Monday, December 14, 2009

Reply from Sen. Herb Kohl.

Tom's Journal.

I had 2 rude reviews/ "comments" from a couple guys concerning the last post I did on obama... and as usual the cowards never make their own home email address available nor any web site...LOL. I did pull that Blog post because I think that I should have checked it out more thoughtfully and vetted it. It is just that it hurts to see this ONCE GREAT country be destroyed by hidden agendas and special interests with obama riding rough shod over our Constitution !! I also blame the Congress of which nothing could get pushed into law without them colluding and pushing-- the RINO's too, who love to sit on their hands and think with their organ-- see 'Log Cabin Republicans' etc. Yes, Let us take off the gloves and play for keeps-- just as some of did in combat!

Below is a reply from one of Wisconsin's 2 Jewish Senators, Sen. Herb Kohl, which show just how much he listens to our concerns about obama-care, etc. For the record, I have absolutely NOTHING against the Jewish people and I regard then as God's Chosen people, and special. BUT, in the U.S. Congress, 90% of the Jewish lawmakers are usually PRO- Left Wing LIBERALS !! I don't have time to post a history lesson today, but that is just how it is.
I want you all to know that I have had a long record of public debate and newspaper comments published-- so I can claim that I am a doer of the Word. My wife and I have also been active in standing outside of the Kenosha, WI --Planned Parenthood abortion clinic with signs, trying to inform the young girls that there is an alternative to murdering their offspring.. in a kind, respectful manner.
When I finally [and that may be soon] go to stand before my Judge, at least I will be able to say that I did SOMETHING while I was here on earth, instead of crawling under a rock like the cowards who are afraid to identify themselves.


Dear Mr. Schuckman:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding health reform. I appreciate your interest in this very important issue.

Since you last contacted me, Congress has made great strides towards reforming America's health care system. On November 7, 2009 the House passed the "Affordable Health Care for America Act," which has been placed on the Senate legislative calendar. In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid unveiled the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," on November 18, 2009. Both of these bills would expand coverage to the majority of Americans, curb the rising cost of health care, cut the deficit and improve the quality and efficiency of our health care system. Those who are satisfied with their current coverage would be able to keep it and insurance companies would be prohibited from denying or rescinding coverage from patients based on their health status or preexisting conditions

I was pleased that a number of my bills were included in the merged Senate package, including initiatives that would improve the health and long-term care of seniors and work to reduce the cost of health care. These include the Nursing Home Transparency and Improvement Act, the Patient Safety and Abuse Prevention Act, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, Medicare Payment Improvement Act of 2009, as well as provisions from the Retooling the Health Care Workforce for an Aging America Act. My hope is that these are included in the final health reform bill passed by Congress.

The time for reform is now, we cannot wait another ten or twenty years until health care costs consume an even greater percentage of our economy and the budgets of American families and businesses. I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to complete this important legislation.

Again, thank you for your comments. I will be sure to keep your thoughts and concerns in mind as legislation progresses through Congress.


Herb Kohl
United States Senator