Monday, June 14, 2010


Tom's Journal.

This has been a great help to me-- the way it was laid out in perfect form! I've got to tell and explain something to you. The first time I attended college, my print reading teacher was very kind, understanding, and he always had some 'pearls of wisdom' to impart to his students. Since I never studied print reading for welders before-- it was all 'Greek' to me, so he told me that his own son, also working hard to learn new things at college claimed that sometimes he had to re-read the same material 7 times before it sunk in!
Let's face it, for some of us, certain things/ subjects come easy-- while others really have to struggle with them. Frankly, I've been in BOTH camps. My college tests show that I have a very high 'verbal aptitude', but I just HATE Math. And so I bet that many of you wonder how I gained/ passed a Securities/ Investments license and worked in welding and carpentry....Ha! Well, sometimes you have got to want something really bad, and so you PUSH yourself! Soldiering wasn't always easy and fun-- but you couldn't just fly away like a bird when the rockets and bullets were flying toward you. And the cows on the farm had to be milked 365 days of the year, and the cattle and hogs fed too.

Reality: When a person gets Saved by the Holy Spirit, he/ she doesn't wake up the next morning and become PERFECT, WISE, UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING, or never has bad breath or body odor...LOL!! Learning takes EFFORT, time, study, prayer AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.... talking about Bible related things, etc, and then we will STILL be imperfect while on earth.

I have entered into many agreements, contracts, and arrangements only to find out soon that I really "stepped into something" nasty. I don't "JUDGE" someone who never took a chance in high school, work, sports, academics or the military-- but I have much more respect and admiration for those who take on something difficult and/ or different and try to the best of their ability. And I was not successful in everything I tried either. After all, what good is an UN-tested warrior? Many of the young people now days are afraid to try, sweat, work, study, be a productive citizen and contribute to the Lord in many ways. And they CHOSE to remain IGNORANT-- but that will NOT save them from God's righteous judgment! And please don't think it was easy for me to change many of my evil ways... I was a dreamer and wished that some rich uncle would WILL me all his treasure... LOL. And I didn't get anything from my Dad after he passed except his broken down watch-- but that's OK too. He did teach me a lot-- 18 years on the farm. After that I was totally on my own, and that's the way I liked it. I figured that I could do and live better-- but I fell on my face a few times.

Now, for the "new" and "young" Christians, this article will probably seem hard to understand, but like I said, it's worth the read. It offers the logical proof explained fairly well and trashes the "Mid- Trib and Post-Tribulation camps, who want you to believe that HUMANS can make or govern 'Heaven on Earth' and that New Age stuff...Ha! This is also another reason why REAL, biblical Christians don't put all their marbles in Gov't elections, or political parties. They will not work in the long run -- and we have OUR sights fixed on something that our God promises that is much better--HEAVEN, and soon to come. We may vote for the better person who will lead honestly and with Constitutional adherence and Justice for all.... but this is really a temporary 'band aid' until the Lord comes.

Sharon said a half hour ago that she could not keep from throwing up a few times today, but her blood sugar seems to be OK.... for now. I will see her tomorrow morning and get back with the details.

Tom Schuckman

That Which Shall Be Hereafter

Posted: 14 Jun 2010 01:17 PM PDT

By Jack Kinsella The Omega Letter The Book of the Revelation was authored by the Apostle John on the island of Patmos off the coast of Greece sometime around the last decade of the 1st century.Note that it is NOT the Revelation of John, but the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John the Apostle. John makes that clear from the start: "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to shew

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