Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pictures of Earth.

Tom's Journal.


Sharon had a sore, painful back this morning so I went to church alone and had a good time worshiping and mingling with all my friends. Then I went to the store which was so crowded to get some last minute items for a few days and Super Bowl Sunday. Sharon can't drink her beloved Pepsi anymore as it aggravates one of her many illnesses that I cannot spell of pronounce [today], so she requested Mountain Dew soda pop. Lucky for me-- I love fresh, cold water and most juices, veggie and fruit. The Lord has truly blessed us -- but it wasn't always that way in my life. And then, maybe I started learning the right way to harness money to be my 'slave' instead of my 'master' in latter years as I followed the Bible more closely.

We were just thinking last night as we laid in bed that we were very short on cash until pay day-- and then Sharon suggested checking a certain Bible we had tucked away, and no kidding, it had 3 hundred dollar bills saved inside it !! I gave one to Sharon and decided to use some of the rest for today and the rest of the few weeks ahead. After that I feel asleep like a young kid on Christmas Eve... LOL! I only hope that we don't hide too much money all over the place like near sighted squirrels-- and then forget where we hid it... Ha! I don't want to lose my mind, but I know that I am starting to forget some things-- and so have forced myself to develop a system and using pen and paper,and the calendar to help me.

I have never been to a church that looked out for me and been so kind and courteous to me as the one we are attending now. Perhaps the Holy Spirit is more active in some places more than others.... but I have been to many other churches over the years and most of them fall short. Part of that is the "Sign of the Times" --Last Days, IMHO, where Paul wrote to Timothy, that the 'love of the greater number would cool off.' Think positive and be joyful in the Lord -- but be prepared for ANYTHING to come down the pike these days. Who would have thought that Sodomy would be condoned in the Armed Forces of today ?? Shame. Just think of all the new threats of 'sexual harassment' to control and get the perverts' way/ intimidate/ blackmail/ control/ coerce/ honest people. Just think of a gang of perverts forcing themselves on normal 'straight' soldiers and sailors! This is one more thing that our troops DON'T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT now, when another war is eminent in the Middle East ! And the Joint Chiefs and Sec. of Defense should have 'stepped down' rather than be complicit with this perversion. That is my opinion -- the truth of the Bible, which of course is unpopular these days in modern Sodom and Gomorrah. What has the ancient pagan world got on us?? But of course, God and the Bible have been pretty much drummed out of the Corp too recently. But then again, this too fits into Bible prophecy.

My personal opinion is that obama is not the Anti-Christ ... but he sure is Satan's helper and servant. Well, this is one time I DIDN'T vote for the wrong candidate. Huckabee or Ron Paul might have been a much better choice, IMHO.
Still chilly in Wisconsin -- but no snow in the forecast.

I have some web sites that may help others with getting CPAP gear if people need that info. I have a sneaky feeling that DME will be hard to get in the future with health care orgs and insurance companies scrabbling to higher ground... so it just may make sense to stock up a bit.

Proverbs 27:17, "Eisen scharft Eisen." [Iron sharpens Iron]


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