Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Tom's Journal.

Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer:

Sharon's cat, Cuddles, died this morning and I buried it where my wife directed. End of a long chapter in my wife's past life in OH where she became an expert in showing, breeding and loving of fancy show cats of pedigree. So my wife is actually physically upset and sick, and fell down to the floor today. I put her to bed at 2:22 PM so she can rest and breathe properly. I would be upset if our 'wonder dog' and companion died, with all that intensive training and bonding. Some folks value animals above people-- but not me. Jesus died for ALL mankind-- not the animals. Yet, our pets are dear to us and show intense affection for us humans-- and are more loyal than most humans I know.... lol. Old Soldier, Robb Bohnen once told me, 'that a dog will stay by your side long after the woman leaves/ abandons me...' He was right! Captain Bohnen worked with me on the Chrysler assembly line in Kenosha, WI, and also served 3 tours in RVN [Vietnam] with S.F. We are both serious Christian Bible students and friends. I have many blessed friends like Robby, but they are mostly BUSY with their own families and grand kids, etc. Some email and other use the phone.

|I know this will sound silly, but my wife is too feeble [or whatever] to do the dishes even though I bought her a great automatic dishwasher a year ago. So I bought a dish rack and mat today, and I will be trying to take over the dish washing. I can imagine how some folks get so upset and disturbed when their pet passes, but I can't have dishes stacked up to the ceiling! I feel like I am baby sitting... and I tell her, 'if you can't clean up after yourself, just please stay out of my way to I can do the cleaning.' Our VA appointed cleaning lady does a great job twice a week, but I get so upset when my wife messes up the whole house one day after the cleaning lady, Sue, leaves! Aww, heck, we are both disabled from injuries and hard work all our lives, so I pray I get "Balance" from the Holy Spirit.

Like I said before, God has put a few 'helping angels' in my life to help me in my premature disabled state. I am so thankful for being able to email, visit, blog and meet new people via PC! Things could be much worse. Smart pastors say that maybe the 'jury is still out' concerning the Tribulation-- "Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib or After-Trib." But 2nd Peter 3: 10-13, tells us to always 'be PREPARED for the day of the Lord.
' For He will come as a 'thief in the night....'

I may have to break my own arm to stop spending so much money-- but I have always sought to get ready and store up more food before Winter. I have a sneaky feeling that this Winter might be a harsh, cold one in Wisconsin.... just a gut feeling, my friends and readers.

Time to do some more work/ chores and then kick back for Glenn Beck on Fox News, TV at 5PM Central. He just brought down an evil Goliath a few days ago.