Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Federal Benefits for Veterans.

Tom's Journal.

It's a cinch that I'm going to help spread the word concerning Veteran's rights, and new, updated benefits for Veterans, as listed below for 2009. I urge ALL Veterans to check this out, share and utilize these benefits.
One things that really disturbs me is that the Gov't continually tries to take away Vet's bennies-- but seeks to give our tax money to illegal aliens and people who refuse to work! When times are rough, especially because of Gov't mismanagement, theft, stupidity, illegal funneling funds to law breaking groups like ACORN-- YOU DON'T STEAL OR CUT BACK ON VETERAN'S BENEFITS or disabled old people!! In my humble opinion, that is exactly what obama and the Dims are trying to do. Fight back, get involved, stand up like a man, make yourself heard, and PRAY to the God of the Bible!

Federal Benefits for Veterans