Monday, April 12, 2010

Surviving the coming Sorrows.

Tom's Journal.

My own sentiments exactly-- in the short article below! Great cited scriptures too, that build us up and edify us.

Please remember to check out the fine web page: ... to find out how to get your own copy of the DEFINED KJV Bible, that I already got, and ordered 2 more, but wish I would have ordered double that. This has been the answer to my prayers for many years, and now I feel that I can fast forward and make a quantum leap in better bible understanding, even as the season is far advanced and we live in the End Times. I had always thought that at least SOMEONE could compile a list of the 'uncommon' Old, 1611, English words/ terms, that stumble some of us in our reading the King James version Bible... and yes, we can and should look up the terms in Greek [see the web site: e-sword] but that is time consuming. The back of this bible also shows many examples of where this Bible version-- side by side any modern version, prove the corruption that unscrupulous "bible committees" done to their works of perversion. So there is really a two-fold reason for checking this bible out--to get the real and most accurate truth, IMHO.
Praise the Lord for allowing His servants on earth publish such a nice tool/ bible to help people who want to learn and grow in the true Christian Faith!

I finally got my 'week late' shots in both knees again. I was really having a hard time just walking from room to room... lol. Now I can get things done at home and other places. I also grilled 2 sirloin steaks in the back yard that we tender and great, and Sharon raved about them! I love to treat her special bring her the good stuff, while we can still afford in in obama's world....Ha!

Hang tough, friends and readers.

Tom Schuckman

The Keys to Surviving the Beginning of Sorrows

Posted: 12 Apr 2010 10:55 AM PDT

By Bill Wilson. Word of Life Ministry. Many people have written and asked how they are to survive if the times continue to worsen. Many look at the nation's debt and wonder how the American economy can sustain any type of recovery. Many see the arrogance and lack of response of those they elected to govern and wonder if there is any hope for the future. Many see what is in front of them and are

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