Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Real History of 'Race Politics.'

Tom's Journal.

The reason I posted the article below is because it's so handy and fashionable to play the "race card" when all else fails these days. I have had that experience personally many times, and some so-called 'minority' people use it as a club to hold power over others who are JUST TELLING THE TRUTH! That is one reason I am so fond of the scripture at Galatians 4: 16..... "Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?" NASB.

"Bin ich denn damit euer Frind geworden, dass ich euch die Wahrheit vorhale?" [German translation].

Don't we Americans grow weary and feel controlled when minorities lie about us and input 'racism' toward us --- lying just to get their own selfish way?? In fact, I personally know that many people of color honestly think that the term "racist" ONLY APPLIES TO CAUCASIAN folks... LOL!! Talk about misusing and twisting the term, 'Politically incorrect' -- and the wonderful illegal aliens who sneak in from our Southern border use the same baloney on good Americans who love and protect the U.S. Constitution. Hey! My own people came to America too-- but thru the FRONT DOOR-- LEGALLY! And we all learned English and loved our country, many joining the Army to fight and serve. That was about 4 generations ago. We played by the rules and now we are paying for lazy, arrogant, illegal, law breaking, blood suckers who actually HATE our country-- but claim we owe them all the benefits! They get a free lunch while the rest of us support them. Sorry-- that is the truth too... and I will not be called a 'racist' and abused anymore for telling the truth! When you call somebody out for being an abusive butt head and they just happened to be 'White' -- it's OK. But when you call a 'minority' the same name and try to correct him/ her-- you are a "RACIST !" They love to threaten you with legal punishment or loss of a job if you don't play their game-- but plying the 'race card' is being understood now days for what it really is: Baloney! [hey, that's the mildest word I could].

For the record, ALL and ANY person who has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his/ her personal Savior, and tries to apply the Bible to his daily life IS MY BROTHER and FRIEND ! I have never had a problem with that! They are the 'Salt of the Earth' and headed for Heaven. And that is another reason America has been so great and BLESSED by God Almighty! [past tense]. You got to wonder in amazement that Holy Scripture says that Peter had that divine dream to ACCEPT the Gentiles in to the fold of true Christianity. Period. That's not so hard to understand, is it?

Well, another busy day as I gave my truck a much needed bath today, delivered more oranges and the cell phone power charger to my dear wife, Sharon, held her hand and visited for an hour or so. She was in good spirits, but her blood pressure and blood sugar were both very low. You got to wonder why the docs and staff are not addressing that important situation. They finally washed and rubbed skin cream on her dry, scarred legs and feet...PTL. Now we think that she might continue to stay there for another week. Sharon showed me-- and I took a few pix of her black and blued arm where some goofy nurse tried to stick a needle there without success-- looks terrible. You see, my wife used to be an advanced EMT and plabotomist [sp.?] [someone who draws blood] years ago as she rode in a rescue squad in OH, and she knows that inexperienced staff allow blood to 'spill' under the skin when they goof up-- and that hurts--Black and Blue! We are not dumb hicks! We are educated and well read-- and many nurses and "medical people" don't like that....Ha! And we always work as a married team as 'patient advocates' for each other-- planned in advance, and have our durable power of attorney and last wishes in good order. We believe in being prepared and knowledgeable.

I got a lot of other things done today, even as I have trouble concentrating lately, but I had to blow off my chiropractor appointment in lieu of getting my own doctor visit to test the amount of Oxygen in my blood at a different hospital in Kenosha. Sharon has always been helpful in remembering important dates and appointments for me, so now I must do my own business and organizing. We are a team, and that makes life easier for both of us.

So! Looks like I am not the only one who likes/ prefers to drive a TRUCK! Victory for Sen. Scott Brown from MA! And to think that obama made fun of his truck..... Shame.

The Real History of Race Politics in America

Posted: 19 Jan 2010 02:14 PM PST

By Jack KinsellaThe quickest and most effective way to stifle dissent in the Obamanation is to find some way to link it to racism. If one opposes unrestricted immigration, it is because one is a racist.If one opposes anything proposed by the Barack Obama administration, it is because one harbors racist tendencies. When Joe Wilson shouted "you lie!" as Obama was lying to a joint session of

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