Monday, November 30, 2009

First EU Prez Ignites Speculation.

Tom's Journal.

I am glad that smart, well studied, balanced men put out this kind of TRUTH in the following article, so we won't run a muck like the 'world' does, chasing after every goofy straw as they grasp.
I was just think that, 'wouldn't it be the height of real STUPIDITY only to learn the truth of things right AFTER the 'anointed Saints' are up on their way to meet the Lord ! My worst fear is getting 'left behind' and there are some very personal reasons why I have nightmares and 'day-mares' to this day concerning an event that went down while in Vietnam, 35 years ago. That will have to remain my own secret because it was too embarrassing.... sorry. It has to do with getting left behind. Maybe that is why I am still 'wrapped too tight' and afraid to let my guard down. So when I am in my firm but soft, quality cozy bed-- I really NEED TO let all cares go after I ask God for a safe, restful sleep and drift off into la-la land. I have to have some sanctuary and safe place to rest. Sharon has also RLS - restless leg syndrome, so you can figure out that challenge for me too maybe. In Vietnam, I could rely on the guys pulling guard duty because of our strict military 'code' of honor and duty to "guard those who sleep at night." And the punishment for falling asleep while on guard [during a declared War] was DEATH according to UCMJ! I stayed awake.

Just as race horses getting nervous at the gate-- so too are many people who don't completely understand the Scriptures [the Bible], but only bits and pieces.
We still don't and won't know the exact day of His coming,and for good reason. If we did know that day, we could or would get into all sorts of mischief and immorality-- and then repent right before the 'Master comes home.' But the way it is, we should live EVERY day as if it were our last. God knows us humans so well... LOL
, just like we older, mature adults know what our kids are up to. Ha! We have BEEN there already! We know how children think and what schemes and tricks they will try to pull. I know my dog pretty well too, by now. I trust him to a certain degree even though we think we trained him well. Put a prime beef steak in front of a dog-- and he will eat it! The more we read the 'Blue book of Life' -- the Bible, the more we will know and understand ourselves and others. Sometimes you see an outsider, a 'worldly boy' sniffing around a Christian church lady/ girl, and she thinks that he is OK and sincere and loves her -- only to find out [Duh!] that the only thing he really wants is her virginity and his own pleasure. Well... the elders can see this a mile away in a heart beat. When the apostle Paul says, "Marry only in the Lord" [that means only another real, biblical Christian] , he is writing something that is 'Spirit-inspired' and something you can count on. But even a so-called Christian prospect doesn't guarantee a perfect marriage, but it gives you some modicum of security. And then, maybe God doesn't want you to marry in these last days with all the difficulty.

Now the doctors say that Sharon might come home on Friday.... but she still looked pretty wobbly when I saw her again today, and brought her more fresh oranges. i forgot to give her the strawberries I had in the Ram truck, but I can eat them, along with the pears and bananas. I can't let them waste, you know...
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It appears the EDL has been born due to Britains immigration policies and the take over by Islam throughout the country including Sharia Law.
well worth a look at if you care about what is happening both in UK and Australia.
EDL = English Defence League (against the muslim take over)

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.

First EU President Ignites Speculation

Posted: 30 Nov 2009 09:37 AM PST

By Terry James. My email lit up with the European Union's appointment of the first official EU president. It's as if the man given the job came on the scene with "666" stamped upon his forehead. One such email serves as a particularly interesting example of the declarations that Antichrist has arrived. Here are some excerpts: ...As you are more than likely aware, the Antichrist has arisen from a

Tom's Journal.

Info about Mr. Dave Fox- Huey Pilot in Vietnam.

Tom's Journal.

For the lady who contacted me about information about her past relative who flew with my old Army outfit in Vietnam, the 240th AHC from BearCat, RVN, DAVE FOX, please contact me again as I lost your email address, etc. Sorry. A friend of mine in VA looked up the info you requested and I wil share it with you if you still want it.

Tom Schuckman