This is the United States of America where freedom of religion is suppose to be protected under the constitution, yet, this man is allowed to act in a manner which is against the constitution of this nation by unjustly firing an employee due to his religious beliefs.

Furthermore, I would like to know why this principal has not been arrested and prosecuted on assault charges for the action he took against the minor.

If we truly want American to remain as a free society this cannot be allowed, and the man who falsely terminated employment of another due to religious convictions should be fired and prosecuted for the assault of the minor.

Today I see more and more intolerance to Christianity, but tolerance to everything else.

Are you now reading to start educating the masses about what is happening right here in America, or do you still refuse to say anything and sit in silence while this continues to happen?

It will only be a matter of time before it affects you personally, so now is the time to pick up the pen, and speak out to everyone you know.

We need to raise awareness and it starts through education. Learn the truth and expose the lie, and do not allow this to go unquestioned any longer.

You can make a change, but the question is; are you willing to?

  1. Legendary Christian coach canned after student converts
    Muslim principal allegedly irate that wrestler left Islam to be baptized


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