Saturday, November 14, 2009

Correct or Politically Correct? --Hal Linsey.

Tom's Journal.

I really like Hal Lindsey! I believe he stars in a bunch of Christian movies designed to teach the truth of the Bible, etc. When I read his articles, books, I feel relieved about my grasp of spiritual learning, mind sets, prospective s, etc, so that I know I not some goofy old fool who thinks that the moon is made of cheese. In these 'end times' I honestly think [and hope] that solid, mature, serious Bible students should SHARE THEIR VIEWS and acquired knowledge with EACH OTHER and all listening ears. I am still of the opinion that this is our prime directive as Christians along with praising and bringing Glory to the God of the Bible. Tell me what YOU think.

After a few weeks of back pain around my neck/ left shoulder blade, I know I will have to hook up with a good Chiropractor! Sharon tried her best to work it out with what I taught her from a book and experience, but now I need a Pro.

Time for bed.

Correct or Politically Correct?

Posted: 14 Nov 2009 09:22 AM PST

By Hal Lindsey. Last week's massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, by an Army psychiatrist who is a Muslim, may finally expose the almost stupefying adherence to political correctness by Big Media, our government, and the Left. The levels to which they're willing to sink to be "PC" is almost mind-boggling. What's more, it's insidious and deadly.For years I've thought that America's decline in the last days

I 'be' corrected.

Tom's Journal.

Blues Magoos - We Ain't Got Nothing Yet

I 'BE' corrected [sic] and freely admit that I don't know everything. But I still wonder how many so-called 'Christian' preachers understand and teach this too. I have enough humility to accept this fact-- and continue learning -- and bless my soul that God brings these finer points to me so that I can fine tune my thinking and then share with others. I know that most humans in the world could care less about this subject, but this article has, in it's own right, vindicated my primary reason for having my own: TOM'S JOURNAL. If I can't bring that many people/ readers to the Lord, maybe some who are 'Left Behind' will grasp the true meaning of my posts [concerning the Bible and Prophecy] AFTER the 'stink hits the fan' in the Trib.

Some of us are smart enough to learn from 'other peoples' mistakes and tragedies -- and the rest of us have to learn things the hard way. My life has been a little of both... lol. Example: after seeing so many other bikes get their guts and brains spread across the highway, and so many auto drivers on the stupid cell phone... including a dear old pastor of mine, I sold my prize Goldwing Motorcycle. My 2007 Dodge Ram 4 by 4 has more armor on it and is more comfortable on my old, busted bones, and I have oxygen in it to help my dear wife breathe better, and I carry my cool power scooter in the back bed with a weather proof cap on it. Many other guys can only dream about such a fine 'chariot' !

Just like studying First Aid, this expansive article may be "dry" to many folks-- but it's life saving message could make an eternity of profit for you.
I always enjoy your serious, civil comments and questions.


The Holy Spirit and the Tribulation

Posted: 14 Nov 2009 10:18 AM PST

By Thomas IceAnd you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he may be revealed. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. (2 Thessalonians 2:6-7)One of the most compelling, yet often misunderstood, arguments for pretribulationism relates to the Holy Spirit's role to the church and the tribulation per-----