Monday, April 26, 2010

War could break out Tomorrow.

Tom's Journal.

Sunny Day-- but cool and windy. We will take it and like it any old day. Better than the high winds down South and West, and may the Lord protect our brothers and sisters in the Faith where the tornadoes hit.

Has any one of my dear friends and readers remembered how I've been howling about this up coming War in the Middle East in past posts?? Well, it seems like the 'war drums' are getting louder-- even with the baloney WH "thoughts of peace with Israel making a gesture of goodwill" ...Ha! Sounds like Mr. Chamberlain coming home to England from Germany in the 1940's, waving that piece of paper in the air-- reassuring the Brits that Mr. Hitler was a man of honor and they promised PEACE and Security ... lol. What a joke!
And we all know who's side obama is on-- the oil people- Arabs-- the enemies of Israel; And after all, obama is Muslim.

The article tickled me when the fine author/ writer said that people ought to be prepared with food, water and cash.... yea, right! Most Americans, IMHO, are deep in debt, out of work, and trusting in a corrupt Gov't that continues to steal their money through every conceivable means, and every type of tax, telling all sorts of lies.

My wife and I are certainly not rich or comfortable either and we have bills to pay every single month. But we do love the Lord and seek to do His work of sharing the Gospel with all we meet, etc. We try to help the local church as well as we can, and some Christian missions that help worse off Christians who are being being tortured and killed for their Faith. Information says that there are more REAL, biblical Christians in China [underground] than both Europe and the USA !! That doesn't make the "Home of the Brave and Land of the Free" look so good, does it? And that is another 'Sign' of the 'Times.' See: 2nd Timothy 3rd Chapter. Much of the so-called 'Christian' churches in the USA are in Spiritual disrepair-- and watering down the Gospel of Jesus Christ, even using 'watered down bible translations' that challenge the very Deity of Christ, the "Virgin birth", etc!!
BTW, I am giving away many of my older bibles, like the NIV's, NASB's, etc. People can still learn from them.

I also realize that some 'religious organizations' and people, on-line, "churches and disciplines" will mock me again for sharing this kind of information, calling me crazy, eccentric, misled, etc.
-- but that 'comes with the territory' too. I remember that I 'invested in toilet paper', etc., for Y2K, but then we had enough paper for a year and a Some folks laughed at me then too, but I knew I could use those items... lol. I had some huge cans of food, beans and rice, flour, most of which I donated to Victory Baptist church, in Kenosha, WI., to the dear Pastor Earl B. Wise that I still consider a close friend, and they used it the very same day to feed the children at Victory Christian school. It gave me a good feeling anyway, and I don't believe I "lost too much money." I would rather err on the side of SAFETY-- and benefit others that have less.

And again I must say that we are also in the time of the Rapture, [and that MAY come before or after the Middle East war...] and we ought to get with the Lord's program and be prepared. We expect the entire city of Damascus to "disappear"/ be leveled, in this soon coming battle. I pity the folks who think that they can jump onto the 'Ark' at the last minute and repent.... Ha! And ALL OF A SUDDEN -- THEY WILL HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO LISTEN TO THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE -- instead of being so busy all the time grabbing the money and material things they don't really need! And they will understand and realize their past folly/ mistake or not reading the BOOK and drawing close to the Lord. Does the Lord even want such people??
This is NOT the time that we ought to be engrossed in serious sin, immorality, illegal activities, either, over spending in things we really don't need, and growing deeper in debt-- but many figure that obama does it-- so why shouldn't they. That's my opinion, anyway. And I don't think that the REAL Christian pastors and preachers have air conditioned dog houses, or drive Hummers. I worry about the so-called 'Mega-Churches' and they way they lust for gold and creature worship/ fame.

You can't say that you didn't have enough warnings about this subject, dear friends!
I feel as if I have talked until I am BLUE in the face, good readers, with many other bloggers and preachers doing the same. If you agree, or disagree, please comment on this Journal, or if you want privacy, via my email address: ..... this is not the time to be timid or silent, but people must take decisive action now -- take a stand for Christ, confess you sins and make Him your personal Lord and Savior!
As I was watching the news this evening on TV about Israel agreeing with the WH about not building more apartments/ homes on the East side of Jerusalem-- I thought to myself-- "Yeah, right!" We should all know very well that things can change in a heart beat!! Katrina stuck with a vengeance but the people still have SOME warning. Many chose to stay home and 'tough it out'... and suffer. I regret that Prez Bush was too slow to aid those people, but we all know that there is enough blame to go around. I am just using the Katrina Hurricane disaster as an EXAMPLE of how sudden things can happen. Woe to the persons who disregard God's divine warnings. The article below says that the 'war could start TOMORROW!' Will you be ready? Like Glenn Beck on Fox News says: 'When you go to the store-- buy an EXTRA box of Mac 'n Cheese-- stock up!'

We in America have never seen REAL hardship-- yet! The Bible teaches us how to have wisdom and understanding-- and that's something the Gov't has not seen for at least 100 years.... sorry. For the most part has made their choice to abort as many children [with our tax dollars], promote Sodomy [the Gay agenda] and immorality [with the "marriage tax"], and giving the Muslims a free pass to do what ever they want], take care/ feed the lazy people who WON'T work and the illegal aliens, and 'kick God out' of every State and Federal institution, school, court house, and public square in the USA -- but promote and sanction Muslims with no problem. Why in the world should God have mercy on the USA? I believe in fighting for Rights legally, voting.. but will these things count when the Lord comes? Would not getting right with the Lord and studying the Bible do more for our Salvation in the coming RAPTURE than being glued to the TV, day and night??? Ponder on this, please.
Take care -- Take Heed.

Tom Schuckman
Heaven is my Home.

Mideast War Could Break Out Tomorrow!

Posted: 26 Apr 2010 02:36 PM PDT

By Bill Salus. Rumors of war have reached an unprecedented level in the Middle East. Sabers are rattling higher and faster than ever before. Even Israel’s peace partners, Jordan and Egypt, are uttering wartime statements from high ranking officials.Recently, Jordan’s King Abdullah told the Chicago Tribune, that a “summertime war is possible”, and at a press conference in Beirut on


Dirk said...

It seems the Kingdom Age teaching has gained a lot of momentum over the past year or so teaching "another gospel" that excludes the Rapture totally. One of their arguments is that you won't find the word "rapture" anywhere in the Bible. Well, it's like an old country preacher we heard on a radio station in Ellijay, Georgia said a few months ago, you won't find the word "Bible" in their either!

I think people are going for this teaching so they can live however they want to live. Nobody wants to hear about facing the judgement of God anymore, or living a holy life.

What we have is a remnant of the remnant with the vast majority of churches are completely powerless.

And yes, you have talked about this until you are blue in the font! LOL But keep it up - you never know who may be drawn back to God. May be someone who never comments that you may not realize even reads you.

God's blessings to you and Sharon,

Heli gunner Tom said...

Thank you, Dirk, for your insight and loyalty!
I am willing to bet money that there will be a big war in the Middle East before the end of August.
Your good friend,
Tom S

RIVER Organization Christian Church said...

Hey Tom, sorry I haven't been around lately, I've been healing. I'm glad Sharon is back home and sorry she'd had so much trouble.

I thought maybe you'd like to pray for this kid and his family so I wanted to share it with you.

My prayers go out to the Nye County Sheriff Deputy,Ian Michael Deutch, killed in the line of duty yesterday in Pahrump and to his family and love ones. The deputy had just returned from active duty in Afghanistan just one month ago. After nine months of combat, and coming home, it was only his second day on the job back to work as a deputy when he was shot and killed. Pahrump Valley Times/ Deputy, Suspect die in gun fight/ Tuesday, 27 April 2010. He leaves behind a wife (married only one year) and a daughter.

Brother Cliff