Friday, November 13, 2009

From my WI State Rep.

Tom's Journal.

Hi everyone- I've posted something new- Soft Talk in a Hard World~ Hope you all have a Blessed weekend!
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I have to say that this WISCONSIN State Representative is a hard and honest worker for us, and I know him personally and email/ write to him sometimes for help, etc.
Thank you, ROBIN VOS !! It may be very long in coming, but at last our State is doing SOMETHING to say "thank you" to our aging Vietnam Veterans, and I appreciate that. Our numbers are dropping like flies, IMHO, many from service-related injuries and disabilities-- but what really hurts the most is the stigma of lies perpetrated by the 'news media', Gov't, and dim-witted Liberal Dims like John Kerry, etc. I have studied and read many books and articles through the years that proves we were disenfranchised, screwed and tattooed the Gov't, the corrupt VA system and American 'society' so that it was a constant up hill battle just to survive the past 35 years after we got home from that 'unpopular war' in Vietnam. I always loved America-- but it was the corrupt Gov't that messed us up... denying Agent Orange, PTSD, TBI, being black balled from Benefits, education and good jobs when we came home.

Even though I stumbled, fell down, made mistakes, the Lord has blessed me big time in my life. But I worked hard all my life and always had a job, attended college, expanded my horizons, skills and possibilities, with His Grace.... and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am 'Saved' and going to heaven when I die! NOT because I was a 'good person' but because I found the Lord-- and Jesus is my personal Lord and Savior! That is important. God has a 'Manual' that answers every matter under the sun, and draws us nearer to Him--and that is the Bible. It is written on a 4th to 5 grade level so there are NO excuses for not picking it up and reading it. Asking for God to send the Holy Spirit will also enable us to understand it with our honest hearts and minds. It's true that Jesus died on the cross to set ALL men free/ forgiven from their sins and get right with Him-- but relatively FEW will take advantage of this generous, undeserved Gift. The vast majority of mankind will reject the Lord Jesus for one selfish reason or another-- and end up in hell. That is what the Bible says-- not me! 'Just as in the days of Noah' -- according to Jesus' own words.

How much longer we some of us sit on the fence?? After the beginning of the Great Tribulation-- the Holy Spirit will be with drawn. Do you think it's hard for us now...Ha!? Man is prone to depend on his own 'wisdom' [1st Corinthians 3:19] , knowledge, power, strength, gold and silver, money, investments -- but some of them are already being shattered and broken, with the 'economic roof' about to fall in shortly. Our only real Security and Hope/ Faith MUST be in God alone. Hey-- I know that well because I am a slow learner too... LOL. In fact, every day I ask/ beg for God's Wisdom so that I don't make more stupid, foolish decisions.

Have a great, safe, restful night.


Remembering the Fallen

Reporter Elmer Davis once said “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave”.

The actions taken by the men and women at Fort Hood last week firmly establish that this nation still remains the home of the brave. These tragic events have once again proven to Americans that these extraordinarily selfless individuals, constantly under fire abroad, and now at home, rise every day possessing a unique and awesome bravery that continues to sustain peace as it has since this nation was first conceived.

The scars that these soldiers and their families will bear as a result of what happened last week will be with them forever. So it is imperative that we acknowledge the scars acquired and the sacrifices endured by each soldier, sailor, airman, and marine that has served so admirably and with such determination and fervor to protect and defend our American freedoms.

Of the thirteen people killed in the attack, two of them were from Wisconsin. Russell Krueger, 51, from Mt. Pleasant, worked as a nurse practitioner in the 467th Medical Detachment in a combat stress unit to help soldiers deal with the mental and emotional stresses of war. Staff Sgt Amy Krueger, 29, of Kiel, also worked in this unit.

Wounded, but recovering, were Army Pfc. Amber Bahr, 19 of Random Lake; Army Reserve Spc. Grant Moxon, 23, of Lodi; Sgt John Pagel, 28, of Sauk County; and Army Reservist social worker Dorrie Carskadon, 47, of Madison.

The contributions, accomplishments, acts of bravery, sacrifices, and wounds of these soldiers will not soon be forgotten.

As you may notice, half of the soldiers mentioned above are women. This should serve as a reminder that this country is not just protected by brave men, but also by brave, audacious, courageous women who daily make enormous sacrifices to stand along side their male counterparts so that they, too, may have the honor of serving America.

We owe an inconceivable debt of gratitude to these recently fallen, the recently wounded, to the more than 1 million troops that have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, and to the nearly 25 million veterans living today in the United States.

Veterans Day holds meaningful significance for all veterans. For them, it is a day for reflection, remembrance, pride, and sorrow. But most of all, Veterans Day is a day for Americans everywhere to pay tribute to those veterans still with us, and to pay homage to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

May God bless the troops at home and abroad; veterans of the current generation as well as the past; and all of America herself.

I know I am joined by Americans everywhere when I say: Thank you, Veterans, for your unwavering and dedicated service.

Welcome Home Ceremony to be Held for Vietnam Vets in May

If you are looking for an additional way to honor Wisconsin veterans, you may be interested in attending the Welcome Home ceremony for Vietnam veterans next May at Lambeau Field.

The weekend of May 21-23 activities will include a motorcycle ride across the state from La Crosse to Green Bay, concerts, The Moving Wall™ exhibit, Vietnam War military exhibits, photo exhibits, vehicle and helicopter displays, and social get-togethers.

The centerpiece of the Welcome Home Weekend will occur when veterans and their families fill Lambeau Field for an official Memorial Ceremony for their fallen colleagues. This presentation will feature music and spoken word performances, and screenings of excerpts from the Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories documentary. The purpose of this gathering will be to give Vietnam veterans the welcome ceremony they were denied 40 years ago.

The Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories documentary is a collaboration produced by the Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Public Television, and the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. You can see excerpts of it and find out more information about the event by logging on to

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