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Pediphile Priests--Berlin.

Tom's Journal.

I always was taught to show pride for my Northern European heritage, being German-American, but also being a 4th generation emigrant to the USA. But from intense study and love for the Bible, I realize that God accepts ALL PEOPLE WHO CALL THEIR FATHER JEHOVAH and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior-- and try hard to do His will. After serving in the U.S. ARMY in Germany, reading many books on the German people, etc., it hurts me to read about Pedophile Priests, etc., in Germany and other places. I am NOT trying to rake open old wounds or being judgmental of other 'Faiths' in this blog post today. But is it not sad to hear ago wickedness covered up by high church officials in a cultured, respected, modern country. No doubt in the near future, as the Spirit of God is taken away from Earth's inhabitants, whole sale corruption will certainly engulf the entire Earth as it spirals down the tube into the Trib.

I think that most Christians are getting weary of all the lies.
For a short time in the early 1990's I had to live in a ghetto environment where corruption, lies and theft were the order of the day, and many folks had to dig in their bag of survival tools to just get by every day. Who wants to be 'controlled' or enslaved by someone else?? But then, who of those kind of people really wants to serve the Lord Jesus Christ?

Sorry I felt like I had to post this article/ news. I would much rather post something more happy and up-building. The fact remains that we have been living in a sewer for so long that we can't smell the stink anymore! We are so strung out on survival now days that we scramble for any kind of entertainment or distraction so as to drag out beaten minds away from the "NEWS" at the end of the day! Read 'em and weep....


February 13, 2010

John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army Erupts in Berlin, Germany

'Homosex priest will swarm Germany'
Before Benedict XVI dies, priest-pedophilia which he perpetuated and covered-up will swarm his native country of Germany. Priest-Pedophilia erupted first here in Boston in 2002 as John Paul II prepared for his last trip and last World Youth Day in North America. And now the epicenter is in Berlin: “A tremor is currently passing through the Catholic Church in Germany. It could be merely the beginning of an earthquake of proportions which have so far only been seen in the American and Irish Church. Tens of thousands of abuse cases were brought to light in both countries. Could Germany be next?”
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Rev. Hagee said...

I Stand Before The Wall
Honoring Those That Gave Their All
Standing At Attention My Head I Bow
I Promise To You This Sacred Vow
With My Dying Breath
Up Until Just Before My Death
Forgotten You Shall Not Be
Not By The People You Died For To Keep Free

Rev. Hagee said...

Weinland is a dangerous being. Glad to see you are up on him already Tom. Warn your readers at all times do not fall victim to this beast of the underworld.

Some facts that you need to know:

Who Was Ronald Weinland?

Who in the world was Ronald Weinland before he appointed himself one of the two witnesses?

Those who cannot remember their history are doomed to repeat it. –Plaque inside the Jonestown pavilion. Updated July 6.

This timeline is taken from Weinland’s own words, and comments made by ex-members who had inside experience with being members of Weinland’s, and his mentor Bob League’s, congregations in the Worldwide Church of God.

Born in 1949, the CoG-PKG’s “end-time prophet of god”, the self-professed “one of the two individuals referred to in scripture as the two witnesses from the book of Revelation”, Weinland joined the Worldwide Church of God in 1969 in Kansas.

Weinland claims to have attended Bricket Wood, the United Kingdom campus of Ambassador College. From his (unaccredited) degree from AC, he then went on to become a member of the ministry in the WCG.

Weinland got his start as associate pastor to Bob League in Cincinnati, OH, sometime around 1984. League has been described by ex-members as a tyrant and a ranting dictator, with everything based on the congregation’s submission to ministerial authority (i.e., League). This was the political atmosphere in which Weinland was “trained” as a minister.

Rev. Hagee said...

“…just before that trip, I had also received my Pastor General’s Report from Pasadena which spoke of sweeping changes in doctrine. Since I was so wide awake and couldn’t sleep, due to agonizing over the questions of our future course, I drove the trip straight through. Perhaps that might not be considered wise to do so, but I did it anyway, because my mind was racing with questions, scriptures, prayers, doubt, frustration, and a whole lot more.”

(Weinland is speaking here of the lead-up to his dismissal from the Worldwide Church of God in 1994.)

“For somebody who used to sleep like a baby, I found I could hardly sleep at all. My mind was constantly racing and wouldn’t stop so that I could sleep.”

Note in his complaint letter to United, Weinland states that he resigned from WCG, while the list published in The Journal puts his name on a list published by Joe Tkach Jr. of ministers who were fired or retired.

“I knew the faithful tithes that paid me as a minister came from God. But like a parent who can’t go back to do a better job on his children a second time, we can only go forward — repent where we need to and change where we can.”

Weinland is here speaking of his departure from the Worldwide Church of God. CoG-PKG still demands tithes and special offerings up to or exceeding 30% of members’ income. They also demand “entrance fees”: The church requires a tithe before the prospective member can be baptized.

“One can begin to look at everything in a Pollyanna context. It isn’t a healthy thing to see all things through rose colored glasses, with a blind faith that God is somehow inspiring and doing all that is taking place in UCG. We should never forget that in our past, God has allowed people to make very wrong decisions and has allowed people to be placed in positions of administration that have caused great harm to the church.“

Rev. Hagee said...

Here Weinland is discussing his problems with the United Church of God splinter. It is ironic that Weinland is unable to see that he is essentially guilty of the same thing he accused the UCG council of elders of, twelve years ago.

“In addition, there are many questions concerning the “Statement of Activities” which is being reported in “New Beginnings” on a quarterly basis. This accounting method only gives data and is not informational. It is quite incomplete to be of real value to the brethren. This is especially true since they have no comparison they can make with the budget, nor are the beginning and ending balances recorded. How much money is actually in the bank? Is it true that the reserves are being depleted at a rate of nearly $500,000 per month? Wasn’t the estimate for reserves for April 1, 1997 figured at $5.5 million, but will instead be closer to only $1 million? These and many other questions need to be asked and answered.”

Ironic that Weinland should be accusing the UCG council of elders for misappropriating funds, when he quite clearly did the same thing himself, while in Pennsylvania under the WCG, and presumably continues to do the same, with the money appropriated from the tithes of CoG-PKG faithful (tithes, one notes, that are a prerequisite for baptism, according to the church itself).

(An independent full financial audit of the Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom of God’s books would clear up any vagueness as to what Weinland is doing with his peoples’ money. It has been stated online that Weinland’s daughter is the accountant for the organization.)

At the time that he resigned from the United Church of God in 1997, Weinland remained in Ohio, and a percentage of the members from the Toledo and Detroit congregations were reported by The Servants News as going with him. There was a small group in Meadville Pennsylvania, and a larger group from Cincinnati that Weinland had recruited, possibly outside of the United fold, who also went with him at this time.

These congregations were presumably the basis of what was to become Weinland’s CoG-PKG. However, one more split happened in these congregations (known as the Church of God, Toledo), before the PKG incorporated. More details here.

Wayne Matthews has been verified as a former minister of the Australian United Church of God. Matthews helped arrange the Melbourne leg of a speaking tour for Anglo-Israelism proponent Rick Sherrod in 1998 in that capacity.

John(ny) Harrell is alleged to have come from United as well (after “a short stay”), but further verification of that information is ongoing. Email to United Church of God requesting verification of Harrell’s employment with them has not been responded to. He is purported to have been a long-time member of WCG (between twenty-five and thirty years) prior to his alleged association with UCG, but no information has been verified as to what he did prior to joining WCG. Harrell is alleged to have had a well-established home construction company in Macon, Georgia, for over 30 years, but that has not been verified.

There has been some speculation, mainly due to Weinland’s accusation of Rod Meredith’s refusal to acknowledge him (Weinland) as one of the two witnesses, and the “prophecy” that Meredith is going to die as a part of “the fifth thunder” that Weinland may have entertained a brief stint in the Living Church of God before breaking away completely. This speculation, according to one LCG apologist, is incorrect, as confirmed by the information above.

Shari said...

Tom this is that New Age way of If the preists were allowed to do what the Bible says in 1 Timothy 4: 3-4- Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and no the truth. For every creature of God is good and nothing to be refused , if it be received with thanksgiving.

Thank you so much for the little booklet "101 Last Days of Prophecy.

Rev. Hagee said...

Tom tell your Vet friends to check out a new social networking site for military friends to connect. Its owned by a christian brother.