Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sharon is back in ICU today- 1-17-10.

Tom's Journal.

We went to church this morning at 0900-1100, then out for a light lunch-- and then Sharon was in so much pain- with spasms, etc, that she asked me to take her to the hospital in Kenosha, WI.-- ER and now in ICU.
Prayers requested, please.

I thought that the chiropractor, Bill Melby, was helping me to feel better as he works on my spine 3 days a week, and Sharon went to bed early so as to get ready for church in the morning. She has been suffering spasms for the last week and chest pains, and we thought that the heart doctor's [Dr. Blanc] staff forgot to give us some kind of phone hook up to 'read' her defibrillator [and called his staff on Friday-- but we all know that not too much will be done on a weekend], and if you are a betting man, you can rely of medical screw ups more than count on them, IMHO [In My Humble Opinion]. Sorry to sound so negative-- but that is a reality. That's kind of like aircraft back in the 1960's- '70's when mechanics and air crew were more serious about the quality of their work and pilots didn't fly drunk [too much] ... LOL. And our helicopter pilots in Vietnam were top of the line- experts, and could pull off many 'tricks' with their skill and battle tested experience that saved many lives. Now days I will NOT fly anymore-- I will just take my time and drive our great Dodge Ram 4 by 4 pick up truck that carries my power scooter... and I let Sharon use it [of course] to shop and get out of the cabin fever thing. Her power chair is still broke after struggling with the idiots and red tape-- insurance companies for over a YEAR!

I have to go back to the ICU- St. Catherine's Hospital --Kenosha, WI, again tonight to bring her some things-- her CPAP machine that helps her breath at night, etc. The ER doctor said that she would be there over night for sure... and then some.

I have called a few friends and asked them to pray for my dear wife.... again. I have been thru this a few times before but it's still stressful.
Attention is on the island of Haiti, and I know how they are suffering--- and we were told at church today that some of our own missionaries left that place just before the earthquake happened!
From what we've seen, the place does resemble a 'war zone' and with NO WATER to wash or drink! I know that our large military helicopters are capable of landing a lot of food, water, meds, and help... and now it's obama's show..Ha! Now he can be on the hot seat. Not to get political today, but when ever your 'help organizations' are so big with layers of red tape and lack of good communications, it turns into a 3 ring circus and many people DIE and SUFFER! But he and the Dims like and want "Big Gov't." Can't you just wait for obama-care? I PROMISE it won't 'fly right.'
I sure remember that the Army had it's share of goof ups, but when you try to combine several branches of services-- some things just don't get done right-- or at all. A smart Gov't has military proficiency and good organization!

Well, we have enough worries of our own right now, don't we?

Best Wishes-- Warm Regards,
Tom and 'Deuce' the Rotty

The Vikings beat the Cowboys !!


Lisa said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear Sharon is in the hospital again. I will be sure to say a Prayer for her and will keep both of you in my thoughts & Prayers. Please take care of yourself, I know how draining it can be running back & forth to the hospital.
Please be sure to Sharon I'm thinking of her.

Heli gunner Tom said...

From Penny in CA:
Dearest Tom,
We are definitely praying for Sharon. Please tell her we love her and will continue to keep you both in prayer. Much love in Christ, Rob & Penny

Heli gunner Tom said...

From my cousin Wanda, in KS:
hugs and prayers for you and Sharon

Heli gunner Tom said...

From Pat Swihart, in OH:
Thank you for keeping me informed. Really sorry to hear she is having more problems. Shouldn't the surgery she had previously prevented this? Course what I know about hearts sure isn't much.

She is very fortunate to have you - but I do think it is more stressful on the 'care giver' then it is the actual person.

Deuce probably listens better than some wives and he doesn't argue or talk back. LOL

Do give Sharon my blessings and tell her I am praying for her.
Hope all turns out well.


Heli gunner Tom said...

From my old friend, Debbie, in Kenosha, WI:
Sorry to hear about Sharon. Now I call upon you dear friend to ask and pray for my husband Bill as he begins radiation therapy for prostrate cancer- again. 5 yrs. Ago he had it removed and there was no sign of any cancer cells. But due to a rise in his PSA levels they think it is back- slow growing and non aggressive- but cancer cells none the less. He will be off work for at least 10 wks. He has to go thru some preliminary tests and scans but should start radiation by the beginning of Feb. As always- take care and I keep you and Sharon in my prayers.

Heli gunner Tom said...

My buddy/ fellow Combat Vet, Bob, from Australia:
thinking of you both hope Sharon is up & about soon mate love ya dog ive got a rock,Doberman cross his name is "Rocky" 19 months old great dog love the dog off leash park and jumping the hurdles ,playing with other dogs, here on gold coast we have off lead dog parks that are around 30 acres mate,don't think anywhere in the world has great dog parks like us buddy,soon as I find out how to put pics on this thing will send you a pic mate.
god Bless Sharon.

Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Aussie vietnam vet 1967-Oct 1968.
Infantry Rifleman D&E Platoon 1ATF.