Thursday, May 20, 2010

The real Truth about the Border Problem.

Tom's Journal.

Can you really trust someone who has lied to you many times??

The President of the United States of America

Not that anything is going to change... as most of you can glean from my past posts about Bible Prophecy, but these dramatic videos may help some folks understand that the Obozo Administration and the Progressive Dims KNOW ABOUT THIS BORDER STUFF-- yet they won't lift a finger! I bet there is a special place in hell for folks like them-- just my own private opinion. Please share this post and comment to give me YOUR take on this subject.

I got a GREAT sunburn yesterday while reading the BOOK on our picnic table in the back yard and we planted 4 more tomato plants before I grilled some meat and zucchini. PTL. Sharon is feeling weak today, and the cleaning lady, Sue, is really helping us clean the house. We love her and her hard work, and we all kid each other with jokes all the time.

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Tom Schuckman

We need to send them all home no matter what it takes.

I am sure most of you have thought of this happening but they have actual proof and they still are not securing our borders. Obama and the rest should be applauding Arizona instead of chastising them.
Our ignorance, our apathy, our misplaced compassion regarding this serious issue will clearly be the death of our Nation!
God Help America!

Watch these two reports from WSB in Atlanta. What the hell is wrong with our Government?

I'm sure we each have our own opinion on this subject, but in either case
I think these two news video clips from TV2 news out of Georgia are very

My hope here is that this will get forwarded far and wide and maybe land in the mail box of those who think that Arizona is being "unfair,unreasonable and profiling"...because these very people could end up right in THEIR OWN backyard!! Reminds one of the story of the Jewish German..."when they came for cows, I didn't worry because I didn't have any,etc,etc...when they came for the Jews..who was going to help"???
And people think the federal govt can fix this problem??? The very same
one they created !!! be sure to give this one time to get red of the add then on to the story.

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