Monday, May 3, 2010

Plant your Garden now.

Tom's Journal.

I just wanted to share another news worthy web site that helps us discern all the world's recent happenings and correlates them with the prophecies of the Bible. Being forewarned is fore armed. I like to stay on the cutting edge, and most of our TV and News Paper "news" is biased and filtered by the 'Big Brother' of the Socialist agenda.
So now you can 'hook up' and get this free in your own email.

It's time again to buy some tomato plants, cucumbers, etc. to plant in our Victory Garden in WI-- and I have a GREEN thumb having been raised on a farm in S.E. Wisconsin, and studying 2 years of high school Agriculture! We get so much joy from Veggie gardening and reaping the harvest of organic fruit that tastes totally different from the store bought version. I encourage all of you to plant some sort of garden-- because the price of food in the stores are already rising and will get worse this Summer!
Take care.
Tom and Sharon Schuckman

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THE COVENANT NEWS - News and Commentary - Monday, May 03, 2010
14 Pro-Life News headlines added since the last newsletter
NY Car Bomb Contained Nonexplosive Fertilizer
The Associated Press
The Lew Rockwell Show
Nullify This
By Rick Fisk
Repudiate the National Debt
By Murray N. Rothbard
Secession or Declaration of Independence? Part 5 of 5
By Timothy Baldwin
'Mr. Speaker, Peace Is Always Superior to War'
By Anthony Gregory
The Quintessential Defender of the Military
By Laurence Vance
Man's Wisdom: Found In Keeping God's Law
By Angela Wittman
Catholic Church Facilitates Foreign Invasion
By Cliff Kincaid
Children's Tylenol Recalled Over Tiny Particles
And Out-Of-Control Manufacturing Processes
Casey Anthony Trial Could Last 7 Weeks
Police 'Welfare Check' Leaves Woman Dead
State Police To Receive New AR-15 Assault Rifles
The Average Federal 'Worker' Makes Twice As Much

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