Saturday, December 12, 2009

Soon the Gov't [or One World Gov't] will be charging us for Air?

Tom's Journal.

Sharon made some super great sliced fried potatoes in olive oil and a bit of butter, with some fried Chicken legs, and that made me so happy tonight!. I know that we are not eating [politically] "correct"...LOL. I should eat three 'light meals' per day, and indeed I do eat less, but it's usually just 1/2 meal for lunch and a 'normal' size meal for dinner. The challenge is that Sharon is a better cook, but she has been under the weather, sick and recovering from surgery lately-- in fact for the past year. I am more likely to just put some ham and cheese sandwiches together. So-- good ole home cooking is the way to my heart, and Sharon does a great job. We have a water distiller, so I drink more water than anything else.

Regarding the last post about 1st Corinthians and how the Holy Spirit helps 'believers' to understand the Bible --compared to 'worldly' people, I tapped, THE WYCLIFFE BIBLE COMMENTARY ...a phrase by phrase commentary of the Bible, to glean more insight into just that subject, for my own benefit today. Holy Cow! I just turned off the TV and did it! It was hard for Sharon and me to just walk around the house today, as we are both beat up...LOL. But this study guide/ helper goes into the Greek and Hebrew to define what flavor the keys words really mean and explain things so we can get the right reasoning. Even with these super fine helpers/ books, would you not think that 'unbelievers' could read and understand?? HA! Somehow, God blinds the eyes of unbelievers and those who wish us harm and evil, so that they cannot discern! Wow!

But really, many people who hate the Lord and Bible who pose as a 'sheep' in wolves clothing can only keep that 'hot costume on so long' and eventually 'expose' themselves..... OR, they see the true light and become Christians. God protects His servants and children-- and isn't that nice to know? According to 1st Cor. 15, 16, n page 1233 of my Commentary explains: 'this is why Christians are often enigmas to 'worldlings', and sometimes enigmas to carnally minded Christians. Much controversy among Christians can be traced to this principle.' I looked up the term, enigma: [1.] an obscure speech or writing [2.] something hard to understand or explain. [3] mysterious person. You see! I have to work at understanding words too! So, again, it all boils down to-- where are our priorities. As for most of my relatives and dear childen-- it's NOT in God's Word. But, hey, we don't have to be 10 headed scholars -- but just know the basics. However, would we not be shallow not to want to learn about someone we profess to LOVE?? Their likes and dislikes, dreams, fears, goals, opinions?? The problem is that too many mates keep all this a secret until AFTER the Marriage... LOL.

Talk to ya latter.


The Hal Lindsey Report

Posted: 12 Dec 2009 08:40 AM PST

By Hal Lindsey. The UN's Conference on Climate Change got underway this week in Copenhagen, Denmark. With thousands of delegates from most of the world's nations and more than 100 heads of state due to make appearances, this conclave has a sense of urgency about it not even seen at the opening of the United Nations.The 'Climategate' scandal seems to have added fuel to the fire. The conference