Monday, January 25, 2010

Picking up Sharon today.

Tom's Journal.

Sharon called and said that I should pick her up to take her home in a few hours. When I saw her before this morning and talked to the Male RN, Chris, I left no misunderstanding that I wanted to speak to a doctor to get the correct information about Sharon's status prognosis, etc. as it has been over a week since Sharon came there to the 'ban aid shop' --- St. Catherine's hospital near Kenosha, WI. Seems like they are short on everything, machines to do their jobs, doctors, nurses and common sense... lol. I always give credit where credit is due and compliment people on a job well done. But lately Sharon is having serious congestive heart failure, with an enlarged heart and painful spasms right in front of me and the staff TODAY. So what do they do? Send her home today... in a few hours after she calls me up to get her. Maybe there is something I am missing.

Just like the tremendous loud noise of the crowd at the Vikings/ Saints game yesterday, the constant up and down-- in and out shuttling of my wife to and from the hospital gets old, and even my wife is tired of it. Maybe there is nothing we can really do at this point in life and sickness. But we are very disappointed in the lack of communication in that hospital. It certainly reminds me of the present administration at the WH. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing... and I expect things to only get worse. How many deaths come from the wrong communication--- wrong medicine given to the wrong patients? Surgeons cut off the wrong body part of the wrong person? And with everything else now days-- most folks are there working for a paycheck only.

Got to go right now to pick up my dear wife.

PS: She's home with me now... but can barely walk even with her walker or cane. Aren't 'doctors' great.... Ha !? 6PM , 1-25-10.



Linda's World said...

Hopefully they sent her home with Discharge instructions & follow up appointments ?!?

madison said...

Well, I'm glad she's home, but I agree, they should give her follow up care.
I'll be keeping both of you in my prayers.