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Watch the Middle East NOW!

Tom's Journal.

Now I feel that I was behind the 8 ball after reading the following article about the coming War in the Middle East that MIGHT be happening in January 2010~!! Wow! Please, let me catch my breathe. If my previous time tables were off and I thought that we might have had another 6 months to one year-- I apologize to all.
As the goofy obama administration was so busy working on it's own National Health Care issues... and Barry on the golf course--- the Middle East oven was already set on 'broil' and we all knew that Iran has had it's nuclear armaments on the fast track-- UNDERGROUND, but we Americans took no note-- or guessed that they would not be battle ready for another year or so... LOL!

Hey! Just like in the days of Noah-- humans were eating and drinking and going on with their every day rat race-- and TOOK NO NOTE, and BANG! The Global Flood came and drowned all but 8 people in the Ark. I know, 95% of the world could care less about Bible Prophecy and stuff, like my respected friends and I post concerning a full scale war in the Middle East-- perhaps in WEEKS, but I hope I am wrong! This only sets things in motion. It's almost like a football game and you know the players / team so well that they will have to punt on the 4th down.

Now, will this news [if correct] have any bearing on what YOU WILL DO TOMORROW ??? Ha! It's like one of those cataclysmic total destruction movies like TOWERING INFERNO, or TITANIC that changes everything in your life-- in a few minutes, forever. If you don't have a smart 'game plan' or get caught without any way out or survival plans [among them, total Faith and Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ] -- you might be dead meat. You sure won't "Sweat the small stuff", or polish the brass on a sinking ship, will you? And then, some will still trust in their stupid National leaders to do something at the last minute-- but they will ALL fail. The God of the Bible will be the ONLY Salvation, but most humans will still cling to their puny leaders who will lead them to destruction and hell. We Christians see the Bible Prophecy coming true right on schedule and in correct order -- just like you read your bank statement each month and check off the checks that were cashed in your little black book, to balance it. The Scriptures are that concise!

Why have I not heard or seen other Blogs talk about this particular article/ important news piece?? You say that you are all "TOO BUSY" with your everyday life to do something right today? To share this with your family and friends.
Ha! Some things never change. Many folks are getting ready to 'party down' get blind, stinking drunk on New Year's Eve, etc, office parties, immorality, gluttony, and blood on the highways. I also look at my own home and life to see where I can do more things for the Lord and grow closer to the Savior. Our God is Great and Mighty, and only He can Save us.

For more advice and comparing notes on what to do [for my friends and readers] -- you know my email address.

Warm Regards, Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ,


Is the Middle East About to Go Apocalyptic?

Posted: 28 Dec 2009 01:53 PM PST

By Bill SalusWhile world leaders met in Copenhagen for the United Nations 2009 Climate Change Conference, Damascus, Syria hosted a war tribunal with high level delegations from Iran and the Hezbollah. Concurrently, about five-hundred prophetically minded Christian’s fellowshipped at the annual 2009 Pre-Trib Rapture conference in Dallas, hosted by Dr. Tim Lahaye and Dr. Thomas Ice.Among the

Report: Stats on American Vietnam Veterans.

Tom's Journal.

<<< style="color: rgb(0, 0, 153);">While in college I had the chance to study and read many books that dealt with similar Statistics like these listed below. What many people forgot was all the lies and exaggerations of the Gov't and 'News Media' giving the Vietnam Veterans a bad rap, making it harder for us to find gainful employment, etc. PTSD and Agent Orange poisoning were always kept on the back burner until the Veterans or their children died-- so they couldn't get the medical benefits and financial awards due them. We don't want your pity-- we just want to set the record straight.

An easy way to check if a person is telling the truth about his being "in-country" Vietnam, is to look at his DD-214 separation paper/ document. We can't tolerlate LIARS and WANNABE's ! There should also be orders for every award and medal.

If I can personally help any real Vietnam Veteran with his fight with the VA, I will try my best.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Better get out of the house and off your butt as there's a big long sleep awaiting ALL of us and nobody is exempt for this Ballot its one I will share with everybody this time and not just the chosen FEW.
"Surfs Up"
Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Australian Vietnam Veteran.
Rifleman D&E Platoon 1 ATF
1967 - Oct 1968 TET .
Report From America on the dying of its vietnam veterans.
USA- VA Report 2009

Vietnam Vets Take Notice

Nobody wants to play the Grim Reaper here, but statistically based fact, shows that time apparently is in short supply for Nam Vets. Nothing is written in stone; however, on average, these stats are quite convincing, and perhaps discomforting to all who are affected.

On the bright side, in most scenarios, there can always be exceptions to all situations, and a certain percent will survive longer. Just who, and how many, is the unknown value...perhaps it is time to start on that "bucket list" that we never seem to have time for!

Some Important Data and Statistics: Please read on...

In case you haven't been paying attention these past few decades after you returned from Vietnam , the clock has been ticking. The following are some statistics that are at once depressing yet, in another sense, should give one a sense of pride.

"Of the 2,709,918 Americans who served in Vietnam; less than 850,000 are estimated to be alive today, with the youngest American Vietnam veteran's age approximated to be 54 years old."

So, if you're alive and reading this, how does it feel to be among the last 1/3rd of all the U.S. Vets who served in Vietnam ? Don't know about you, but kinda gives me the chills, considering this is the kind of information we are used to reading about WWII and Korean War vets.

So the last 14 years we are dying too fast, only a few will survive by 2015...if any.

If true, 390 VN vets die a day, on average. So in 2190 days from today, you're lucky to be a Vietnam veteran alive..... in only 6 years..

These statistics were taken from a variety of sources to include: The VFW Magazine, the Public Information Office, and the Forward Observer



* 9,087,000 military personnel served on active duty during the Vietnam Era (August 5, 1964 - May 7, 1975).

* 8,744,000 GIs were on active duty during the war (Aug 5, 1964-March 28,1973).

* 2,709,918 Americans served in Vietnam , this number represents 9.7% of their generation.

* 3,403,100 (Including 514,300 offshore) personnel served in the broader Southeast Asia Theater ( Vietnam , Laos , Cambodia , flight crews based in Thailand , and sailors in adjacent South China Sea waters).

* 2,594,000 personnel served within the borders of South Vietnam (Jan. 1,1965 - March 28, 1973). Another 50,000 men served in Vietnam between 1960 and 1964.

* Of the 2.6 million, between 1-1.6 million (40-60%) either fought in combat, provided close support or were at least fairly regularly exposed to enemy attack.

* 7,484 women (6,250 or 83.5% were nurses) served in Vietnam .

* Peak troop strength in Vietnam : 543,482 (April 30, 1968).


The first man to die in Vietnam was James Davis, in 1958. He was with the 509th Radio Research Station. Davis Station in Saigon was named for him.

Hostile deaths: 47,378

Non-hostile deaths: 10,800

Total: 58,202 (Includes men formerly classified as MIA and Mayaguez casualties). Men who have subsequently died of wounds account for the changing total.

8 nurses died -- 1 was KIA..

61% of the men killed were 21 or younger..

11,465 of those killed were younger than 20 years old.

Of those killed, 17,539 were married.

Average age of men killed: 23.1 years

Enlisted: 50,274 22.37 years

Officers: 6,598 28.43 years

Warrants: 1,276 24.73 years

E1: 525 20.34 years

11B MOS(Infantry): 18,465 22.55 years

Five men killed in Vietnam were only 16 years old.

The oldest man killed was 62 years old.

Highest state death rate: West Virginia - 84.1% (national average 58.9% for every 100,000 males in 1970).

Wounded: 303,704 -- 153,329 hospitalized + 150,375 injured requiring no hospital care.

Severely disabled: 75,000, -- 23,214: 100% disabled; 5,283 lost limbs; 1,081 sustained multiple amputations.

Amputation or crippling wounds to the lower extremities were 300% higher than in WWII and 70% higher than Korea

Multiple amputations occurred at the rate of 18.4% compared to 5.7% in WWII.

Missing in Action: 2,338

POWs: 766 (114 died in captivity)

As of January 15, 2004, there are 1,875 Americans still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.


25% (648,500) of total forces in country were draftees. (66% of U.S. armed forces members were drafted during WWII).

Draftees accounted for 30.4% (17,725) of combat deaths in Vietnam .

Reservists killed: 5,977

National Guard: 6,140 served: 101 died.

Total draftees (1965 - 73): 1,728,344.

Actually served in Vietnam : 38% Marine Corps Draft: 42,633.

Last man drafted: June 30, 1973.


88.4% of the men who actually served in Vietnam were Caucasian; 10.6% (275,000) were black; 1% belonged to other races.

86.3% of the men who died in Vietnam were Caucasian (includes Hispanics);

12.5% (7,241) were black; 1.2% belonged to other races.

170,000 Hispanics served in Vietnam ; 3,070 (5.2% of total) died there.

70% of enlisted men killed were of North-west European descent.

86.8% of the men who were killed as a result of hostile action were caucasian; 12.1% (5,711) were black; 1.1% belonged to other races.

14.6% (1,530) of non-combat deaths were among blacks.

34% of blacks who enlisted volunteered for the combat arms.

Overall, blacks suffered 12.5% of the deaths in Vietnam at a time when the percentage of blacks of military age was 13.5% of the total population.

Religion of Dead: Protestant -- 64.4%; Catholic -- 28.9%; other/none -- 6.7% SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS:

Vietnam veterans have a lower unemployment rate than the same non-vet age groups.

Vietnam veterans' personal income exceeds that of our non-veteran age group by more than 18 percent.

76% of the men sent to Vietnam were from lower middle/working class backgrounds.

Three-fourths had family incomes above the poverty level; 50% were from middle income backgrounds.

Some 23% of Vietnam vets had fathers with professional, managerial or technical occupations.

79% of the men who served in Vietnam had a high school education or better when they entered the military service. 63% of Korean War vets and only 45% of WWII vets had completed high school upon separation.

Deaths by region per 100,000 of population: South -- 31%, West --29.9%; Midwest -- 28.4%; Northeast -- 23.5%.


There is no difference in drug usage between Vietnam Veterans and non-Vietnam Veterans of the same age group. (Source: Veterans Administration Study)

Vietnam Veterans are less likely to be in prison - only one-half of one percent of Vietnam Veterans have been jailed for crimes.

85% of Vietnam Veterans made successful transitions to civilian life.


82% of veterans who saw heavy combat strongly believe the war was lost because of lack of political will.

Nearly 75% of the public agrees it was a failure of political will, not of arms.


97% of Vietnam-era veterans were honorably discharged.

91% of actual Vietnam War veterans and 90% of those who saw heavy combat are proud to have Served their country.

74% say they would serve again, even knowing the outcome.

87% of the public now holds Vietnam veterans in high esteem..


1,713,823 of those who served in Vietnam were still alive as of August,1995 (census figures).

During that same Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served in-country was: 9,492,958.

As of the current Census taken during August, 2000, the surviving U.S. Vietnam Veteran population estimate is: 1,002,511. This is hard to believe, losing nearly 711,000 between '95 and '00. That's 390 per day.

During this Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served in-country is: 13,853,027. By this census, FOUR OUT OF FIVE WHO CLAIM TO BE Vietnam vets are not.

The Department of Defense Vietnam War Service Index officially provided by The War Library originally reported with errors that 2,709,918 U.S. military personnel as having served in-country. Corrections and confirmations to this erred index resulted in the addition of 358 U.S. military personnel confirmed to have served in Vietnam but not originally listed by the Department of Defense. (All names are currently on file and accessible 24/7/365).

Isolated atrocities committed by American Soldiers produced torrents of outrage from anti-war critics and the news media while Communist atrocities were so common that they received hardly any media mention at all. The United States sought to minimize and prevent attacks on civilians while North Vietnam made attacks on civilians a centerpiece of its strategy. Americans who deliberately killed civilians received prison sentences while Communists who did so received commendations.

From 1957 to 1973, the National Liberation Front assassinated 36,725 Vietnamese and abducted another 58,499. The death squads focused on leaders at the village level and on anyone who improved the lives of the peasants such as medical personnel, social workers, and school teachers. -
Nixon Presidential Papers.

Clinging to our Blessed Hope.

Tom's Journal.

As I have repeated myself a few times, When other people with a grand reputation of having the learned, studied Wisdom and Knowledge repeat what I have posted-- I feel GOOD! Jan Markell always hits the truth right on the head! Her words hit home so hard that they give me a start-- my heart skips a beat. What a wake up call for all biblical Christians. Posts like hers help my depression lift as I know that I am on the right track, and I hope she helps YOU all FEEL GOOD TOO.

Now... just because the Bible says our future will be filled with more sorrow and stress, doesn't mean that we should all be scared and depressed. If anything, our biblical knowledge makes us realize that our Salvation and Deliverance is NEAR!
That reminds me, I need to order 2 more books from Randy Alcorn-- 'SAFELY HOME.' And I will have a great time when my newly ordered
German to English Parallel Bible gets here, plus the other 'pocket bibles' to hand out to others as I share the Gospel with them--- time is short!
And now we hear that Israel has OIL, and so the other Islamic nations who hate God's chosen people, have another reason to disinherit the Jews in Israel. Sparks will fly.... so hand on to your seats, bibles and keep your powder dry... LOL.

I would really enjoy getting to know some of you fine, serious Christians better by getting emails from you about your hobbies, desires, hopes and concerns-- and I could pray for YOU as you also pray for Sharon and I. I took Sharon out shopping this morning and then out to a hot lunch in Kenosha, WI, on the Lake, after I got the Chiropractor's adjustment. We get 'cabin fever' too and need to socialize, out and about.
Take Care, Friends and Readers!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Keep Clinging to Our Blessed Hope

By Jan Markell

December 28, 2009

Another year has passed and one wonders how the new year will play out.

I wrote two weeks ago that I believe the story of 2009 is the fact the world thought they had one man, a "messiah-like" guy who could make the world that was turning upside down set itself on a right course. While I am not in the forecasting business, expect to see more galloping globalism, a further rush to the one-world religion, an even greater "falling away" (II Thessalonians 2:3), an intensified yearning for a "global fix," and a lot more that the Bible outlines.

Keep your eye on the "epicenter" -- Israel. There is coming more conflict there than we can imagine. God will take care of Israel; it's the nations that are coming against her -- including America -- that need to be forewarned. America now has new foreign policy that gives Muslims an advantage and that throws Israel under the bus. This combination is both foolish and deadly.

Clearly 2009 was the year when total "strong delusion" came over our nation's leaders. Many Americans are even perplexed as to how to pray, for one cannot pray for policies that are anti-God. The perplexity of 2009 is how to deal with godlessness in leadership while clinging to the exhortations of the Bible. Right now, the two are irreconcilable.

The heartbreak of 2009 is the brick-by-brick dismantling of America by those in our midst who hate this shining beacon on a hill. No, God does not have a covenant with us like He does with Israel, but He has clearly blessed us abundantly. Another terror disaster was averted last week on a plane the evil ones planned to blow up in flight. That tells me God has not abandoned us as many other such attempts have been foiled this year as well. Many believe America is under judgment and that may be true. If so, things will get more difficult as perilous times are in overdrive. (II Timothy 3:1-9)

For a brilliant six-minute video presentation on the tide of our times, visit this link on my Web site.

One of the most stunning stories as it relates to Bible prophecy is the fact that oil has been found in Israel. This will give fuel -- no pun intended -- to the Gog/Magog invaders of Ezekiel 38-39.

Also, later in the week, my assistant, Heidi Swander, will look more carefully at the "birth pangs" we are now experiencing.

But to change America, our churches must be strong and sadly, that is the weak link. A nation is only as strong as believers and churches pray and praise. While many pastors hold to truth today, it would seem just as many have strayed into false doctrine leaving the sheep as "sheeple" and thus leaving America vulnerable. With "gospel lite" being preached in many places, the sheep don't even know what to pray against and what to stand for. And there are too few "watchmen on the wall" (Ezekiel 33:6). As in Nazi Germany, pastors now have to watch what they say or face possible "hate crimes." This is hardly a good scenario to help turn things around.

This year-end commentary is being sent to many who are "watchmen on the wall." Keep it up. Always "encourage one another" (Hebrews 10:25 ). If you see a hurting Christian brother or sister -- or an unbeliever who is particularly cast down -- take time to give them a good word. It will make their day in these turbulent times. They may be jobless, out of money, and feel there is little that is positive right now. Remind them that with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Thank you for encouraging this ministry in 2009. Thank you for not abandoning us in our truth-telling and speaking the inconvenient truth. We appreciate all who have participated both prayerfully and financially. Pray for our radio outreach and against the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" that would shut down programs like "Understanding the Times." That effort by the current administration has been on hold while they focus on health care and the further socialization of America.

The good news is that we know the last chapter of the book -- the Bible. We know who wins. We have our "blessed hope" (Titus 2:13) which every believer can cling to. We know that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). We know our citizenship is not on earth but in Heaven. God has given each one of you an assignment for however many days, months, or years we have left before we reach the gates of Heaven. Since you are here on assignment, no Christian can say they are without a purpose, for God has one or more for you. Now is a very good time to figure out what it is and proceed with His marching orders.

We are in a war that will get hotter. One of the greatest contributions you can make to our turbulent times is to contend for the faith (Jude 3) no matter what it costs you.

In the meantime, remember Jesus' words, "Behold, I am coming quickly" (Revelation 22:20).

As we exit another year and move into the new one, may Jesus, the "light of the world," make your pathway clear.
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Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell
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