Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thomas Sowell, PhD

Tom's Journal.

I have been reading Thomas Sowell, PhD, for many years and found that his thinking and values are much like mine.

Tom Schuckman

Thomas Sowell is a PhD and a member of the Hoover Institute at Stanford Univ

A Patriotic Resistance, Here
I have noted that many elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans, called upon America to unite behind Obama.
Well, I want to make it clear to all who will listen that I "AM NOT" uniting behind Obama. However, I promise to give our country the devoted loyalty of a patriot.

I will respect the Office which he holds, and I will acknowledge his abilities as an orator and wordsmith and pray for him, BUT that is it.

I have begun today to see what I can do to make sure he is a one-term President!

Why am I doing this? It is because I do not share Obama's vision or value system
for America;

I do not share his Abortion beliefs;

I do not share his radical Marxist's concept of re-distributing wealth;

I do not share his stated views on raising taxes on those who make $150,000+ (the ceiling has been changed three times since August);

I do not share his view that America is arrogrant;

I do not share his view that America is not a Christian Nation;

I do not share his view that the military should be reduced by 25%;

I do not share his view of amnesty and giving more to illegals than American Citizens who need help;

I do not share his views on homosexuality and his definition of marriage;

I do not share his views that Radical Islam is our friend and Israel is our enemy who should give up any land;

I do not share his spiritual beliefs (at least the ones he has made public);

I do not share his beliefs on how to re-work the healthcare system in America ;

I do not share his Strategic views of the Middle East, and certainly do not share his plan to sit down with terrorist regimes such as Iran .

Bottom line, my
America is vastly different from Obama's, and I have a higher obligation to my Country and my God to do what is right!

For eight (8) years, the Liberals in our Society, led by numerous entertainers who would have no platform and no real credibility, but for their celebrity status, have attacked President Bush, his family, and his spiritual beliefs!

They have not moved toward the center in their beliefs and their philosophies, and they never came together nor compromised their personal beliefs for the betterment of our Country! They have portrayed my
America as a land where everything is tolerated except being intolerant!

They have been a vocal and irreverent minority for years;

They have mocked and attacked the very core values so important to the founding and growth of our Country;

They have made every effort to remove the name of God or Jesus Christ from our Society;

They have challenged capital punishment, the right to bear firearms, and the most basic principles of our criminal code;

They have attacked one of the most fundamental of all Freedoms, the right of free speech!

Unite behind Obama? Never!

I am sure many of you who read this think that I am going overboard, but I refuse to retreat one more inch in favor of those whom I believe are the embodiment of Evil!

PRESIDENT BUSH made many mistakes during his Presidency, and I am not sure how history will judge him. However, I believe he weighed his decisions in light of the long established Judeo-Christian principles of our Founding Fathers!!!

Majority rules in
America , and I will honor the concept; however, I will fight with all of my power to be a voice in opposition to Obama and "his goals for America ."

I am going to be a thorn in the side of those who, if left unchecked, will destroy our country!! Any more compromise is more defeat!

I pray that the results of this election will wake up many who have sat on the sidelines and allowed the Socialist-Marxist anti-God crowd to slowly change so much of what has been good in
America !

"Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.." (Thomas Jefferson)

God bless you and God bless our Country!!!

(Pass this on if you agree!)

Who to Blame for Car Insurance

Tom's Journal.

The Power Of Love (Original Long Version)

I was surprised and upset to hear that my own auto insurance went up over $200 for my '07 Dodge 4 by 4 truck this month- to be paid in Nov., and I figured that there was more to it than just me. In my mind, I thought that the Insurance companies will not be able to sell their individual Health Insurance much longer IF the 'ObamaCare' gets passed-- so they probably figure that they have to over charge their client and gouge them big time on their AUTO INSURANCE! The short attached Milwaukee, WI article has their own view on this subject, but it just may take awhile to get to the real truth... lol. I was going to shop around for a different Ins. carrier, but now I will look into this matter more, in view of the news article.

Sharon was sick again this morning so I got off to church by myself today for the 2 hours of Bible Study and Worship services. There were some very talented people playing the piano, singing and teaching today! I notice that many come up to greet me and ask how my wife and I are doing. The sermons are good and informative/ encouraging, and the church is only half a mile from our cozy little home in Union Grove, WI. We have gotten so much rain that I keep buying more big bags of gravel/ marble to dump in the mud...and I heard the heavy rains might mess up the farmers' soybeans and corn in the field during harvest time. Hey-- I think I will buy more canned corn... lol. The Packers beat the Brown: 41 to 3. Wow!

I am looking forward to next week to get more Autumn chores done before the snows come in November.

Tom Schuckman

Who to Blame for Car Insurance

As insurance companies begin mailing notices to Wisconsin customers telling them that their premiums are likely to increase soon, state politicians are scrambling to avoid the blame. More