Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sharon might come home.

Tom's Journal.

I decided to just take ONE day off to heal my body and get some rich sunshine on hidden parts of my legs and feet to cure/ help my skin. The sun works wonders on me in so many ways-- but I don't WORSHIP the sun--- a "creation".... I just give thanks for God's many creations and wonders. I don't worship trees... I just admire them. I worship the CREATOR! God sure does reveal His holy name in REAL bibles like the DEFINED KING JAMES version, like Psalm 83:18, etc||: Jehovah, the Father in Heaven. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are God TOO! A guy named Jason came over today to check on our oxygen extractors that pull oxygen out of the natural air and force it through tubes attached to Sharon's camula --a nose thing that helps her breath. Jason wanted to see that verse in my KJB too, so I showed him, and told him about my DEFINED KJV Bible. I am so happy that God is 'using me' to help share the Gospel!! What an Honor! Thank you, Lord! I just wish that I had an inexpensive Bible like mine to give to people when the occasion arises! I just spent another $80 of my own money to buy 4 more of those special Bibles to share with the right people.... but God will surely repay me one hundred fold.

I use one Oxy machine too that forces pure oxygen into my CPAP machine when I sleep at night. Without these machines, we would slowly die-- and I heard that obama's new health care BS will put more tax on those type of things--DME [Durable Medical Equipment]. I firmly believe that he wants to "cull" out the sick and old people who "are not as productive anymore" -- EVEN AFTER WE WORKED ALL OUR LIVES AND PAID tons of TAXES Big Time !!" Don't worry folks-- the problems in Greece will 'visit' America, and they are just trying to slow it down-- they know it's coming for sure! Why in the heck do you think I have been shouting from the roof tops all year to help my friends PREPARE and HUNKER DOWN?? Of course sticking like glue to the Lord is the BEST defense.

Now.... don't worry folks, this post will be very positive...Ha Ha! Sharon, my dear wife, just called me and said that she would [that means "might"] be coming home tomorrow! I thought to myself... is she really ready and strong enough to come home?? Remember, now days in the New World Order of Socialism, it's all about the "bottom line.. MONEY--$." There are only 2 classes of people, the super elite, and the poor worker bees who will support all of the Dims' obama's grandiose schemes/ agenda to 'share the wealth' with our dear neighbors in China, Africa and Russia, who don't care to work and contribute...LOL. Welcome to the new world! Well, er, that is... anytime AFTER I GET RAPTURED--- when the Lord Jesus Christ comes as He promised us. But we Christians are in it for the long haul-- no matter how long it takes for the Rapture to come. For the 'scoffers' [that I draw upon all the time] in 1st and 2nd Peter, etc., THEY WILL become 'believers' too when they figure out where millions of SAVED Christians vanished to! But then, even in that deserted, sorrowful state of existence, God still has some mercy for 'those Left Behind' in that they will have to die as Martyrs, ACCEPT JESUS, and refuse to take the Mark of the Beast --to be in good standing with the Lord, in the end. But why in the heck would they want to put themselves through that kind of hell on earth?

Friends and Readers, I continue to pray often, talk to other smart, Bible educated Christians who LOVE THE LORD. I study constantly, even learning new things, but it all keeps adding up as: 2 + 2= 4 !! 'God cannot Lie!'
~Titus 1:2.
All the past prophesies of the Bible have always come true and there is no reason to just "sit on the fence" and wonder what to do now! Or.. Do you really feel lucky today, PUNK? Are you one of the doubters and scoffers who has to feel the lightning burn your behind??

And I just need to make one final thought abundantly clear: Just going to some 'church' won't do you any good either if you are not SAVED by the blood of Jesus Christ-- or that church does not teach the truth of the Bible!! If you don't accept the Christ as your PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR, and stop 'practicing gross sin,' chances are, you will be lost. I and my dear Christian friends and bloggers are using the INTERNET now to help share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we KNOW that some day and soon, our preaching by this mode will be stripped from us and forbidden, like most of the other countries on earth right now! And then many will be in the DARK and have to find spiritual food all by themselves-- Christian Radio will be gone too! I know that I am not near as entertaining compared to stupid Liberals-- Progressives, and Gov't run TV! You still have a very small 'window of time' to choose which side you want to stand for, and stand UP like a MAN or WOMAN, without being a coward.

Thank you again for all your earnest prayers for my wife and me. We love and cherish ALL our Christian brothers and sisters!

Please check out this simple web address:

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Wisconsin, USA

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chicago Gun Ban.

Tom's Journal.

Well, friends, you just knew that I had to publish/ post THIS message/ news! As we soldiers swore allegiance to the Constitution upon entering the Army, the 2nd Amendment was one of the big, most important parts of the US Constitution that we cherished. Personally, I think that safety gun training is a good idea, but the ultra Libby, Dims Chicago machine has always treated their people like dumb peasants-- and I would be loathe to live there!
Can you believe the BODY COUNT in that city in just one week end?? I guess Milwaukee isn't near as bad... yet.

Are you ready for the RAPTURE yet ?? The Bible says that Christians have a RIGHT to protect hearth and home! But that matters little to the heathen, power hungry politicians in the USA. Christians had swords back in the 1st Century AD, but now days we need something more potent, IMHO.

I have a new catchy message in my "signature block" now in my email! It's so cool. Email me to find out and lets compare notes and encourage one another.

Tom Schuckman

A special message from:

Supreme Court Strikes Down Chicago Gun Ban

Chicago Gun Ban Case to Determine Gun Rights For All States

The ruling struck down the Chicago handgun ban, thus opening the door to legal self-defense by Windy City residents. Alan M. Gottlieb joined attorney Alan Gura and Chicago resident Otis McDonald on the steps of the United States Supreme Court TODAY and heard the court's ruling in the historic McDonald v. City of Chicago gun rights case filed by SAF, the Illinois State Rifle Association and four Chicago residents.

The U.S. Supreme Court heard the case to decide whether the right to keep and bear arms secured by the Second Amendment protects Americans from overreaching state and local governments.

The Supreme Court case is of paramount importance to American citizens, to see that their constitutional rights are respected not only by the Congress, but by state and local governments.

Death Toll Mounts in Chicago

Fifty-two people shot, eight of them fatally in a single Chicago weekend, yet Mayor Richard Daley appears poised to go down screaming in his opposition to the Second Amendment Foundation's lawsuit to overturn his city's handgun ban.

Chicago has become a slaughterhouse where defenseless victims are terrorized by armed thugs who have taken full advantage of an unarmed populace. Daley and his predecessors who perpetuated this ban are wading knee-deep in the blood of hundreds of crime victims who should have had the means to defend themselves.

Donate Now - Help SAF Continue To Defend Second Amendment Rights!

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down Chicago's handgun ban, so the city will likely do what Washington, D.C., did when its own ban was overturned two years ago: Put in place all sorts of restrictions to make it tougher to buy guns and easier for police to know who has them.

Prospective gun owners in D.C. now are required to take expensive training courses that include spending one hour on a firing range (there isn't one in D.C.) and several hours in a classroom learning about so called gun safety. They also must pass a 20 question test based on D.C.'s highly restrictive firearm laws.

They also have to be fingerprinted, pay huge fees and jump many other hurdles.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says he's encouraged by what he sees in D.C. and vows not go down without a fight.

Year after year the statistics have piled up yet Mayor Daley has stubbornly defended the city's ban. While he has luxuriated at his vacation home with the safety of armed bodyguards, the bodies of Chicago crime victims have stacked up like cordwood.

Monday we should have a ruling from the Supreme Court that puts an end to this insanity, and gives the citizens of Chicago back their right to defend themselves. Daley thinks his constituents should be content to call 911 and wait for help to arrive while they're being shot, stabbed, raped, robbed or beaten. Those crimes happen fast, and when seconds count, Chicago police are minutes away.

We took Daley to court because we trust his citizens more than he does with their self-defense rights. Chicago residents have endured the terror of public disarmament for almost three decades, and all they have to show for it is a body count. Mayor Daley should be ashamed.

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) was delighted to bring this case in cooperation with the Illinois State Rifle Association and the four local plaintiffs. We are in this fight because a gun ban is no less onerous to civil rights in Chicago than it was in the District of Columbia. Such a law cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged.

We WON but protecting our gun rights is expensive and it's impossible to put a price tag on. This time freedom will cost $250,000 to defend your Second Amendment rights in this challenge by Chicago to ban guns. SAF stands firmly committed to defend these rights and we are asking you to stand with us and we need your help to stop the anti-freedom extremists now!

Donate Now - Help SAF Continue To Defend Second Amendment Rights!

The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation's oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.


For our projects to be successful, we must count on the voluntary financial support from individuals like you who care.

We need your financial support today to ensure we have the resources to beat back anti-gunners who will stop at nothing to take away our right and ability to defend ourselves and our families.

Please give your most generous contribution today. Help me defend your individual right to bear arms in this important Supreme Court case, today!

Your donation for just $10 will help so much. If you can afford to send $50 or $100 or more it would truly be a godsend.

Remember, protecting our freedom is not inexpensive.

But then, it's impossible to put a price tag on freedom.

Donate Now - Help SAF Continue To Defend Second Amendment Rights!

Together, we can preserve the Constitutional rights our Founding Fathers intended our people to have forever.

For more information about SAF go to

Thank you. I know I can count on you.

Sincerely yours,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Second Amendment Foundation

P.S. Remember, the anti-gunners are raising tens of thousands of dollars to steal this victory from us--we need your support now to help stop them dead in their tracks!

Donate Now - Help SAF Continue To Defend Second Amendment Rights!

Send Checks To:
Second Amendment Foundation
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Help from my Daughters.

Tom's Journal.

My two fine daughters were such a blessing to me and my wife today! Barbara, my oldest, spent some quality time with me today as we visited my own mother, then we ate lunch and visited my wife, who has been fighting for survival with all her various surgeries in the past 2 years! We think that the staff will recommend that she be transferred to a near by Rehab place-- and that's good. My 2 girls are compassionate and treat my wife well with love and kindness.

Then, my youngest daughter, Sarah, had to juggle her two small kids while weeding my veggie garden, did laundry, and cleaned the upstairs, and that was a tall order! I like to shower them with gifts even if they didn't ask for anything. I am NOT used to 2 and 4 year olds playing, jumping and crying non-stop, even as I love them dearly-- and I am just getting so tired with my current regimen going to and from my wife's hospital daily-- 44 miles round trip, and entertaining my own kids and grand kids along with all these other major stressors lately. Sometimes I feel that I need to "hide myself" to be alone and 'chill out' so I don't fall over with a death dealing heart attack! That wouldn't help any of my loved ones and wife. I see it as my "fail safe" mechanism.

Indeed, care takers rob themselves of years off their own life with the stress of caring for people they love, like a spouse. But you wouldn't want strangers now days [with only their paycheck in mind] taking care of you-- because their greedy little hearts are certainly not in it for love of the patient. See: Last Days hard to deal with-- Timothy.
To be sure, I am very blessed with some very good Christians and my children that help me when I really need it. They are worth their weight in gold--- and in heaven.

It seems like I am spending too much money lately, but if it's used to further God's Kingdom-- then surely the Lord will continue to take care of me and mine. He has never failed me as long as I am doing His will. I ordered more DEFINED KJV Bibles again-- 4, and that comes to $80 with shipping-- the books are heavy. I end up giving most of them away- but how can you put a price on someone being SAVED or drawn closer to God?? I figure that as long as we are about our Father's work-- we won't spend too much time doing wrong or having a "pity party."

It's going to be cooler and sunny tomorrow-- time to get more sun on my big body --to get some vitamin D, etc. Good old, Deuce the Rottweiler keeps me company and we are buddies. I can't believe it's 10:00!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday for Tom's Family.

Tom's Journal.

It was a good day, all considered .... I woke up late for the Bible Study at 0900, but got there a half hour latter, and the missionary [American- Anglo] from our area--Wisconsin-- to Japan gave the talk and sermon, and his blond haired family were here too. They spent 15 years in Japan, so far, and told about how hard it is to over come the old Japanese traditions and false religions over there.

Then my daughter, Sarah, and her 2 kids showed up right before the main sermon, and EVERYONE was so kind and polite to her! The pastor even prayed for Sarah, Sharon, me, and the rest of our family. I took my family out for brunch and then to my humble hovel, where my oldest daughter, Barbara, also came over to visit with us, and that almost made my day complete. But I promised my lonely, needful, dear wife that I would come to visit her too, and I spent about 3 hours or more with her. For some reason, I don't have a problem with staying longer with her-- now that she is more alert. I brought her some Bing cherries and fresh strawberries that ruined her appetite for her late lunch of fish and cauliflower....

We shall see and visit my mother tomorrow, and she promised to turn on the A/C in her upper apartment complex. She NEVER pays for heat because the place is so hot in the Winter time anyway. But she doesn't care for the A/C --says her eyes are allergic to it.

I was just thinking how everything is coming to a head, biblically speaking-- yet only a "FEW" million people on earth really know and understand what true, biblical CHRISTIANITY means! We are not all super bible scholars in Hebrew and Greek, and endowed with the same "gifts" and talents, but real Christians ought to MAKE time to learn the basics! True... we can't see the content of others' hearts-- but we can see their actions, and if they champion and support things that are strictly forbidden by God, like practicing perversions like homosexuality, abortion, murder, and robbery--- and that includes 'sucking the public breast of welfare' and other Gov't programs strictly for those who CANNOT work from disability, etc. -- those folks will not inherit God's kingdom, from what I understand. One wonders if those kind of people were really Saved in the first place. You know... I heard that in places like Jamaica, there is no welfare or Gov't programs to feed people. If you don't work-- you DON'T EAT! So everyone there in those islands and countries learn from little on some sort of livelihood, trade/ work! And that is only biblical. I just love that concept. I bet our illegal alien immigration problem would cure itself in a heart beat if the USA took that proper stance!

Can you imagine an American president who is trying to fly 'under the radar' right now to somehow go around the Congress to grant amnesty to the great influx of illegal aliens from our Southern border so he can guarantee his re-election in 2012??? That offense would be impeachable-- but we have already seen some high handed. illegal manure floating down stream already. Frankly, I don't think the American public WILL WAKE UP IN TIME. The Liberal Lefty Losers have already weakened America so much that the Prez and Congress disregard the Constitution and do what ever they want....Ha! Sorry, friends, I am putting all my faith and trust in GOD--not humans!
But friends, I need to tell you all that even though this news upsets many of us who still love and try to obey the Law of the Land, that we ought to think: 'No Worries, Mate!' Just because the world of Satan and the slimy politicians, and many so-called "Christian churches" don't know about God and Bible prophecy-- doesn't make it untrue! Our Faith in God and His written Word ought to be so strong that we are already lifting our heads HIGH, because we know that our Salvation is near! That is why born-again Christians WILL be Raptured up by Christ, most likely BEFORE the Great Tribulation begins! We BELIEVE and put our total trust in God-- with out having to see the horrifying astrological and earthly events that will shortly come during the Tribulation. There will, of course be, "Tribulation Saints" and those saved, but they will have to endure the world without the Holy Spirit, many horrors, death, sickness and martyrdom to get to heaven instead. Who in their right mind would want that ?? Remember what Jesus told Thomas about seeing and believing verses those who believe WITHOUT seeing!

Sometimes I have the feeling that most of my preaching, sharing the Gospel and writing are going to those who just won't take a stand NOW, but might be "Left Behind." I know that God is using me in various capacities right now and in different ways. Just like the apostles Paul and Apollo-- some planted and others watered-- and God made the new Christians grow. I am thrilled to be God's humble tool and servant-- even thought I am yet a sinner. To tie in with what I said in the beginning, God uses imperfect people who yet sin. But for those who PRACTICE SIN, and on purpose-- that is a horse of a different color. For some of us it takes many years to clean up a flaw or the practice of gross sin. But just think: If someone held a gun to your loved one's head, you would do WHAT EVER IT TOOK to get your loved one's freedom and safety ! Too many people now days are so lazy, slow, selfish, greedy and full of the lust of sin and wickedness that it SEEMS close to impossible to change. Yet, God's own Word says that it IS possible to change if you accept the Holy Spirit [as a Helper] and Jesus Christ as your PERSONAL Savior!! How bad to you want true security, safety and heaven ? Make up your minds soon.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.

So You Think You're an Atheist . . . But How Do You Know?

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 12:33 PM PDT

By Jack Kinsella The Omega Letter One of the more formidable obstacles atheism must contend with is the existence of its principle tool - the ability to reason.Knowledge is attained by reasoned thought and by reasoned thought, the atheist has concluded that he knows that there is no God.The ability to reason is something that all men have access to. Reason is what we use to determine the truth

Tom Schuckman

Thursday, June 24, 2010

TOM'S JOURNAL.---"The Man in the Door“.: The Sharon Report.

TOM'S JOURNAL.---"The Man in the Door“.: The Sharon Report.

Tom's Journal.

The Sharon Report.

Tom's Journal.

My daughter and family stayed over night, and then we all went to the hospital to visit Sharon before noon. I have to admit that Sharon looks better and sounds better, being more coherent, alert and receptive--- but she is still a long way from normal/ healthy. I am just happy for small mercies and slight improvements-- PRAISE THE LORD ! I still had to call the hospital staff to attend to Sharon's needs, like water for her thirsty mouth, her normal meds for her RLS [Restless Leg Syndrome] that they should be knowing about by this stage of the game --as they have her records in house. Sharon is speaking better today, and even called me on the phone a few minutes ago -- so why is the nursing staff so brain dead?? When I come there to see my wife they jump and rush around-- maybe to put on a show for me, but you've got to wonder what it's like right after I leave. Her legs were constantly thrashing uncomfortably all the time I was there, so I asked her if she wanted/ needed her RLS meds and she clearly said 'YES!' I also asked if she was having too much pain and she answered in the affirmative again. Hey! This is not rocket science--- but then, for St. Catherine's in Kenosha, WI., maybe it is. Chrysler Humana is paying a pretty penny for our health insurance that was IN OUR CONTRACT AND HARD WON.

Then I took my daughter, hubby and their 2 children [ages 2 and 4] out for Chinese buffet lunch and then to the Lake Michigan beach to play. I was all dogged out by that time, and they had other relatives to see/ visit, and they said they would return to the 'crash pad' I made available to them during their Wisconsin vacation tomorrow.

It's that time again, when I can hardly wait for the 90 day increment shots/ injections to both of my sore, arthritic knees at the VA-- but that won't be until next month-- and those are the rules of the VA-- you know, the Gov't...Ha! I am slowly healing after my fall last Sunday, tripping on the steps of the back porch carrying in the grilled meat that day. And I fell on my poor old knees too, among other body parts! Makes me feel old and foolish for not picking up my feet and wearing those goofy flip flops instead of the correct shoes....LOL. Hey! Someone else has always got it worse.

'Maybe we Christians have it all wrong' -- many people think.... [NOT!! -- I know much better than that --Ha!], but the "rumors of wars" in the Middle East with all the daily news items and development is exciting to ME! You just don't hear about it much on the 'main media.' When that 'small' war finally does come-- I figure most people on earth will be SURPRISED and SHOCKED. Since many of us THINK that the Rapture MIGHT come around that time, or a bit latter ... should we not get ready RIGHT NOW? I know that I have been hammering this subject without mercy for a long time-- many years, but it's that important. The article below is packed with eye-popping news about a coming war that could be sooner than latter. I found it very interesting.

Thank you all for your prayers for my dear old wife, and me. In many ways, Sharon and I are very BLESSED by the Lord of the universe/ LORD OF THE BIBLE. I figure I owe Him everything. He is testing/ preparing us for that grand existence in HEAVEN-- but also for more harsh tribulation in the near future. Let us NOT resist His wisdom and love/ discipline.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Mighty Muscles Flex in the Mideast

Posted: 24 Jun 2010 12:51 PM PDT

By Bill Salus. Matthew 24:6 says there will be rumors of war in the end times and current Mideast matters are definitely supporting this prediction. If you put your ear to the ground and eye to the press you can hear the battle cry shouts and observe the deployment of soldiers, heavy military equipment, and deadly arsenals in the Holy Land. Christ, apparently quoting Isaiah 19:2,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday News.

Tom's Journal.

Pastor George Schlegel of Union Grove Baptist church--
WI., visited my wife last night at the hospital ICU, and gave me a progress report this morning so we could 'compare notes.' I saw Sharon again today about noon time, and saw a slight, improvement, at least we can talk and communicate some what, and she told me that she felt discomfort in her legs, etc., so the RN in charge gave her a shot to ease the pain... and it worked.
I want to say now that I really push good English and communication skills with my wife and others --because sharing thoughts and desires/ wishes and concerns are very important to me! And it works! Sharon was so glad to see me, and the staff seems to have cleaned up their act-- as Sharon has a different RN today, and a nurse's aid watching her constantly now. I just with they would be a bit more cognizant and try harder to listen to my wife.... when I am gone. but Sharon is certainly not out of the woods yet-- if ever. We still worry about any brain damage, and she still sleeps most of the time, and is unresponsive. I don't have a problem if the nurse's aids read a book or watch TV in her room, but they are being PAID to serve and help... and usually act brain dead when I ask them a simple question. I think that MOST of the hospital staff at "SAINT CATHERINE'S " --- [used to be a good Catholic hospital that cared, 30 years ago] are agnostic, and consider REAL biblical Christian to be wacky/ superstitious, or 'dreamers...' , the Bible is of no import to them.

My oldest daughter, Barbara, from Milwaukee, called me while I was at the hospital and we had a fine, cordial, friendly conversation, and she said she wanted to visit me soon. Too bad it takes a tragedy in the family to get people closer. But again, as always, I have to educate people that this 'coolness' and selfish, ignorant style of living, is a "Sign of the End Times" predicted in the bible.

2nd Timothy 3rd chapter, verses1 --17, etc.: "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2. For men shall be loves of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3. Without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent [that means uncontrolled], fierce, dispisers of those that are good, 4. Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures rather than loves of God, 5. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. .... but there is a lot more to the end of that chapter. ~ DEFINED KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE.... the only way to fly....and the uncommon words/ terms are DEFINED on the bottom of each page! See:
Just so you know and understand where I am coming from when I talk about the staff and others, ONLY being at work for THE PAY CHECK! Make no mistake-- this is the NORM all over the WORLD right now and the devil is having a FIELD DAY! It is our Christian belief from YEARS of constant, serious study and prayer, that WE in the USA cannot hope to avoid the "storm" soon coming, and our 'protected white castles and ivory towers' will NOT protect us in the final days!! Our cash, silver, gold, guns and high walls will only protect us for a while. Other countries have raped and stripped the rich, and somehow labeling the hard working middle class as selfish and greedy for breaking their backs and paying high taxes to support the illegal aliens and folks that WILL NOT WORK. Some would say, that my words make me a RACIST! Go figure: What would happen if EVERYONE REFUSED TO WORK??? Tell me that we are not already in a welfare, Nanny State that has already enslaved our grand children! Actually, it's a done deal that America is going down-- and the Gov't is only trying to slow the inevitable down now. What happened to Greece will also be on our door steps too soon. We are just wondering if we ought to be taking a class/ course on Chinese at the local Tech college....Ha!

The Bible says, "For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." ~ 2nd Thessalonians, Chapter 3, vs 10. --- Just so you don't think I am pulling this info out of my own noodle.
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONSIDERATIONS AND comments. Besides my close friends, the Lord and the Holy Spirit, YOU great friends have been my life line in these troubling days and events. SOON we will be Raptured up to HEAVEN, and there will be no more tears of sorrow and pain/ suffering.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

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The Church of Climate Change:

Here Comes The Green Shepherd

by Jan Markell

June 23, 2010

Just when we think there can't be another movement to invade our church pulpits, we find one waiting in the wings. So while we've had our fill of "seeker-sensitive," "purpose driven," Emergent heresy, church-growth nonsense, and mystical madness, we now have to brace ourselves for the "church of climate change." Like the others listed above, the church of climate change is not biblical. Nor will it get anyone into heaven or draw anyone closer to the Lord. Of course believers in the church of climate change would disagree.

So where is the push for this originating? The White House -- because it wants the church to advance the climate change agenda. There are tens of thousands of very willing pulpits that have cooperated in recent years. There are many more church leaders and pastors who will jump on board this train that has already left the station.

The movement is being called The Green Shepherd,and it is going to confuse the "sheeple." The sheeple take whatever the pastor promotes as good and spiritual. They have little time to research anything themselves. So in this case, the sheeple will be led away from focusing on the Bible to focusing on social issues. They will be urged to save the planet, but the emphasis on saving souls could take second place.

As David Noebel of Summit Ministries says, "The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships is seeking to enroll gullible Christian churches in its efforts to control the climate -- paraded under the guise of fighting poverty and justice." Thus, this effort may slip into churches that are promoting "social justice" even though climate change isn't directly related to "social justice." But it is an attempt to further pollute once-solid pulpits and to distract church members from the things that matter, such as a gospel message. It will cause churches to major in minors.

For decades, outfits like the National Council of Churches (NCC) and World Council of Churches (WCC) have bought into these kinds of programs hook, line, and sinker. The fact that evangelicals have gotten on board in the last 15 years is troubling to say the least. It was about that time that the climate change mantra began being bantered from evangelical pulpits at the expense of gospel preaching. From the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN), to the Evangelical Climate Initiative (ECI), to the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), climate change is on their front burner, not back burner. Thankfully, the NAE's vice president and global warming guru Richard Cizek stepped down a year ago under pressure from other evangelical leaders who look at this issue as I do. None of the founders of the NAE had social or political action in mind when they organized in the 1940s. They wanted to feed the soul and were all right with the NCC and WCC feeding stomachs (i.e,, implemening the social gospel.)

Yet 85 evangelicals are on board the Evangelical Climate Initiative (ECI). Their statement, Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action, says that "human-induced climate change is real" and calls on the U.S. government to pass legislation establishing limits on carbon dioxide emissions, widely believed to be the primary cause of human-induced global warming. They will leap at The Green Shepherd endeavor! Jim Ball, executive director of the Evangelical Environmental Network says, "Global warming is going to affect millions in this century and we feel we just can't stand by. We have to do something about it."

It is tragic that evangelical Christian leaders have bought into the greatest scam in modern history -- man-made climate change. Man is also trying to play God by changing this scenario. It is not that they aren't sincere. It is not that they don't think The Green Shepherd endeavor will perhaps save the planet. But the solutions being recommended by global environmentalists for a speculative problem would cause the cost of energy to rise with that burden most heavily on the poor -- the very ones they are trying to help. The pains on the earth stem from the Fall in the Garden. God is not waiting for us to solve the problem of global warming and climate change. We are waiting for Him to solve the problem of the global curse with His return.

Reverence does not pertain to things but to persons. Efforts like The Green Shepherd are getting very close to reverencing the impersonal creation as much as a personal God. God indicts those who worship the creation instead of its Creator (Rom 1:18-23).

Since mid-April we have witnessed one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in recent memory: The Gulf disaster. Christians should not diminish this ordeal. There is something to be said about "creation care." Mankind's recklessness and corruption brought it about. We have not been good stewards of God's creation in that entire region. But understand that the White House will try to convince pastors that The Green Shepherd is just what is needed to prevent a similar catastrophe from ever happening again. The reality is that regenerated hearts would want to protect God's creation. A transformed heart would naturally want to preserve something that is God's. A White House proclamation wouldn't be necessary. The green, yellow, or purple shepherd could be retired if all would follow the Good Shepherd and His Word.

So if The Green Shepherd turns up in your pulpit, please speak up and tell your pastor you would rather hear an emphasis on the Lord Jesus Christ, the "Good Shepherd," and His burden for lost sheep -- not His burden for climate change.

The "church of climate change" is just more spiritual deception. To better understand that, visit our Web category, "Spiritual Deception," here.
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Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just another day in paradise.

Tom's Journal.

Another hot, humid day after another storm and tornadoes North of us in S.E. Wisconsin. I went to visit my wife in St. Catherine's hospital West of Kenosha, WI., and found her writhing in pain, hyper and TIED DOWN TO HER BED with her privates exposed, with no body looking after her. Her lips were dry and cracked and she need help in ICU! And then in front of the hefty RN--Linda M., and a Nurse's Aid, my wife articulated that she was thirsty, so the "nurses" finally got her some cold water to drink, which she did. I was angry as I had to hunt for "professional" help. All they did was act defensively and give me some 'dog pile' nonsense/ excuses that amounted to nothing, but I expected that. He cardiac 'doctor' didn't do much better. They claimed that she was unresponsive all the time --- until I got there and started talking and communicating with Sharon, much to their embarrassment. She needed to urinate, move up in the bed and was VERY thirsty. I could well understand Sharon's needs and verbal English OK! Sorry, folks, I get upset when my loved ones are abused and abandoned, and I AM SHARON'S 'PATIENT ADVOCATE', as we both agreed to that in detail many moon ago! Who knows how long Sharon had her hands tied down when she was in pain, had to urinate, but no body told her that they had inserted a catheter, and she was holding it all that time!! I didn't know that we were in North Korea!

Sharon was in and out of unresponsiveness, but I did get things done for her. It was very irritating that none of the staff knew anything and had a very detached, aloft, attitude about my poor wife's welfare or feelings. I know darned well that they put on a little show for me while I was there. I held Sharon's hand-- rubbed it and talked to her for a while, but after all the sparks with the "staff" I left and said I would be back latter-- and we live 22 miles away from that "hospital of horrors." You see now why I was so concerned with the EMT- Ambulance people taking her to the WRONG hospital. They dumped her in a 'slop shop' where they have not a clue! Knowing that I put the fear of God in the hospital staff, I felt somewhat assured that Sharon would get better for a while. The hospital downtown in Kenosha, WI-- KMH, is a better facility for sure. St. Cat's has a bad rep. in my opinion. And I expect things to get MUCH worse with 'obama-care.'

I broke my upper molar a few weeks ago, and the VA Dental folks will have to remove it, if they can't fix it, and it broke off while I was eating pure chocolate-- AT THE GUM LINE! That procedure ought to be FUN on Saturday morning!
On top of that, my youngest daughter is driving up from CO to visit us, and she can use my house as a "Base Camp" from which to deploy and visit all the relatives, etc, including Sharon, but no kids allowed in ICU, unless my wife is dying.

The hospital staff continues to run more tests on Sharon, concentrating on the heart. It's pure hell for me to just wait and be patient not knowing anything, and very frustrating seeing the staff and RN's/ Docs who don't have a clue either and running me around like a coon hound-- feeding me baloney. I would have to say that even the VA hospital in Milwaukee is much better...Ha! The right hand doesn't know what the Left hand is doing at St. Catherine's--Kenosha on Highway 50. What State organization or entity do I contact to report unprofessional patient care and abuse?? Why would they leave my wife tied down and abandoned and then not being able to give a response for that??

Just another day in Paradise.


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bible Opposes Socialism.

Tom's Journal.

THE BIBLE OPPOSES SOCIALISM. Ain't it the truth ! It seems and feels to me as if we were playing football or some other sport-- and just as we were about to win the game through our hard work, training and skill, some one changes the RULES at the last minute!! For those of us who had a mommy and daddy who taught us a good, proper, hard work ethic-- living within our means-- being robbed by a new Socialist Gov't take over would make us miserable and resentful. The 'new laws' punish the hard workers and reward the bums who DON'T WORK, but spend all their money on stupidity and parties!

I was forced to live in the inner city of Milwaukee for a short time while I attended a great Tech college, MATC - Milwaukee, in 1994-5, and I saw first hand how the ghetto people live.... on food stamps, welfare, theft and crime.... NOT ALL OF THEM, but most of them. They seem to have money for smokes, liquor, drugs and junk food-- but never enough to pay the rent and utilities, and their kids are cheated out of a normal, balanced 2 parent family life. Actually, without the illegitimate kids, the adults wouldn't get any Gov't handouts! So they NEVER get married, because that would kill their 'golden goose' of "free Gov't money/ benefits. I just couldn't live like that.... sorry. But this has been going on in America for 5 generations. I remember Prez LBJ -- Johnson, and his 'Great Society' programs to help the poor. I believe that LBJ and his administration MEANT well, but their programs enslaved the poor,IMO, and taught them to "work the system" instead of trying to get educated and work for their keep. Socialism enslaves the people and bankrupts the country. Many disillusioned people, IMHO, think that their political party and different agendas can turn things around--- but they always leave out the GOD FACTOR, and the Bible, which plainly tells us that ONLY GOD can change the world! But... perish the thought that they should stoop so low and actually read and trust God's Word. After all, 'Cramps and narrow is the road leading to ever lasting life in heaven.... but broad and spacious is the road leading to destruction.' But now... this is only my personal opinion after living a long, fruitful, adventurous life-- some of it on the wild side, but also reading as many good books as I could.

I worry a lot about my poor wife and her slowly getting worse, even now, after all the hospitalization and new medicine. She told me that her female cardiologist verbally abused her and treated her poorly last week. Frankly, I am at the frazzled end of my wits where nothing works anymore, and I feel useless and depressed about my wife's poor condition. I need to turn it over to God's hands, instead of thinking that I can somehow control things. I have come to love Sharon more as we grow to know each other better. That's the spooky problem in life--- when you finally grow closer in friendship and love-- your friend/ partner 'leaves the scene !' It is for that reason that many soldiers in combat find it hard to commit to close relationships after they get out of the service. I like to think that I am different, but I get hurt too often trusting people who rob and cheat me-- my money and benefits, and then they split when they tire of me.

Sharon didn't feel like going to church yesterday, so I helped her to her EZ chair in the living room, and asked her to just stay there until I got back in 2 hours. After church I figured I could drive to the store to get some meat to grill outside on that fine sunny day for us. I tried to call home twice, but no one answered, and I got nervous, so I called a dear friend, Joe V, from church [at his home] to please run over and check on my wife-- and sure enough, Sharon fell down again and could not get up-- she is very weak yet. I got home 20 minutes later and Joe helped her up by that time. If she had only listened to me-- but she has always been stubborn and independent.... So now I just wonder how I will be able to keep my doctors' appointments, etc. She has fallen down too many times, trying to do stuff without my support and help. Any suggestions or ideas, folks??

I make her wear a whistle around her neck and tell her to always keep her cell phone with her where ever she goes/ walks. I worry about her all the time, and know a few other friends who are in the same boat with their own wives.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and well wishes.

P.S. Waking up in the morning and feeling her side of the bed wet, and not being able to wake her up [but she was breathing with her CPAP and Oxygen running for her], I called a few smart friends and the KMH- [hospital in Kenosha, WI], they advised me to call the EMT'S -- Rescue Squad right away, and so they came to haul Sharon BACK TO THE ER at St. Cat's in K-town and she looked serious and unresponsive. Her doctor was there and told me that if I had not got her here in time -- a bit later, she may have been much worse or died. But she is ALWAYS hard to get up in the morning, dizzy, slow headed and unresponsive!! Her blood sugar was too low, as they did a number of tests, and the 'Rescue Squad' in our one horse town didn't jack around this time, but shipped her directly to where we needed her to go. How was I to know that her blood sugar was so low, when she was bragging how great she felt Friday before the big Summer Storm that felled many trees in Wisconsin?! So she is in ICU again-- and I am totally un-nerved and distraught, and I always catch the blame no matter what I do-- so it seems. Sorry to cry in your beer today, dear friends. Just call me Yo-Yo. I been praying my head off all day, and have trouble concentrating--- so I am writing this mainly for self- therapy, and to let other friends know what is happening with Sharon, etc. I don't know if she heard me or not when I squeezed her hand and said, "I love you, Sharon." With stuff like this happening, out of the blue, I may get paranoid, and afraid to let myself relax enough to sleep. Just when we thought that my wife was "out of the woods...."
I called a good disabled Vietnam Vet- Marine friend [Marvin R. Ellis] that I used to work with at Chrysler, etc, and his wife told me that she is going through the same ordeal with him-- a very sick spouse that no one can help-- he is dying too. The devil is having a field day.


Warm Regards,

June 21, 2010

The Bible Opposes Socialism

Prof. Steve C. Halbrook / The New Geneva Leadership Blog:
The Bible's civil code (in the Older Testament) does not authorize rulers to redistribute wealth. While helping the poor is commanded, none of the laws regarding helping the poor are backed by a civil sanction. For instance, the law about leaving gleanings from the harvest for the poor and the sojourner (Leviticus 23:22; cf. 19:9) is not accompanied by a penalty to be enforced by the state if the law is violated. (The main penalties the state is permitted to enforce for certain sins include restitution [e.g. Exodus 22:1-4], flogging [e.g. Deuteronomy 25:1-3],and execution [e.g. Leviticus 24:16]). Of course, while the state is not to punish the sin of neglecting the poor, God nevertheless does. Whenever we neglect the poor, we risk God’s judgment in this life (cf.Deuteronomy 28:15), and we must answer to Him for it on judgment day (2 Corinthians 5:10).

Posted by Editor at June 21, 2010 12:52 AM