Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Eathquake in China/ Tibet.

Tom's Journal.

China Rushing Aid to Quake Survivors

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Lauren Frayer

Lauren Frayer Contributor

(April 15) -- Chinese convoys are snaking westward with medicine and tents for survivors of an earthquake on the edge of the Tibetan plateau that's killed more than 600 and left tens of thousands homeless high in the bitter cold mountains.

The death toll from Wednesday's 6.9-magnitude quake soared to 617 today, and Chinese authorities say it's bound to rise as workers sift through thousands of collapsed wood and mud brick homes. Freezing temperatures give little hope that survivors could live for very long under the rubble.

Even expert rescuers are ailing from working through the night against frigid winds and altitude sickness. The quake rattled a windswept plain in western China's mountainous Qinghai area, where the average elevation is 13,000 feet.

State media say 10,000 people have been injured, 1,000 of them severely. Hundreds of residents are still missing, including more than 60 Buddhist monks whose hilltop monastery was left in ruins.

Near the epicenter in Yushu county, wounded survivors slept outdoors in a horse-racing track,

Just a short note, friends.... Question: Why do all the so-called "experts" continue to say that this recent rash of 'earthquakes in one place after another' is still "normal" and "average ??" Even on Fox News where many wear the cross around their neck and seem conservative, they make no mention of the well known prediction of Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew concerning big time quakes all over the world-- concentrated in the past month or so of great magnitudes! This is, what I thought was a big part of the "Sign" of our End Times, but it sure is filtered out of the Media. Go ponder this too, and trust NO one except the fundamental Christian church and the original KJV Bible Word of God.

My friend, Joe Balinger, told me about the book, TOUCH NOT THE UNCLEAN THING. It explains and settles all the disputes of the TEXTUS RECEPTUS, from where we got our KJV-- from Tyndale and the Geneva bible, etc., and the many omissions, missing text, deletions and corruptions of the 'modern bibles' that are famous for obscuring the deity of Christ, etc.

OK, I know I have been beating this subject for days now-- and need to move on, but there sure seems to be a huge enemy on the horizon-- HA! ... total collapse of our way of life as we know it. Having been a serious student of history-- things in the past can mushroom overnight! But the vast majority of humankind just keep living ignorantly, running the rat race, and still trying to 'MAINTAIN THEIR COMFORT LEVEL AND STANDARD OF LIVING !' Well, just take a look at Greece!

And that used to be how I conducted my affairs and mindset too. Praise the Lord for His infinite patience and long suffering with ME! In the same vein, when we ask for God's 'Kingdom to Come" and destruction on so many ignorant people, unbelievers -- we need to remember all the many times WE had a chance to grasp the truth of the Bible, but were too all consumed by diverse enterprises and desires...

Only God knows the exact time to put down His mighty war hammer and remove the "restraining force" -- the Holy Spirit, that is holding back the Trib, and Anti-Christ. Now is the time to make hay, get closer to Jesus and do His will, by sharing the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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