Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Rant.

Tom's Journal.

Saturday with off and on rain and humidity... I am NOT complaining, just stating a fact. My Dad taught the family never to bitch about the weather, and that the same people complain about the cold Winters in Wisconsin... LOL. He used to say: 'You can't have it both ways.'

I felt that I had to change the 'Comments' area back to 'moderation' as the "other camp" of 'Mid-Tribulation' theorists used my kindness to sneak their trash back into my Blog. Sorry folks-- I am just tired of their abusive 'flooding' the comments area with tons of adverse, mountainous names, authors, goofy info, that tears apart my central BIBLE belief of proper scriptural divine prophecy. I DON'T MIND COMMENTS that offer divers questions or biblical facts, chapter and verse.... don't get me wrong. The offenders like the person "Anonymous" won't give their names and links, as they 'hit and run' in the dark, and I call them COWARDS! Shame on them.
I don't HATE them-- I just hate the sin. Grow up and stand tall-- I bear my own full name for everyone to see and communicate with-- and so should you. If you feel that strongly about posting a contrariwise comment or thought-- please work up the fortitude to email your message to me and give your name and email link, like a MAN.
Real Christians are NOT Cowards! Rev. 21:8.

Now, as far as
we present day Christians experiencing real suffering in tribulation-- we must agree that this is well taking place right now in many countries-- and I certainly believe we are seeing the first fruits of abuse, stolen rights and freedoms right now in the USA, and other countries. I have long praised books like: Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn, etc. many times which shows the inhumane, horrible treatment of Christians in China, who must remain underground; and India, Asia and most of the world! That great book got me started in donating some funds to VOM [Voices of the Martyrs], Open Doors, and other reputable orgs., to help my brothers in Christ. PTL.
I believe that this is one of the ways a person "stores up his treasures in Heaven."

But, for the sake of argument, let us just speculate that IF we are to experience some or part of the Great Tribulation, so what !! Are we not courageous soldiers of Christ ready to suffer and die for our Lord and Savior ?? So much more would be our glory in Heaven! Listen, FYI, I hurt and struggle every day of my life and my wife is very ill and struggles for ever intake of pure air/ breathe, and we not only KNOW that we shall die, but WELCOME IT! We well know from intense Bible study and research with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT that 'Unbelievers and skeptics don't possess, that HEAVEN IS OUR HOME!

Sorry, we know that UN-believers are jealous and envy our spiritual happiness. And this fact only magnifies their extreme hopelessness and fear of death and hurt as the days grow darker and gloomy each and every day. "Where is your sting, Oh death?" And... unfortunately, perhaps the majority of 'Christian churches' now days are woefully missing out on that pure joy and happiness that only the Holy Spirit can give! Hopefully, they can regain their zeal and love for Jesus Christ, [See Rev. 3] but if they don't --- Oh well. It is just like everything else in the world -- 20% of the people [in churches too] bear the weight and do all the work-- the other 80% lay on their back sides and complain and start problems. I really hope my readers and friends understand that fact.

Instead of being part of the problem-- why not use these last days of tribulation to DO something right-- to help and reach out to the brothers and sisters we already KNOW in the Lord, and HELP, ENCOURAGE them?? Invite them over for coffee, tea or a cold drink or home made Lemonade, like Sharon just made for us! I bought about 7 nice fresh lemons yesterday, and she made Lemonade the right way, from scratch... she is from Ohio.

Sharon is sleeping now, and she often stays up or sleeps in her comfortable EZ chair upright,
because when she lays down flat, the fluid in her lungs comes up and chokes her...even with her CPAP and oxygen working for her, poor lady. So the 'Doc' increased her medication... again. They say there is not too more they can do, as they have tried all their "tricks" and potions already. And Sharon and I both know that without my good Chrysler health Insurance [that I busted my buns for over 30 years on the Assembly line] and my VA benefits-- she would have been "gone" years ago. BTW, did the Illegal Alien, or ghetto welfare scam artist work 30 years at any regular job, pay taxes and SS-- although they prob had enough money for booze, drugs and smokes?? Yet--obozo and the Dims reward such behavior with OUR taxes. At least, since Sharon met me about 7 years ago, she has found the Lord, learned the Bible, and been a good Christian witness to many lives she has touched. We give praise to the Lord. People like Penny Perez, Carolyn, and her own circle of friends on Net, etc., have helped her much.
That's all for my Saturday rant. Pray for the poor folks whose family died in the floods in AR. So sorry. We would HOPE that they died knowing the Lord Jesus.

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Heli gunner Tom said...

Tom I agree with you 200%.

I know I am your wife, but I would rather moderate comments than be slandered you name.

GODthinker said...

Thanks so much for your blog. I love it when Christians are real instead of trying to put on a phony halo like nothing ever bothers them. Life is rough. That's why we need God.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Sharon Schuckman said:

Tom I agree with you 100%.

The Methodist church I grew up in is not the same church. They forgot the John Wesley teachings and the use of the Bible. I remember when the KJVB was the only Bible ever used.

The old Methodists do not even go to church any many more because they changed policy.

Check out the Evangelical United Brethren. This is the church that brought the downfall to Methodist-ism as we old timers knew this would happen.

The Evangelicals are the ones that brought in homosexuality, women pastors you name it.

The Methodists had to accept the Evangelical doctrine and to heck with the truth the Methodists wanted to preach and reach out to people.

Sharon L. Schuckman

Heli gunner Tom said...

Staley said:
I wondered how you could control that. I know it makes your blood boil. That is how I feel about these false reports that I am asked to send on. Staley You and Sharon are in our prayers.

--- On Sat, 6/12/10, Thomas G. Schuckman wrote: