Monday, August 31, 2009

The Plastic Fool on the InterNet.

Tom's Journal.

Thank you, Lisa, for commenting on the "jerk" that tries to annoy me periodically. These jack asses with low IQ's just come with the territory and they are sick and depraved, with no real identity or traceable web site, only wanting some attention and notoriety... LOL. The Liberal Dims play the same game of trying to make it look like we Christian conservatives are racists, gun slingers, selfish, hateful people. Heck, we just want to work, save/ invest a few dollars, and take care of our families in peace and security-- but obama and the Dims want to take OUR hard earned money and give it to the illegal aliens and folks who refuse to work!! Ha! This crap gets old and the beat goes on. I FIRMLY believe that obama and the RINO's / traitors, are seriously trying their best to DESTROY America... and just wait for some kind of 'disaster' so they can use that as an excuse to steal more of our FREEDOMS. I just wanted to let my readers know what goes on behind the scenes and what some of us have to put up with.... but it comes with the territory and people who don't like our ideas and beliefs have to strike from behind or under a rock of slime without giving a REAL name or web site. What slimy COWARDS and dirt bags. But then, they are on the run, scared and desperate.

Tom Schuckman

Lisa said:

I checked out his screen name and see he has a profile on Blogger - he says he's "readin and writin to get a GED" and he's an ice road trucker. What a jerk. Perhaps if he wasn't so combative he'd get farther! I wish he had a blog, I would pay him a visit myself but as you say, the cowards never do. He's an idiot, I would just continue to ignore him - or try to block him all together. Sorry you have to deal with a fool like this.
In a message dated 8/31/2009 12:17:47 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Tschuckman writes:
Every once in a while this demented, ignorant creep tries to harass me and get his "comment" published....Ha! Truth is that I don't 'hate' any human on earth but I do hate injustice, their big time sins against humanity and satanic mindset....:-(

It's certainly OK if others disagree with me and I welcome serious, intellectual differences that make sense. I welcome sincere correction. But I won't play this jack ass's silly ass game.
The turkey will not leave his email address and he makes up a fraudulent 'web site !'


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