Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010: End of the World?

Tom's Journal.

FINALLY! I found an excellent scholar and writer who put everything-- tied everything together so that it made perfect sense! Praise the Lord. And David Reagan says most of the stuff I HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL THIS TIME. Thank you.

Today was a better day for me with the good medicine shot into my knees at the VA in Milwaukee, but the lag time in waiting in the crowded room on the 7th floor- Ortho, was like 1 1/2 hours, and so I had a good talk with an old Vet and another and placed 2 of my new pocket bibles while there. All the other people waiting said they were there even longer than I was. I heard that they had 4 doctors giving shots, but the gaggle of RN's seemed like they just congregated by the nurses' station and gossiped about everything except their business. When I first got there, a new 'nurse' or what ever she was had only started in December '09, but was very abusive and bossy [until I straightened her out and wrote down her name-- Joanie], she was short, heavy, ghetto type person with a bad attitude, and so I told her peers about her. She was baiting me to say something 'politically incorrect' and most of you can just imagine..... I told her, "and next you will probably try to play the 'race card.' " Then a few moments latter she tried to lie out of it and said she was just teasing me..... yeah right. I'm not that dumb!
You just can't let people abuse you like that! And it's too bad that Veterans always have to walk on egg shells every time they go to the VA, and be on guard. It never fails.

I wanted to get a hair cut, but the pain in my back, shoulder and L. arm was too intense, so I went shopping for a few items and came home. Sharon had some pork chops and great fried potatoes almost ready for me, and we've been kicking back ever since.

The article below puts things into a nice, easy, floating narrative that explained a few things that I still had trouble comprehending-- but now they seem Chrystal clear. I know that "some folks from the other Camp" will still disagree with me, but that's OK. I am fine with the Biblical reality and outline of Scriptures that brings all the logic together, and now I will have a great example to study from and share with everyone. First I need to study and memorize all the listed scriptures outlined and then practise it and share it with others. I am just saying that David Reagan already put things in a better way than I did, and I can learn from him. I will also send him a letter of thanks and appreciation. Great Read!


2012: End of the World

Posted: 04 Jan 2010 09:12 AM PST

By David Reagan. I think it is clear that all the 2012 hysteria is unfounded. But would it be accurate to say that even if the 2012 date is wrong, we could very well be near the end of the world?Well, that all depends on what is meant by "the end of the world." The only reliable source of information about the future is the Bible. We know it is reliable because it contains hundreds of very specific


Christopher said...

Thanks Tom, Indeed a well written article.

Janis said...

Looks like a great article - will have to read when I have some quiet time and can digest it all!