Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a Lovely Day.

Tom's Journal.

I had a good night's sleep and felt OK this morning before I left for my VA Hospital appointment until I got there to Milwaukee. First of all, there have been a few Milwaukee TV spot lights/ News articles on that parking situation because they closed off half of the old parking area when even the old full parking lot didn't handle all the Vets coming and going! So today, as usual, there were cars backed up all over the place and not one spot to park-- my appointment was at 0900 and I was frustrated so I put my Dodge Ram in 4 wheel drive and jumped the curb into a spacious lot that was "Valet Parking" and some young hired- help non-veteran punk challenged me on it and got in my face and said I had to go all the way to the top and let them park my truck for me. I explained that I was LATE. disabled with a power scooter, for the 3rd time to him but he could care less. Those 'Valet Parking' " ghetto people" looked as though they were dragged off the street or from some local tavern so they could work for $1.50/hour... lol, but they were so full of themselves and their 'good ole boy routine', and they just love to jerk the Veterans around with all that 'power' that they have...., disabled as we are. The punk's name was Robert Scheve, and I took his name down. Then he got nasty and asked for mine and said he would call the VA police. Well, I was late and just went to my appointment where the RN's took care of me very well, with kindness and respect, and I think that they smoothed out the so-called 'police matter' because nothing else happened to me, and I got my truck keys back and left without incident. They might do surgery on my back after they put me through some X-rays, tests, MRI, CT, etc., and said that there might be a tumor next to my spine around C-4 or C-5 that pains me so that i haev trouble sleeping at night, and has spread down my left arm and hand. I can only hope that somebody in charge will try to remedy this goofy parking problem, and I can see other older, disabled Veterans struggling with the same frustrating problem.... trying to fit 100 pounds into a 10 pound sack. And just think-- the rest of America will SOON BE ENJOYING THE SAME KIND OF TREATMENT WITH obama-care!! But the Prez and Congress will still have their own exclusive Gov't Cadillac health Insurance deal. And like other illegal aliens, obama still cannot even produce his own BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

And tomorrow early morning I must take Sharon to St. Luke's Milwaukee Hospital to install a Defibrillator that runs wires to the heart so as to insure the proper timed beat, current, because the Left Ventricle is damaged so bad. But people and doctors say that type of surgery is not so invasive and Sharon might be back home in 2 days.

Well, I suppose real Saints just let stuff like this roll off their back with out losing their toothy smile. Where as other guys might go get drunk at a bar, come home, kick the wife
, the dog, the kids, etc. I get home, tell my wife, and then Blog about it-- and then print a copy of the post and send it to my congressman... lol. I don't lose my temper or my sleep near as much as I used to, PTL.
I got to to the Credit Union after the VA right before they closed and the slow moving "lady" that has messed me up before would not close the cash drawer soon enough so that the write-out slip blew away from the wind, and then I had to wait another 7 minutes [I was the ONLY ONE THERE AT THE DRIVE UP] and then I had to beg her to please give me my card and money back-- and she said that her computer was down and they would mail me the check slip account in the snail mail. Her name is Karen, at the Kenosha G.B. Rd. AMCCU place, and I complained about her 2 other times before for verbal abuse, so that she was forced to apologize to me. It's hard to get good hired help now days, ain't it guy ?? !! But not to worry-- things will get much worse in the near future.

And last, I got my wife 2 pair of American made thermal wool hunting socks-- as she complained that her feet were short on circulation and getting cold easily. She loves them. I also got some pork chops and she felt good enough to HELP me fry them up, but I made some sandwiches for us in the mean time, and we will enjoy the pork tomorrow. Time to STOP spending now because I had a heavy load of bills this month, with increased car insurance.... thanks to all the illegal aliens who drive WITHOUT benefit of insurance. Yes! WE pay for theirs through the bloody nose! Ha! Sorry, I cannot use the Gov't style of Check Book Math in my house-- because my creditor just will not stand for it. Somehow the Gov't has a different kind of "fuzzy Math" where they can tax and spend-- just keep printing more money in the back room and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND ! But some day we will all have to "Pay the Piper."

Other than that, it was a lovely day... LOL. Did any of you enjoy that C+W song I posted last night?? My German cleaning lady likes that country artist.