Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama-care's Practical Euthanasia.

Tom's Journal.

Warning! Warning!

Medical Chips to be enforced


YOU TELL ME-- how any person or political party, grass roots org/ group will be able to stop obama-care ! Except for individual States running some agenda/ State Referendum to counter the Feds mandates and soon, I don't see how America will be able to stop the 'foul balls' from total pollution our once great country, which is already Socialist. And both political parties are corrupt and want POWER rather than true reform. IF THIS IS SO, what are you living for?? I suppose that people under 21 just don't know any different--being already poisoned and brain washed in public schools, and media. And the older people like me with arthritis are somewhat limited as to what they can physically do-- except pound on their key boards and Blogs.

The venerable Judge Andrew N., and his buddy, Lew Rockwell, ask people to visit a VA hospital and SEE how a 'single payer' health org works and looks like.....Ha! Wouldn't you civilian folks get a jolt... LOL !! The VA has done a lot of good things for me, but just walking through the doors make a person very depressed and sad, when you see all the Vets sitting near the entrance waiting for medical help. Sorry, but that's the bare truth of it. Some doctors and staff are great, kind and caring, but they too are hamstrung and limited as to what they can actually do because of the VA rules and regulations hanging over their heads. Sad...
But what I am getting at is that the majority of civilian doctors and patients DON'T REALIZE what it's like to have a 'single payer' health care system!! Just wait and see-- but by that time it will be too late.

My house keeper lady accidentally let the dog out and forgot about him, and a neighbor lady brought him back to our front door saying that he was running up and down the street, this morning, that is heavy with truck traffic.
That really upset my wife who was sitting at the computer table in the front room. I said that from now on, only I would let the dog out, and I usually wait at the door until he is done with his 'JOB,' and then I let him back in. he is too valuable to lose.... and that was a wake up call to us. Deuce has always stayed in the back yard until today. It rained all night with thunder and lightning and more this morning-- but we sure needed the rain in WI.

Take care.


Obamacare's 'Practical Euthanasia'
Lew Rockwell on Freedom Watch

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