Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you want to bet?

Tom's Journal.

I know I'm a sinner, and sometimes I might get sensational by asking people to put their money where their mouth is. If I am doing wrong-- I will cease and desist immediately. And I bet [again] that we shall see war in the Middle East between Israel and her Muslim neighbors who seek her destruction BEFORE the end of August 2010!

For real Christians, they know absolutely that things promised and prophesied in the Bible WILL COME TRUE. But for good reason, God desires that we don't know the precise, exact day/ month/ year. If we knew that exact date in time, we would figure that we could run wild and sin big -- then repent at the last minute....Ha! That makes sense to me, and I have heard others say this with reason. On the other hand, God has ALWAYS given warning "SIGNS" and indictments long before He makes things happen and come true. Jehovah is slow to anger, patient, loving, long suffering and doesn't want any to be destroyed -- but to repent and be SAVED! See: book of Peter -- but read them both.

On the other hand, Father God owes it to Himself, His servants and Believers, to execute Judgment on the wicked at the proper time, or He would not be God Almighty --who CANNOT LIE.
He wants us to love and worship Him not out of fear, but because we LOVE Him for all his undeserved Grace, loving kindness and the sacrifice of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

If we had a loving father on earth who could not come home to visit us or live in sight of us physically, but we knew for sure that he loved us deeply, by writing us letters of love and guidance with substantial gifts and means to live a happy, honest, productive life... would we not love him deeply in return?? Well, God talks to us, His children, through the miraculous pages of the 66 books contained in the BIBLE! He hears and replies to our petitions and prayers, keeps us safe from trouble, gives us many warnings and the best advice in living and maturing into fine, smart, kind and brave men and women who love to serve and praise Him! Wow! God gives His children special inherent gifts and skills so that we can serve, protect, assist our brothers and sisters in the CHRISTIAN Faith, and also witness to others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just like a trained, educated and skilled man or woman -- it would be a crying shame and LOSS for such an individual to just lay on the couch watching TV, eating potato chips and candy 24/7 or abuse his/ her body by staying drunk, drugged, illiterate, and stupid, etc.

As we consider the scripture of Jesus telling us to store [lay up] our treasures in Heaven, instead of trusting in our own might and wealth NOW-- the vast majority of MY friends in Christ all over the world obey and increase the sharing of the Gospel and Salvation / witnessing work at hand, NOW! I'd say that if you were on a ship in the ocean that is sinking and sharks are circling near by-- you would NOT be getting drunk, chasing loose women, or counting all your money and jewels! I hope I am hitting some nerves and chords in the world and reaching some [the right] people, because THIS IS MY FONDEST WISH and OBJECTIVE!! If you agree with what I am saying-- the bare truth of God's Word, that I try to quote frequently so you know I'm on the level-- why be afraid/ ashamed to share it with ALL of YOUR friends and email buddies? And I have even shared with you fine people a special web site to get your own copy of the DEFINED KJV Bible that will help you understand the uncommon words/ terms of the accurate, most dependable 1611 KING JAMES VERSION, so you will not be misled by most modern day versions. But that choice is strictly up to you, friends, and I will not condemn or slight any of you who desire to stay with their current favorite version. I am keeping some of mine to show people the difference-- and what they are missing.

I was just sharing with my wife last night, Revelation 21:8, "But the fearful [COWARDS]... etc, etc., shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the second death." ~KJV Bible. So God's people, servants-true Christians are NOT to be wimpy cowards who shrink back from others' opinions or opposition! Yes, we are in a constant battle that will get much worse-- and we are true Soldiers of Christ! There is NO gray area or 'in-between' space! Go figure-- if we are chicken to talk now--what will we do when the rough talk and threats turn into 'sticks and stones?' Would YOU want a so-called "friend" who is afraid to defend your good name and honor? Well, not too many would oppose me today if I said that America has become a nations of lazy, corrupt, wimpy, greedy, spineless goofs, for the most part, who can't even muster enough Congressmen and grass roots Conservatives to stand up to a 'Socialist' in the WH-- who is destroying the U.S. Constitution along with the other laws of our nation-- and kicking God out of the country, while expediting the Sodomite and Abortion agenda!! And you will be darn lucky if your American dollar is worth more than 17 cents in one year! And one, old, disabled combat Veteran in Wisconsin sure can't do it all by himself either! That is why I am refining my main goal of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ- and Salvation now top put the main emphasis where it belongs. Are not there any men that we can field to stand up the big bad wolf with a smile in the WH...Ha!? But that question is really academic at this point and most of you know it. Shame!

Bless all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Take care.



Andrea said...

Thanks for your comment on Arise 2 Write.

Blessings, andrea

PS: My son is a marine and my husband's father died in WWII when he was about 14 months old. Thank you for your service to our country. It means more to my family than you know.

Karen said...

The time is short and the fields are full...we all have work to do...

Thanks for visiting my blog...very glad to meet you!

Heli gunner Tom said...

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