Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scary Joke Video.

Tom's Journal.

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<<< style="font-weight: bold;">I had fun sharing this joke with my wife, and we are laughing and enjoying each other so much these precious days, now that she is back home with me and the hound dog. You got to find some humor now days in light of all the horror stories going down with corrupt politics, etc. Jehovah [the Father in Heaven] is a HAPPY and loving God, and I have no doubt that His only begotten Son, Jesus had a great sense of humor too. Just consider/ picture how the people back then howled with laughter about a 'camel going through a needle's eye' in one of his parables/ stories...Ha! I think that for the most part, Christians are a HAPPY people who only resort to lethal force if their loved ones/ hearth and home are threatened.

I was talking to my friend, Chris, about the possibility of our brave, skilled soldiers, being commanded to enforce improper, illegal, immoral, unlawful commands/ orders against their fellow Christian citizens back home-- maybe putting them in concentration camps, etc. At that time, the soldiers will have to make up their minds what they will do. I DO NOT SUGGEST MUTINY! And I am not trying to stir things up or strike fear in their hearts, because I respect and care for my brothers in the military. It took a lot of guts for me to refuse a UNLAWFUL order in a helicopter, given to me by a 'arschloch' Lt. William Shields, who told me to go fetch a parachute on the ground for his own pleasure/ trophy-- that very well could have been 'booby trapped' with a VC explosive. Nothing bad happened to me, and the crew chief may have tried to score brownie points, so he got the chute. I don't want to digress, but others told me that the Lieutenant was a crude jerk, and a 2nd rate chopper pilot would had no qualms stepping on any and all enlisted men to climb up in grade, and get more medals for himself...... sorry to tell, but that's the way some of my buddies saw things. And if he got Saved between now and then, I forgive and accept him as my spiritual brother.

All I am saying is that we ought to carefully plan what we do and 'consider the cost' --as Jesus said in the book of Mathew. Some of us might have envied other kids who had smart parents who gave them more opportunity to learn the important things in a godly, Christian household, but not to dwell on it. Remember, being Saved with the precious hope/ faith/ trust of going to heaven instead of hell has GOT TO BE A BIG PLUS no matter where we are now in our walk with Christ right now.

I am so thankful right now that I have that sublime knowledge of everlasting life in heaven, even as I watch the 'world' sink farther down in deep despair and panic as we watch whole countries go bankrupt and swallowed up by huge consortiums, global control [eventually] and the European Union, just look at what is happening in Greece, etc. And the grand ILLUSION of Americans who think that we are "too big to fall/ fail!" Sounds like captain and crew of the ! Even a rat knows when to get off a sinking ship. World History should tell them that anything and everybody can FAIL, and that peace and security are so fragile... especially with prideful goofs like bh obama and nancy pelosi -- [the wicked witch of the West].[

When dealing with Investments/ Finance, people like me like to put SOME credence/ stock in a Mutual Fund's track record [although that doesn't guarantee the prosperity/ performance of the stocks and bonds], the same as if I were hiring a person. If the person comes to the interview dressed like a bum, acts like an arrogant jerk, BUT MOST OF ALL, doesn't have a good work record and skill/ job history--- what am I to think?? 'If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck-- it IS a duck.

Just like, spending $1500 for a new refrigerator right now was not my fondest wish -- but on the other hand I was happy to have enough credit at Sears to buy what we needed right now in a pinch-- and get good quality. It might be fun for a few days, but we are tired of 'camping out of our ice chests'... lol!
Some of my dear friends and email buddies get depressed too when everything sort of gangs up on them-- and with the CONSTANT barrage of negative news, we may get disheartened. But, You heard ME say it: 'If you think it's bad now-- just wait to see what the next 6 months looks like!' There may be so much damage done between now and the November mid-elections, that our ship may be listing to Starboard or sunk [and bankrupt] and the Muslim in the WH, IMO, may be trying to do just that!

Frankly, my dear friends and readers, I don't know how I could deal with all the negative, horrible news and corrupt political dealings going on right now-- and seemingly NO BODY OR GROUP OF AMERICANS STANDING UP AND PURSUING THE MONKEYS PUSHING THROUGH THESE UN-CONSTITUTIONAL BILLS ---if it were not for my trust in the Lord! I see things as simple--- some folks want to put all their faith in MAN and his Gov't which have ALWAYS failed. If you READ THE BOOK, you find that God has a PERFECT track record, never lies, and always keeps His promises! How can you go wrong? But I guess that Lemmings have only one thing in their minds--- suicide.... and what a foolish cowardly act.

Some people know how to stop-- and cut their losses, but that takes HUMILITY. Other with so much pride will go down with the ship, unable to confess their sins and failure-- then accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, to get SAVED. I USED TO BE A HARD HEADED GOOFY MAN, and wondered why all my hard work never got me anywhere, but I learned to 'listen to God-- through His Word, the Bible.' And it took a lot of courage and trust for me to EXIT A FALSE RELIGIOUS [JW] --CULT, and "lose all the people I THOUGHT were my friends" but the Lord increased my true brothers and sisters in Christ 100 fold-- and they are true blue ! I went through the same thing in 1971 when I walked away from my Catholic family beliefs -- to be the Black Sheep of the family and the brunt of constant cruel jokes and harassment ... but of course my parents could hardly defend their Faith because they were completely Bible illiterate and too proud to admit it .... sorry to say, but I still loved them.

In fact, there are many countries who DON'T want Bible missionaries to come in and teach the people how to read and write-- because then they can read the TRUTH! Some churches want their people ignorant so as to milk them and keep the church chest full of ill gotten gain-- money. You know, come to think of it, the birds HAVE come home to roost-- in the case of big time child molestation in many countries right now, while the bishops continue to just "rotate" the offending priest around to "other" congregations, to molest more children. Where will this end?? God is their Judge-- not me. but I think that priests should get the same lawful punishment that any other guy would in his place! People are tired of church cover-ups and scandals.

I just wanted to share a pleasant thought and thank you for all your prayers and kind thoughts/ emails/ comments. Today in S.E. Wisconsin, it was 76 degrees F., sunny and warm! That really picked up MY spirits and I had a great day with my wife, who seems to be getting better with rest and my attentions. It's the little, tender mercies like today that make life worth living.
Well, big, busy day for us tomorrow on April Fools Day. That would be a perfect day to share the above video joke with your buddies.

Earthquakes! Are They Increasing?

Posted: 31 Mar 2010 12:36 PM PDT

By Gary StearmanProphecy in the NewsRecent events in Haiti and Chili have caused many Christians to ask, “Are earthquakes increasing in the way that Jesus said they would in the period leading up to the Tribulation? His words are among the most forthright and unequivocal ever spoken. There can be no mistake about what He said: “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

Thomas G Schuckman

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sec. 5210. BO's Private Army.

Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends, Readers,and Believers:
Didn't you have a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach when Nancy Pelosi said a few weeks ago: "We have to pass the heath care bill so we can see what's in it." Well, guess what folks! Another Frankenstein!! Obama just got his own private army!

It reminds me of God and the Israelite s... How many whippings do they need to understand that it's God's own game plan and the Heavenly Father knows what is best for his chosen [but rebellious] people! But mankind, and the USA just don't get the picture yet... and never will, sorry. It's man's imperfect, sinful nature to be proud, arrogant, rebellious, independent, self serving. FEW will know the Lord enough to survive the prophetic 'woes' that are about to be 'visited' on the 'sea of rebellious mankind.' I MUST in good conscience pen these words of truth and warn people. "Let God be true though all men be liars." Most people still don't know where the so-called, "Lord's Prayer" is found in the Bible, nor do they understand what it actually means! When it says, "Let your kingdom come-- let your will be done" at Mathew 6:9, they are actually praying for their OWN destruction, if they don't really know and do God's will! Yet, they continue to attend some 'church' donate their money, and follow some blind guide lead them to hell --being too lazy to read and study the Word for themselves -- just like most Americans let Obama-care get passed WITHOUT even reading it!! Could we not have done more to stop it? Could we have done more to stop Abortion in America? Who is blameless?

Aside from a few people blustering with rhetoric that they will actually DO SOMETHING [Ha!] about all the illegal, unconstitutional bills that are passed without Congressional oversight and control-- not many are lifting a finger or getting up the courage to challenge the status quo in D.C.! Tell me it isn't so! I predict that so much damage will be done BEFORE the November mid-term elections in the USA, that we will already be totally messed up [stripped of all Freedoms and Rights] with no way to redeem or rectify ourselves! I hope I am wrong, in a sense, but it's NOT up to me to direct my very step-- it's God's Will that counts, and His Will be done. As for me, I am sticking as close to my Lord as I can and continue studying/ reading His holy Word until I die or get Raptured! This is one train I don't want to miss. NO ONE WHO HAS EVER READ MY HUMBLE BLOG/ JOURNAL, CAN EVER SAY THAT THEY DIDN'T KNOW THE REAL TRUTH, OR DIDN'T HAVE A CHANCE TO TAKE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BEFORE THE LORD COMES!

Sometimes I have posted letters I received from my Wisconsin Congressmen as proof that I am at least trying to do SOMETHING. But deep down inside my gut-- I know that [I believe that] God will put even his own people [true Christians] to the 'test' so that they believe and depend on HIM alone, and not their own devices, powers, guns or money. Perhaps I am a slow learner too, and have to move on to the next level-- but I will.

It's just that part of my sinful personality wants to rub the Dims' noses in the dirt that they elected a monster who didn't even have the right to be legally elected. How can they be so blind-- even now at this final stretch of the race?? But they are blinded by Satan, just as most of us 'Believers' were in the past, before we came to know and serve Christ and trust Him. Ponder on this.
Good night,friends.
Sharon is home now and doing better. Our old refrigerator is kaput, spoiled some good meat, etc, and I already purchased a new Sears Kenmore Elite, stainless, refrigerator, coming Thursday. It NEVER fails-- that everything falls in my lap EVERY Springtime around 'Tax Time' But just imagine some local or world catastrophe that took away our high 'standard of living.' Glenn Beck is correct when he tells us to get prepared-- to survive. More important, IMHO, Read the Book.

Tom Schuckman
Obama Just Got His Private Army
By Nancy Matthis

God is in Control -- Song.

Tom's Journal.

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Heidi Swander

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Israel Under Fire
Israel Under Fire: The Prophetic Chain of Events That Threaten the Middle East.
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It's a Set-Up!
by Heidi Swander
March 30, 2010

(Note from Jan: I have interviewed Brannon Howse on the issues Heidi outlines below. To truly understand the times, we need to know who the movers and shakers are and how they schemed to have things play out as they have in the last 100+ years. I highly recommend this book.)

I've got good news and bad news and good news. First, the good news: GOD IS IN CONTROL! A link to this beautifully encouraging and challenging song was emailed to Jan recently. And we all need this encouragement after being so demoralized in the last week -- not to mention the last couple of years. Our Heavenly Father absolutely knows what is happening to us, and He has it well in hand.

Now I've got some bad news -- although I have to say I don't really see it as totally bad news because of my perspective on it: I am convinced we are watching the set-up for what's known as the Tribulation.

Let me ask you a question: If one were to go about preparing for a world system that would be taken over by someone empowered by Satan, a system that would give this someone complete control of and loyalty from the people of the world, how would he do it? Well, we're not going to go through all the maneuverings today, but let me give you a little taste and see if anything sounds familiar.

LAY THE FOUNDATION: The most necessary thing would be to lay a satanically inspired foundation for this structure: A broad base upon which this system would be built. Now it just so happens that a woman named Alice Bailey (1880-1949) who founded a publishing company named The Lucifer Publishing Company, communed with a demon known as "The Tibetan." Through Alice Bailey, "The Tibetan" explained that the world must change. Specifically, he said, "The old established rhythms, inherent in the old forms of religion, of politics, and of the social order, must give place to newer ideals . . . and to the new order."

In his new, critical book Grave Influence, Brannon Howse gives the background of 21 radicals who have each contributed to society's transformation process. Of Bailey he says, "Bailey's worldview and goals have shaped the thinking of many individuals we examine in this book. To fully grasp the worldview war raging among us, we must understand the philosophies of Alice Bailey." Bailey and her Tibetan friend laid the foundation for this New World Order.

INVADE THE CHURCH: Two men that Brannon introduces in his book -- Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) -- "believed a person could not know truth, that we should embrace the mysticism of the world and reject absolutes." This idea has been labeled "Existentialism". Existentialism gave birth to post-modernism (which argues that truth and reality are created by man and not by God and that truth is situational and subjective) and post-modernism gave birth to neo-orthodoxy and, eventually, the Emergent Church. Brannon says, "The rise of the Emergent Church brings to mind the words of the late Vance Havner regarding Satan's shrewdest strategy for getting his way in the world: 'The devil is not fighting religion; he is too smart for that. He is producing a counterfeit Christianity so much like the real one that good Christians are afraid to speak out against it.'"

OVERRUN THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM: Get 'em while they're young. Heard that before? John Dewey (1859-1952) is known as "the father of education." He is less famous for the pedigree he worked so hard to establish. He was "a Fabian Socialist, signer of the Humanist Manifesto 1, founding member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and the president of the League for Industrial Democracy . . . John Dewey admitted that the purpose of school is not to create educated students but to change their values and prepare them for their place in life. Benjamin Bloom [1913-1999 - Brannon covers him too] admitted that the goal of his educational philosophy is to change a student's 'fixed beliefs.'"

Enter: Outcome-Based Education (aka Mastery Learning, aka Goals 2000, aka No Child Left Behind). Brannon says, "There is reason to believe that thought control is exactly what the educrats in Washington have in mind." Whoa -- heavy charge. But check this out: In the 1970s, a controversial social studies program called Man: A Course of Study, was introduced into many American schools. The course was designed by B. F. Skinner (1904-1990, yes, he's covered too) with the expressed goal "to mold children's social attitudes and beliefs along lines that set them apart and alienate them from the beliefs and moral values of their parents and local community." I'll just say it: The picture I got reading these sections of Brannon's book brought pictures of Hitler Youth to mind. A New World Order requires citizens -- and specifically an army -- predisposed to do the bidding of the State.

DESTROY THE FINAL OBSTACLE: In last week's e-alert Jan made this amazing deduction -- among many -- "We do know the biggest factor holding up the one-world order has been America."

On March 16, Jack Kinsella wrote a brilliant article on the history of the Left's desire to pass health care and intimated that the passing of health care legislation would equal the acquiring of control over the people of America when he said, "Until now, government control has been limited to those the government has managed to make dependent on them . . . but that only covers a small segment of the population on any given issue. Everybody gets sick. Everybody needs health care. That's why 'True Believers' in Congress are evidently ready to fall on their swords in order to seize it." And earlier this week in a local Michigan radio interview, Democratic House Congressman John Dingell seemed to confirm Jack's theory.

Finally, on March 24, Rush Limbaugh played clips from a CNBC interview with hedge fund co-founder and author David Mullins who told his interviewers that the 900-year-old "Western Christian Empire," of which America is the largest part, is in decline and that something will quickly move in to fill the vacuum created by its end.

I've said it before, and I'll doubtless say it again: It's all coming together. If you read Brannon's book -- and I really, strongly encourage you to read it -- you will see how we're being set up. All of the building blocks needed to construct this world system have been molded for hundreds of years to bring us to this place and this time. As you see him put each of these bricks in place, a structure will form that looks amazingly like the one-world system needed to usher in the Antichrist. And folks, it looks to me like they're ready to dedicate the building and cut the ribbon.

Now, back to the good news: Jesus is coming to get us first! I say this unabashedly. The reason the construct of the one-world system doesn't terrify me is because I'm not planning to be around when the man of sin steps onto the scene. Actually, as I see prophecy unfolding like this, I get excited! Jesus promised He'd come and get us. And He said that we would be kept from the hour of trial that is coming on the earth. And Paul told the Thessalonians that Jesus will deliver us from the wrath to come. We're goin' Home!! This is our "blessed hope"!
(We at Olive Tree Ministries know that not all of you share a pre-Tribulation Rapture theology, but as Dr. Gary Frazier said on Jan's radio program last Saturday, March 27, "Let's not have great divides over this." This isn't "escapist theology." The fact is that there may be plenty of tough times that American and other Western Christians have to go through in the coming weeks, months, and years. There is a war against Christianity in America right now. But this war is coming from man's wrath. What happens in the Tribulation Heidi is referring to is God's wrath. Heidi refers to the "blessed hope" and many need this in these tumultuous times. We have heard from thousands who express great comfort in this.)

While we're here, God wants us to understand what is happening around us and respond biblically. We mustn't disengage from life. We must keep fighting for the salvation of souls up until the very last minute. As Brannon says, "The spiritual war rages, and the stakes are much higher because the battle is no longer for our culture but for the souls, hearts, and minds of our children and grandchildren" (and, I would add, of those friends, co-workers and neighbors all around us).

So, know what is happening in our world and why it is happening; fight for the lost souls all around you, keep looking for Jesus to come; and -- in the midst of all of this chaos -- remember: God is in Control!

God is in control
We believe that His children will not be forsaken
God is in control
We will choose to remember and never be shaken
There is no power above or beside Him, we know
God is in control

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Next year in the NEW Jerusalem!


Heidi Swander
Personal Assistant to Jan Markell
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Monday, March 29, 2010


Tom's Journal.

Talk about a "bomb shell" blowing up in my face....Wow! I know and understand that the Lefty Dims-Liberals-Progressives have been planning and pushing the fall of America since the 1950's, but how in heck could this thing have happened?? Well, it's out of my hands now, and poor old pained Tom can't do too much more besides type out interesting Blogs, etc., and praise the Lord of the Heavens. If the main stream America ever gets wind of this news attached below-- we could see some sparks.

Tom S
Heaven is my home, and it can be anyone's home, if we are humble enough to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. Read the Book.


Obama pushes ban of guns, secretely.

Tom's Journal.

<<< Tom in Vietnam: 68-70, age 19, CuChi, RVN, the early days of my 2 tours.

I personally thank Mr. DeWayne White, for passing this timely article to me. It would be UN-BELIEVABLE if we didn't know obama and the Dims- Progressives better..... Ha! Will most Americans still be too cowardly and stupid to stand up like men and ACT in time ?? I wonder.... Hummm.
I have personally posted many Blog posts about this very subject -- but few people really want to listen to an old, war horse--disabled Veteran and retired Auto worker- AMC/ Chrysler worker-- turned writer.... Ha!

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.
Jesus is Lord, and His weapons are more mighty than mere mortals. Be advised.

Is this real?---Yep

Don’t under estimate the Bama, he has very sinister plans.
Importance: High
Obama Finds Legal Way Around The 2nd Amendment And Uses It.

If This Passes, There Will Be WAR
Just got this... pass it far & wide.

On Wednesday Obama Took the First Major Step in a Plan to Ban All Firearms in the United States
On Wednesday the Obama administration took its first major step in a plan to ban all firearms in the United States. The Obama administration intends to force gun control and a complete ban on all weapons for US citizens through the signing of international treaties with foreign nations. By signing international treaties on gun control, the Obama administration can use the US State Department to bypass the normal legislative process in Congress. Once the US Government signs these international treaties, all US citizens will be subject to those gun laws created by foreign governments. These are laws that have been developed and promoted by organizations such as the United Nations and individuals such as George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. The laws are designed and intended to lead to the complete ban and confiscation of all firearms.

The Obama administration is attempting to use tactics and methods of gun control that will inflict major damage to our 2nd Amendment before US citizens even understand what has happened. Obama can appear before the public and tell them that he does not intend to pursue any legislation (in the United States) that will lead to new gun control laws, while cloaked in secrecy, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is committing the US to international treaties and foreign gun control laws. Does that mean Obama is telling the truth? What it means is that there will be no publicized gun control debates in the media or votes in Congress. We will wake up one morning and find that the United States has signed a treaty that prohibits firearm and ammunition manufacturers from selling to the public. We will wake up another morning and find that the US has signed a treaty that prohibits any transfer of firearm ownership. And then, we will wake up yet another morning and find that the US has signed a treaty that requires US citizens to deliver any firearm they own to the local government collection and destruction center or face imprisonment.

This is not a joke or a false warning. As sure as government health care will be forced on us by the Obama administration through whatever means necessary, so will gun control.

Read the Article

U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States reversed policy on Wednesday and said it would back launching talks on a treaty to regulate arms sales as long as the talks operated by consensus, a stance critics said gave every nation a veto.

The decision, announced in a statement released by the U.S. State Department, overturns the position of former President George W. Bush's administration, which had opposed such a treaty on the grounds that national controls were better. View The Full Article Here 14 Nov. 2009
<> Please forward this message to others who may be concerned about the direction in which our country is headed. This is a very serious matter!

Silence will lead us to Socialism!!!

Man shoots unborn baby in Milwaukee.

Tom's Journal.

Yes, Thanks to the Liberal Dims and Progressives, many cops are hamstrung in enforcing the law in Milwaukee and they are accused of profiling.' Truth be told, there are plenty of statistics that prove just who has the guns-- CONVICTED FELONS!! The liberal Senators that WE have in Wisconsin, two Jewish gentlemen, Herbert Kohl and Russ Feinstein, are among the most LIBERAL- PROGRESSIVES in the USA, and they don't miss a beat when voting to ban or restrict lawful guns to honest, law abiding citizens...... what a shame. For the record, I love Israel and the 'apple of God's eye' with whom He made a special covenant-- forever in Israel. And those [like obama and the Dims] who have put America in line with the Wrath of God-- for hurting the Jewish people-- the 'chosen race and place-- ISRAEL-- will be dealt with in a harsh way! When I email or write them a letter-- I just get a returned "form letter" with them bragging who they support abortion and gun control. Makes me sick, and Wisconsin used to be a great State to live in.

Very simple FACT: If and when the corrupt Gov't bans all guns from lawful people-- ONLY THE CRIMINALS WILL HAVE GUNS. Go figure, if you do something wrong and you know that you will suffer serious jail time or death if you are caught-- what would be the deterrent to committing MORE serious crimes?? For most people [unbelievers] when a person commits immorality/ adultery, why would he want to stop doing that sin if he likes it and thinks he can get away with, or rationalize it? If you murder one person, the 2nd person down the road is more easy, and the penalty may be pretty much the same. That is the logic of fallen man.

I am NOT a racist, and ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL and can surely become Christians and therefore acceptable to God Almighty IF THEY CONFESS THEIR SINS TO THE LORD AND ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR PERSONAL SAVIOR! The bum in the picture is obviously not a Christian man, and maybe he should not have been dancing with a floosie [sp?] who allegedly stole his money... lol.
However, when children are raised by unbelieving parents [or a single parent] who don't read and practice what the Bible teaches-- things usually go a rye with "radical Black theology" the likes of "Rev." J. Wright, obama's chief sage and spiritual guide [no matter what the news papers say...]. Like I said, monthly crime stats don't lie, and Milwaukee's murder rate continues to climb, DAILY, even with a new, smart police chief.
Actually, IMHO, "Thou shalt not MURDER" is more accurate in my NASB [New American Standard Bible] in Exodus 20:13. But that's just my personal opinion, folks. After all, Jehovah commanded His people to KILL off the pagan, heathen people in the 'promised land,' like the Canaanites, etc.

The same theory and case can be made when searching for a would be bomb terrorist boarding a jet. WHO have all the terrorists and bombers been?? Muslims! Oops! Sorry, that is "politically incorrect"...... lol, but it's true!

I have joined many Pro- 2nd Amendment orgs and support the U.S. Constitution, especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments. IMO, obama and the Dims- Progressives have not.... and shame on them! It has become ever so apparent that THEY are destroying America from within-- forget about the terrorists out side.
Ponder on this, please, especially when you all vote in November--- that is, if the Lord doesn't come back sooner than we think. Then all this will be academic, and land in the laps of the people 'Left Behind.' Heaven is my Home.

Tom S

Man Charged With Shooting Unborn Baby, Four Others

Jerome Scott.


Man Charged With Shooting Unborn Baby, Four Others

By Erik Bilstad and Jay Sorgi

MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee County District Attorney has charged a man accused of shooting five people including a baby born just hours after suffering a gunshot wound in the incident.

The criminal complaint says Jerome Scott, 35, was upset that one of the victims had stolen money out of his pocket while dancing with him.

Scott faces six felony counts, one count of first degree intentional homicide by use of a dangerous weapon, four counts of first degree reckless injury and a count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

If convicted on all six counts, Scott faces up to 170 years in prison.

Scott is being held on $100,000 cash bond, and a judge will hold a preliminary hearing in his case on April 5th.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

KJV, with Footnotes.

Tom's Journal.

A new childrens' educational book written by one of my cousins:

My good friend just turned me on to another great KJV Bible that I've already just purchased! Wow!
Well, you all know me -- and men are known to want and buy every new tools/ gadget that comes off the line [or at Sears] to help them do things easier and not skin their knuckles when they work on their truck, etc. I bought a larger print, black leather, KJV Bible, but the great thing is: the unusual older, archaic words are DEFINED, and clarified so that this KJV is easier to read! And if 'Old English' is so hard that you get frustrated and sore-- this wonderful rendition is surely the 'Rosetta Stone' that will help you understand all the words-- but still get the FULL, EXCELLENT, ACCURATE, FLAVOR of that august translation. Most other recent [Modern] renditions truncate, water down, change or leave out KEY verses!! Beware, a prominent Lesbian sat on the committee that oversaw the "new" modern translations, unfortunately, and she helped shape/ corrupt those 'bibles'. I have posted/ written about this tragedy a few weeks ago, and can effectively steer you to resources that will prove what I claim -- even my beloved NASB!! [New American Standard Bible].

Even today at church we were reading from Luke about the Lord riding an ass into Jerusalem, further on the Lord saw the short, bald tax collector named Zaccheus, and told him to come down from the Sycamore tree , and the KJV called him, "austere", which means , hard, mean. So now I know one more word. Come on, friends, isn't it more enjoyable when we know what we are reading?? Our older fore fathers learned and read the KJV-- so are we too stupid and lazy to do the same ?? Pray not! Not many of the congregation this morning even knew what the word, "Hosanna" >>>>


"Hosanna" (Greek transcription: ὡσαννά, sanna) is the cry of praise or adoration shouted in recognition of the Messiahship of Jesus on his entry into Jerusalem, Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord![3] It is used in the same way in Christian praise.

Overall, it seems that "Hosanna" is a cry for salvation; while at the same time is a declaration of praise. Therefore, it may be derived that this plea for help is out of an agreeably positive connotation.

The old interpretation "Save, now!" which may be a popular etymology, is based on Psalm 118:25 (Hebrew הוֹשִׁיעָה נָּא hOshEeah-nna) (Possibly "Savior"). This does not fully explain the occurrence of the word in the Gospels, which has given rise to complex discussions

Now we all know. Or did we all forget with the many number of years gone by....LOL ?
And hey, I didn't mean it to sound like 'I know more than Johnny' or something like that. But if learning more about God is going to "arm" and prepare me for the 'great battle' or woe that is sure to come soon, I will read and learn all I can. Just like, in the Army and Marines, paying attention to the D.I. [Drill Instructor] in boot camp/ Basic Training WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE-- AND PROBABLY THE LIFE OF YOUR FELLOW SOLDIER/ BUDDY! Well, do you want to be 2nd rate, or do just enough to sneak by? When you finally get into combat-- you will need ever OUNCE of knowledge and training you have-- just to survive!

As we all spend money of candy, chocolate bunnies and foolish things we don't really need, investing in a new, better Bible that explains things might be more profitable in the long run. Please consider this. I am so happy that a friend considered and thought of me enough to forward this new 'tool' to my email box ! Thank you!

I volunteered at church to be considered for preaching and sharing the Word and handing out Bibles at the Union Grove Old Veterans' Home, nearby, as I told one of the Deacons that I consider myself qualified. He will take it up with the pastor.

I brought my wife, Sharon, home from the Rehab place this morning, after church. She is glad to be home!



You have got to pick up one of these Bibles.

They are amazing!

They are a King James, but in the footnote section they explain each word. I have never seen thing anything like.

It is a 1611, but I tell you I am going to buy more of these and hand these out!

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Very fine post! It took me years to finally latch onto the KJV, although I always had a few around the house. If 'Old English' [1611--Shakespearean] is so hard for a person to understand-- treat it as if it IS a foreign language and LEARN IT! Buying the 1800's Noah Webster's dictionary will help folks find the original meaning of archaic words.

Tom S

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