Saturday, October 17, 2009

Doomday for Damascus?

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<<< a picture of my 2 daughters about 7 years ago.

There is a little voice inside of me that says, 'Let Israel DEFEND itself and give it's enemies a bloody nose!' Having been in harm's way times working at AMC/ Chrysler, etc, it seems that there was ALWAYS some jack ass, bully, who got his thrills picking on someone weaker, intimidating, threatening or extorting from those who just want to work hard and be left alone. Personally, no one pushed me too hard because they knew my background, and I was a bigger guy and power lifter. Still, I remember my childhood days growing up in Milwaukee where the neighborhood bully beat on me often enough until I finally had a 'growth spurt' one Summer and decided that I was not going to take the abuse anymore. I punched him out good and his never messed with me again. I think that it's just too bad that the only way some people learn is by getting knocked on their butt -- but I would rather reason with them first and share the Gospel with them.

As for ancient/ modern day Israel, in the article cited below, she has had to fight almost all the time for her life from the beginning. Yes, Israel is 'apostate' in general right now-- but that won't change God's holy covenant [contract] with her-- being the "apple of God's eye." For that very reason obama is also putting America in danger for cutting her off now days, and there is a curse attached to those nations who hurt and despise her! Heck, I feel that we are toast already and running along side Sodom and Gomorrah with our national sins, abortion, corruption, greed and God-dishonoring practices such as the Gay agenda that obama joyously champions. And since over half of America voted him into office-- we bare a 'community responsibility' and are therefore culpable, IMHO.

I am 'training' myself and my wife NOT to worry so much as we are protected by God and know where we are going as servants/ followers of Jesus Christ. Even though things get very hard economically in the U.S., I don't think we will suffer that much here compared to Muslim nations-- but right now the UK is considering adopting Sharia Law there !! And experts say that we are just a few years behind Europe. Go figure, if all the 'so-called Christians [CHINO's]' would have voted for someone like Gov. Huckabee, things may have been a lot different! Oh well, I have posted what main line religions voted en masse as a group for obama.... so read 'em and weep. If someone is still contributing to an organized church like that [and there are many others] -- are they not also guilty by association??

I had to take Sharon to the hospital last night for another 'SLEEP APNEA study' and picked her up again this morning and out for breakfast. She LOVES to eat out, and if I have the money, I don't mind at all. That's another thing my readers and friends ought to watch out for; the reality of the cost of DME [Durable Medical Equipment] going up thru the roof soon $$$ ! That means CPAP equipment, wheel chairs, Oxygen, etc, especially if we get 'o-bum-a--care'. If you don't already own your stuff, the monthly rental charges might eat your lunch! Please consider THINKING AHEAD OF THE CURVE---massive hyper inflation $$, my friends. Clothes, food and appliances will probably go up too. The portion of meat in the stores is double now for a smaller cut! My extended family is OK, but I feel worry for the working man with a family to feed and care for. I think our freezer already paid for itself many times over... and next year [God willing] I intend to plant twice as many tomatoes and cucumbers, so if we get another poor season or weather-- the % - numbers will sustain us.


Doomsday for Damascus?

Posted: 17 Oct 2009 03:56 PM PDT

By Michael G. Mickey. Examining current events through the lens of bible prophecy continues to paint a more accurate picture of the end times as detailed in Scripture, seemingly by the hour.In this commentary I want to illustrate how events presently taking place in Lebanon may be setting the stage for Damascus, Syria - the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world - to cease to exist. The