Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama's SOTU message.

Tom's Journal.


Ha! All that expectation and HYPE about obama's SOTU speech was over rated and another big bag of wind and lies again. Hey! I heard his words and promises one year ago and nothing happened except evil and lies. He was just as arrogant and full of himself tonight, as usual. But what really made me uncomfortable was how he insulted/ scolded the Supreme Court Justices in front of Congress and everyone!! As far as I know, that total disrespect has never happened before in front of Congress and the American public [and the whole world], and what a poor example and shame, IMHO ! Well, I don't want to spend any more time giving my personal opinion about some folks like obama that will never change. But I was just wondering 'what god' he was invoking at the end..... certainly not the Christian God of the Bible. If God DOES choose to help/ bless America, I am sure that He will have to get rid of the 'evil ones' that are trying their best to destroy our country from with in-- and gearing up for the One World Gov't.... obama and the Dims [and half of the RINO's too]. And Hey!-- I know that there are the 'two camps' -- schools of thought now days; some thinking that THEY can bring 'God's Kingdom' to earth by political means, but I am still from the Old School, waiting for the Lord to come. So shoot me if you are filled with arrogant hate and myopic thinking. Send me "Home"... Ha!

My son called me just to talk, visit and ask for advice on finance, etc., so I gave him my opinion on that subject-- and told him that sometimes life and finance was a struggle and learning process for me too. For many people, "plastic" is a demon with all kinds of temptations and snares. BEWARE! I THOUGHT that the obama Gov't was going to 'deal' with the credit card companies to stop their over charging in penalties and fees/ rip offs .... duh ! I believe it's a' legal way to rip off the working class.' It all goes back to basic [untaught] knowledge of "Compound Interest" and the 'Rule of 72.' And yes, it is very dry, boring material-- but so important to our well being and survival these days. Hmmm, how to swim with the sharks.... Sometimes I think that it's as dangerous as dealing with the devil. Money can be the master or the slave. I didn't learn this stuff until about age 45, after I fell down a few times and 'bloodied' myself. The trouble is: That MOST kids/ offspring will NOT listen to their experienced, battle torn parents who know the truth about "plastic" / credit cards. Shame.
If some of you think that you would like my personal advice about this subject -- email me.

Some folks are just wondering why and how only Port Au Prince, Haiti, got all the damage-- and not the rest of the island, and no tidal wave or tsunami... Is something strange brewing? I am not the expert -- just curious, and reading some articles about Haiti being a channel/ conduit for laundering money and shipping drugs.

It seems like that Sharon and I are pretty much caught up with our house work and chores, and she made a good sirloin beef roast with many carrots, onions, and veggies. I just love all veggies and that is why we get so much enjoyment out of our veggie garden in the Summer. We share the produce from our garden with our church friends and close relatives, of course. Carolyn loves gardening too.
Maybe I can get my friend, Marvin, help get my steel table over to my back porch, that I welded last year. So many of my Vietnam Veteran buddies are disabled and dying these days, and I have worked with them for years at Chrysler and hate to lose them-- but I firmly believe that they will be in a 'much better place' after they leave and I shall see them again. Atheists, agnostics, false religion [those who refuse to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior] don't have that hope or promise, and rightly so.

Time to let the hound out--into the cold night so he won't wake us up in the middle of the night. He is especially hungry lately, and I want him to have a little insulation and a heavy Winter coat. What a handsome, intelligent, 'papered hound' [pure bred animal].

Conservatives Pulling out the Megaphones

Posted: 27 Jan 2010 12:06 PM PST

By Chuck Missler. Socialists are convening in Brazil this week to celebrate the shaming of big business and the world's bankers and to call for the redistribution of wealth. In Oregon, it's not so different; on Tuesday voters passed propositions to increase taxes on the wealthy and businesses. Yet, even while Democrats control both Congress and the White House, passionate conservatism is growing in

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