Monday, January 18, 2010

Some progess in ICU--Sharon.

Tom's Journal.

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Was that video powerful truth or what??

Well, I had a busy day again as usual after bringing a nice birthday cake to my Mom and visiting for an hour, then shooting to Kenosha to eat, fill gas, shop for fresh fruit for Sharon and then visit her about 2PM. I stayed there for over an hour and then got anxious-- and that made my wife upset and tearful, but she understood that I get some serious anxiety attacks when I stay in hospitals 'too long.' I just get an uneasy, distrustful feeling while there... and I seem to be on 'pins and needles' -- something left over from the war in RVN.

It's about 20 miles to that hospital, but it could be a lot worse. She says that it may be a few more days before they consider to send her home. Can you just IMAGINE how much it would cost of I didn't have good insurance?? Well, we all know that Sharon is in bad shape and we also know that when we die we shall go to a far better place than our temporary abode on earth. We discern that it is man's prime reason for being on earth to bring praise and glory to the Father in Heaven and try hard to do His will. If we have not got that part right in the past-- we have sure made up for lost time these past few years, personally speaking. Most people, especially most of my extended and close family just can't figure that out. So what do we do? Cry a bit, try to set a good example and pray for them. After all, every human is a 'Free Moral Agent.'

If you want to see what an unbeliever looks like... just watch a dog starring into a fan in the Summer time... lol. Honestly, you can become skilled at discerning who is a real Christian, and who is an unbeliever... however, false/ fake so-called Christians are so slick that they can fool some of us-- for a time, until they show their hand... and then a red flag goes up. But you have to be firmly rooted in the 'Book' -- the bible, to figure out the difference. And the prophecy of the 'end times' in Matthew says that there will be MANY false prophets in the Last Days, that even some of the "Elect" could be led astray! "Be cautious as serpents, yet innocent as doves."

I bought bananas, strawberries, oranges for Sharon today and that always puts her in better spirits--compared to the hospital food, but she has not complained at all, except that there is too much noise from the near by nurses station, and you can bet that much of that is just nurses' chit chat. But we are happy and appreciative that she is being taken care of now. When I joke with the nurses and staff about the coming 'obama-care,' they snort and roll their eyes with disgust and trembling ... lol.

I am tired and ready for bed already. I put a lot of miles on the truck today and paid about $64 to fill it up. PTL for giving us the funds to do that.




Carolyn said...

Tom, you guys are always in my prayers. I;m glad you can bring Sharon some good things to eat and help her feel more comfortable. God Bless you both, and hope she can go home soon!

Christopher said...

Thanks for that video Tom,powerful stuff especially from a Lt.Col.

And happy to hear Sharon is showing progress

God Bless you both!