Saturday, June 5, 2010

Please Pray for Christians in Afghanistan.

Tom's Journal.

Here is the latest Blog post from my friend, Carolyn Elkins. From what I have heard, Martyrs hold a higher place in Heaven, and if I knew that was my "departure" I might hope for a swift end, but if it comes to such a choice, I would take the Apostle Paul mind set: "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain" ~ Philippians 1:21. Would it make sense to live a few more weeks, months or years knowing that hell is waiting for us afterward? As I use the 'Old Soldier' example often enough, Combat Troops know that they could die anytime in battle [or by a Muslim terrorist at some Army base in America, like Fort Hood, TX...], but they are trained to stay alive to defend, serve, and protect. A Christian stays alive so that he/ she may continue the work of Jesus Christ-- sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of my readers and friends do just that! As my wife and I are disabled enough so that it's hard to just walk from one room to another-- my PC/ keyboard is the main 'vehicle' of the "fruitage of my lips", but I also pass out bibles for free.

I know that this will sound a bit crazy to some, but I told Carolyn that I am looking forward to the coming big war between Israel and her terrorist, hateful, Islamic neighbors soon. One reason is that I believe that this great event MIGHT usher in the Rapture... but also because I am tired of seeing Israel get persecuted by the whole world in general! And we know for a fact that God's Word says that EVERYONE who hurts and/ or abandons Israel will be 'visited' by a nasty curse from the Lord, and will suffer greatly. We as Americans will NOT be spared, especially since obozo came into office and has deserted and tried to humiliate/ hurt Israel. Collectively, the people--Americans also suffer when the 'King' [obama] is sinful, hateful, and incompetent, but don't forget the Legislative and Judicial branch either, as they are also guilty! Ha! You can't say that things will be boring this Summer....LOL.

The Gospel is a true story and promise of LOVE, HOPE , FAITH, and divine Promises from God-- to those humans who humble themselves enough to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and try to live in His foot steps. The fact that God permitted me to live through so many near death accidents, intense combat in war and battle, all these years until now at age 61, has to be a minor miracle proving that He really loves me, and I believe that there is an element of 'Election' there, even though we are all "Free Moral Agents" on earth. This fact drives me to want to change my life even more and tell others about this super act of LOVE. GOD LOVED US FIRST! ~John 3:16. -- Even as we were born sinners, and were/ are deserving of hell. If we were to die for Christ, it would be a small thing, for sure. Worldly Soldiers believe that they sacrifice their very lives for some so-called 'high principle'-- even if their Gov't or cause is really corrupt, or a political lie or national greed, in many cases through out history.

Christian warriors have a much HIGHER, more noble cause to die for, if that is to happen. Heathen eagerly sacrifice their lives, as Muslim suicide bombers blow themselves to pieces and innocent civilians with them, for the lie told to them, that they will be in Paradise with 70 virgins.... but what about the women virgins? Kind of one sided, huh? We have something much better stated in the BIBLE for us.

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Take care, folks, and please pray for me too. Thanks.

Tom Schuckman

Please pray for Christians in Afghanistan~
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose

Romans 8:28


Christopher said...

Tom my friend, I pray for Christians EVERYWHERE and Jews for that matter.

All the children of Abraham are under attack everyday in one shape or another and no, moslems are NOT children of Abraham.

Christopher said...

p.s., I am pleased you got the comments on immediate status!

Be proud, be loud and never afraid is my motto.

God Bless you and Sharon.