Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My wife, Sharon, is home.

Tom's Journal.

Song: Conway Twitty--Slow Hand

As things change and doctors make judgments, I had to pick up Sharon at 4:30PM today and all her luggage. She is still very weak and needs assistance walking every where, but what are men for...lol?
Sharon must go back to the same hospital on Thursday and have a Defibrillator installed near her heart that will insure her heart beats the regular way. They say it is NOT TOO invasive... and some wires are pushed into the heart area to trigger the correct timing and current to the beating heart. And then she will come home again a day or 2 latter, if all goes well. Shoot! Wow! I guess poor Sharon has been thru the mill a few times, and if I didn't have good insurance she prob would be dead by now. People like me GET Insurance by working every day of their lives with that health/ medical benefit added. Bible says: "If you don't work-- you don't eat." Kind of simple, huh?? Hey, Mr. obama, Where are all those "shovel ready jobs" you bragged about ???? Ha!

Well, I am happy that Sharon is home again, and I made her wear a whistle on a lanyard so that she can 'summon' me when ever she needs assistance and help. See! A man needs to feel useful in life !! Woo Woo! A man needs to be respected, and a woman needs to know that she is loved.

I have got to watch the dog more these days as he is taking too many 'liberties' like going to the front of the house [forbidden] where he can look at the girls walking by, etc. He is confined to the BACK yard, even if there is no fence! Dogs go through those stages too where they attempt to gain more power and control. We must counter that behavior by insisting they obey-- and we are firm, yet loving. And don't we see some similarities with humans, and families ??

I think Sharon enjoyed being the center of many nurses and doctors, and having people wait on her hand and foot like a princess. Hello, darling, I am your new butler...... says I.

Sharon bought me the new Sarah Palin book, and I bought her a Cold Steel German/ European Sword, the Grosse Messer. It's sharp and real, used in middle and upper Europe to fend off bandits, cut throats, brigands and the IRS... LOL. [Just Kidding--Joke]
Hey! You never know what the obama Gov't and nancy pelosi will want to take away next......like our sacred 2nd Amendment... but let's not go there now.

I go to the VA in the morning to see what is wrong with my left side upper back-- so painful that I have trouble sleeping at night.
Thank you all for allowing me to vent today.