Saturday, August 1, 2009


Tom's Journal.

: foreknowledge of events: a: divine omniscience b: human anticipation of the course of events : foresight
pre·scient           Listen to the pronunciation of prescient \-sh(ē-)ənt, -s(ē-)ənt\ adjective

Down below is a definition I was curious about, and I like to know and understand what I am reading. I may be weird but I used to read the Dictionary in high school for fun! It may be because of some childhood issue where someone chastised me saying I didn't know what I was talking about-- or made fun of my youthful ignorance at the time. And I always had a strong desire to learn other languages, studying the only 2 foreign languages [French and Latin] offered in our small WI country school, Waterford High School, about 525 students at that time, 1967 graduate, but I really wanted German the most! I studied German in Germany [while in the Army] and on my own. So I have a good time when my VA appointed cleaning lady come over twice a week because she was born and raised in Germany. It's been my experience that people in/ from Germany are kind enough to help others understand their beautiful language. And German is VERY similar to ENGLISH! Go figure, the province of Saxony in Germany is part of the Anglo-Saxon heritage, IMHO.

When you learn a different language-- you are forced to learn about their culture. It is my opinion that ALL cultures have SOMETHING good to offer others. Medicine, craftsmanship, food, history. To know and understand other cultures fosters peace. Wars have been fought over misunderstanding and poor translation.

It's raining now in S.E. Wisconsin but the County Fairs are reporting many visitors!


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