Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Frustrating Day in Waukesha, WI.

Tom's Journal.

What a nasty nerve wracking day today! Why is it that companies, shops, people love to unload/ sell their products [like my power scooter and truck lift] with all kinds of contracts, promises and work/ guarantee agreements but don't want to fix a problem in a timely manner?? First they jerk me around for 3 weeks and stall/ promise to fix the problem, and then call me 3 days in a row to cancel every day and ask if I can make it another time. And when we finally held their feet to the fire today-- they were in a less than cordial, grumpy mood because they had to fulfill their obligation! You can bet the next month's mortgage that I won't be dealing with them after this. It was very hard to even get their attention when we walked in the door at the precise time this morning and we were the only ones there! Well, I am talking about: Miller Mobility, in Waukesha, WI. Ph. 262-594-4900. MILLERMOBILITYPRODUCTS.COM, and the sarcastic owner with the attitude is Mike Miller, I believe. They put on a great act in selling their power chairs, DME, and scooters, but actually performing manual labor [work] is a dirty word to them, IMHO. What a bunch of losers... LOL! IMHO, obama is fostering such slacker attitudes in America-- like "you don't have to worry about going to work-- the 'Nanny State' will take care of you." Even some of the Dims are getting excited these days about obama's broken promises. And I bet things will get much worse in the next 6 months to a year. Who wants to make a bet?

All my life's teachings tell me to prepare for goofy, slack jawed mentality, mind set like this when things will fail and our skilled trades and technical people will disappear when we need them most. Insead of repairing something-- they want us to throw it away and buy a new product. Garbage in-- Garbage out... 'Made in China.'

The article below has really piqued my interest on one of my fav. subjects about the Rapture, and what we might expect. Perhaps the jury is still out on exactly when this great event will happen-- but it WILL happen. For Christians, we know that we WILL suffer for Christ's sake, either little or much. But I figure that this is just another way to truly separate the men from the boys-- the REAL followers of Jesus Christ-- from the fakers and hypocrites. The apostles and early Christians REJOICED when they suffered for their Lord and Master! Hey... I don't know how we will smile when we're getting beat and whipped... lol, but if they starve me, I might feel better when I lose the weight... Ha! When I get down to 200 pounds I will be happy and fit. Woo Woo! In the mean time, I don't want to brag or thump my chest at how I used to be a power lifter and a tough solder. God does not like the proud ones. Now I am a disabled, pained, crippled old man, and my wife is the same.

Reading and re-reading the Bible, Gospel accounts, book of Acts, Romans will help us to maintain the correct mindset, in my opinion.

So now because the "skilled tech worker", a dark gentleman named, Kevin, who bragged that he can handle ANYTHING and multi-task, who claimed to fix my charging problem, forgot to hook something back up correctly, so when I got home and put the special scooter charger on it-- it would not charge, as there are two special white and red lights that are supposed to go on when it's charging. So now they want me to travel back 40 miles in the morning at 0900 so they can fix up their mess up! But Sharon could have used my help to see her doctor tomorrow morning at the same time! I will try to be on my best behavior tomorrow, but I insist on watching them to find out what they missed the first time. Seems like the worker spent just as much time on his cell phone today then he worked on my scooter, as I watched him in silence. What a bummer to put up with such prideful but slack, incompetent goof balls, and listen to their boastful Bull Jack. I joked with the staff at Miller Mobility today that I intend to buy a 2nd Golden Avenger to that when it breaks down [and they ALL DO], I will have a back up scooter [and my wife has enjoyed the use of it too when hers power chair was/ is broke] because the "hired help there is so slack and lackadaisical/ incompetent." I was just about to call up Channel TMY 4- Milwaukee TV to report the poor workmanship when my wife called Miller and they told us to bring it back in the morning. Another shot day that I could have enjoyed and done something constructive. Oh well...


PS: We found out that it was a FUSE that was blown, and replaced it the next day-- so now the scooter does charge correctly. Murphy's Law...

Rapture Timing

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 12:30 PM PDT

By Dr. David R. ReaganDoes the Rapture mark the beginning of the Tribulation?No, the Bible does not state anywhere that the Tribulation begins with the Rapture. I believe the Rapture could occur months or even years before the Tribulation begins, although it is likely to occur near the beginning because the Tribulation is the time of the pouring out of God's wrath, and 1 Thessalonians 1:10 says