Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tom, It's ALL in your Mind.

Tom's Journal.

<<< style="font-family:times new roman;">Don't you just hate it when you have a major 'pain' in your body that you cannot see with the naked eye and people tell you that "IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND/ head ??!" One well known specialist near me told me that I definitely have full blown FIBROMYALGIA, a few years ago. As I examined the list of possible causes I checked off EVERY 0NE of them, truthfully ! Ha! When we were young and 'full of ourselves' we thought we were invincible... lol, but latter on in life we pay the price for a super active lifestyle, sports, combat and a few honest accidents-- even after I quit smoking in 1973, about 30- some years ago. Well, at least some of us [Praise the Lord] have something to show for all those years of hard work --- but how secure is our money, pensions, investments and savings...?

OK, my dear wife is waiting for me to take her out for a good breakfast and then some chores in the big city. It does us good to get out of the house every other day.
Have a great day!


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· Detecting & beating yeast infection
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· Fermentation in the gut and fatigue
· Transfer factor - what's that?
· Exiting the Fibro Push-Crash Cycle

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When Fibromyalgia Develops as a Complication of Injuries

"In my own private practice, about 65% of patients report a traumatic injury as the cause of their FM," says Mark Pellegrino, MD, a specialist in fibromyalgia rehab. "Healing is the expected outcome for tissue damage caused by trauma, but it doesn't always happen, and 'post-traumatic fibromyalgia' can develop."

Whether the damage relates to a lifting injury, a fall, a work or sports injury, repetitive-motion, or an auto accident, he says, the end result is often the four-word sentence that practically epitomizes fibromyalgia: "I hurt all over." He explains the mechanisms at work and treatment goals. read more

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Fermentation in the Gut and Fatigue as an Adaptive Response

Transfer Factor/Colostrum - What's That?

Finding Your Limits: How to Exit the FM Push-Crash Cycle

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