Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Medical "Care"

Tom's Journal.

I thought I wrote a good post this morning, and then hit the wrong key and deleted it......shame.
I was relating how my old company, Chrysler's retirees were recently 'transferred' to Medicare, and now my wife's DME [durable medical equipment] is being yanked and demanded back because Medicare says that "she doesn't meet the right criteria anymore," even with all her past medical procedures and problems. They already took her CPAP machine that she needs to breathe when she sleeps, and now they want to take her Oxygen Concentrator! I just paid off one credit card and then I used it to buy a new CPAP machine, $650., for Sharon, 2 weeks ago!
The reason that I am sharing this news with YOU is because we can pretty much expect this kind of life and death practices/ poor decisions from 'Big Gov't' to become reality with OBAMA-CARE ! I don't have an extra $4000 to buy a new Oxygen Concentrator for my wife-- but we are going to fight this to the death, and I simply will not allow my wife to die for lack AIR/ OXYGEN! "You don't mess with a Vet... unless you're cruisin' for a bruisin'." [sic].

Actually, this smacks of killing the "useless, retired, old people" in the USA much like some countries in Scandinavia... just give the old ones a pill and send them home to die.. or some type of doctor assisted suicide ! We will die soon enough -- just give us some DIGNITY! And you know, when a man or woman works all his/ her life and "puts into the Social Security system", he doesn't like the idea of getting short changed-- and those benefits going to lazy, undeserving ILLEGAL ALIENS or ghetto people who never held a job in their lives!! The Bible says, "Be angry, yet do not sin." Well, I AM angry, and I am sending this post to 2 of my Congressmen/ State Reps... and more. I NEVER thought I would live long enough to see this BS [berry sap] in America. Chrysler- Humana kind of merged into Medicare at a certain age, and now we are being stripped of our benefits that support our life, but now I will have to do some fast research to fight this battle properly. Ahh, just a little bit more stress in this evil, greedy, Satanic system on Earth.... that's all, LOL.

The short piece below is a good example of what the REAL picture looks like on Earth with all our fake, plastic CINO's [Christians in name only]. With the Lord being so close to calling up His servants and followers to Heaven/ Rapture, how should we really act right now as we see these "signs" so clearly??

Your Prayers and advice are encouraged.
Tom Schuckman

Remember Lot’s Wife!

Q. I was just wondering what the relevance of Lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt is in Gen 19:26? I know Lot was an example of the Church, but what was she? She was escaping with ‘the Church’ but then didn’t make it.

A. In Luke 17:32 Jesus said,

“Remember Lot’s wife! Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.”

Lot’s wife represents those who claim to be part of the Church but are actually Christians in name only. They haven’t really given their heart to the Lord. Lot’s wife had her heart in this world. Even though she was escaping certain death, she looked back to consider the things she held dear. People who claim to be Christians but don’t want the Lord to come until they’ve done everything they want to do in this world should find this very unsettling, since she is the example of what can happen to those who by their actions demonstrate where their heart really is.

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