Thursday, November 5, 2009

Czech Republic signs Treaty.

Tom's Journal.

<<< Here is a picture of my two buddies at the Camp BearCat EM Club after a day of flying in helicopters in 1970. I am the dude on the Left wearing Nomex [flight] uniform with dark hair and weighed about 165 pounds.

Ha! So-called little things like the Czech Republic finally signing the treaty for the EU's Lisbon thing may well add up to something HUGE like Frankenstein, I bet. When they put all their cookies in one pile-- they will have just as much muscle as big super powers. We think that someone from 'Europe' will end up being the real 'anti-Christ' that will hook up with Israel's traditional enemies who border her and start the slaughter of God's 'chosen people' of which many will perish, but some will survive by the Grace of God. That's the way all my biblical friends see things.

Personally, I have a hunch that in 6 months from now or ONE year-- events like: "Rumors of wars and reports of wars" and many conflicts will make the latest murder spree like Fort Hood seem like common place! What a tragedy! I remember shipping out twice and finally coming home for good at the Army Post of Oakland, CA in 1970 from Vietnam, and we went through our 'de-briefing', orders cut, separation and pay [$700 in fifties] and coming back home to Wisconsin for the last time. I couldn't believe I actually made it home alive with all my body parts! The Army served me steak for the first time... lol. New uniforms, money and on a jet home. But it wasn't very long before I started having nightmares of combat and all the other signs of full blown PTSD.
Yes, I feel very sorry for the soldiers who got killed and injured at Fort Hood, which is well known for it's heavy Armor and Helicopters. I attended Army Aviation school at Fort Rucker, AL., and was then shipped to Germany first. That was nice, food and beer, etc.

I got a feeling that the Major who shot all those people at Hood will somehow wiggle out of it by saying he was "temporarily insane...." Ha! Most of us know different. Funny how a 'head doctor' learned to be so good with pistols. His so-called 'Faith' had nothing to do with it, right?? Oops, that is not politically correct, sorry.


The Czech Republic Has Signed the Treaty to Make Way for the United States of Europe

Posted: 03 Nov 2009 01:52 PM PST

By Jimmy DeYoungAfter the constitutional court of the Czech Republic ruled that the EU's Lisbon Treaty is in line with the Czech constitution, the way was clear for Czech President Claus to go ahead and sign the Lisbon Treaty and thus ratify the document that will lead the way to the United States of Europe to form a very powerful economic and political body of nations.The European parliament