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Hot and Humid.

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Here is some recent correspondence from a very intelligent friend of mine. I think he does a fine job in explaining biblical things-- and we pretty much see 'eye to eye.'
Hot and humid in Wisconsin on Tuesday, July 6th! Good for our Victory Garden. Sharon is feeling much better today. PTL!

Tom Schuckman

Dear Tom,
Thanks for responding. I know you are a fellow Vietnam veteran, and one who saw repeated combat and danger, where I was rather sheltered except a few short weeks during the Tet offensive of 1968. I trained as a armored recon scout as an enlisted man preparing for a Cavalry unit in Vietnam, when the Army sent me to OCS, not in armor or infantry, but logistics. That's probably why I am alive and writing you today.
Being veterans and raised to be a proud militant Christian patriots, it is extremely difficult to see the nation we were born in, and taught to almost worship, to actually be the final form of the Roman Empire that will be destroyed by God for counterfeiting the wholesome gospel message of our Lord Jesus Christ. What it really came to for me was a clear choice that I had to make: Do I follow the Lord Jesus and his teachings or do I follow the huge religious masses that refuse to acknowledge that Jesus is coming back to intervene in the affairs of men, all of them being led around by the host of fallen angels.
Bill Sallis and others are saying that a Psalms 83 war is a possibility. As I understand that scripture in conjunction with Ezekiel 38's Gog of Magog war, they are not the same battle or war. Psalms 83 seems to have begun in 1948 when all of Israel's enemies invaded and tried to annul the UN"s declaration of the new state of Israel. It has repeated itself several times over the last decades, and Bill might be right that another more violent war could break out. If it happens Israel will be victorious for the last time as Zechariah 12-14 testifies, and perhaps gain even more of its promised land.
This could significantly change the tactics of Israel's enemies, especially the Russians, whereby the Islamic world will put on a new face of moderation seeking peace and no more war. Of course this will all be a treacherous lie, as Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, and others lie in wait for Israel and America to lay down their weapons and guard, and then attack as a cloud to cover the land. This is the Gog of Magog war which ignites a nuclear World War III that terrifies all mankind. Because Israel will have made the infamous Peace Covenant with the American Antichrist, the Russians will be victorious over Israel's armies, and the Jews will soon be scattered to the four winds once God has destroyed the Russians, and American armies move in to occupy the Holy Land. God's protective hand over Israel will be removed allowing its enemies a temporary victory. Please read my article "The Judgment Chronicles" posted on our web site for the details and scriptures pertaining to this event.
From what you have been writing it appears you are now feeling the heat from those who profess to be Christians but could care less about the second coming. Your are my friend and brother in Jesus, and by your taking a stand for sound doctrine at the expense of family and friends at times, you have joined yourself to the true body of Christ that is in this world calling out of the deceived nations new disciples for the Lord until he comes. Keep in touch Tom, and give your ailing wife a hug from me.
Your brother in Jesus,
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Very interesting, Jack. I have also had similar thoughts about our country -- even being a disabled Veteran. I still question many churches who are preaching post-millennial trash that is contrary to what the BOOK says.... the Bible. I hope you got a chance to at least check out the "new" DEFINED KJV Bible that I have been sharing with all my readers for the past 6 months. I just bought 4 more to help in my sharing the Gospel work.
Do you see the predicted war coming to the Middle East-- enemies of Israel THIS SUMMER?? I feel that might very well be the lynch pin that will set things in motion.
Great post!

Tom S

Tom Schuckman :-)

"The subject of the second coming of Christ has never been popular to any but the true believer."
~Billy Graham

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Jesus is my Lord and Savior....Heaven is my Home.

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Dear Robert,
Thanks for sending me this list of America's leaders and founders and excerpts of their writings. I have known since high school and college days, and my own study of history that these men were very religious and devout in their understanding of Christendom. As Christians we are to respect and honor their souls for whom Jesus died, and as Peter said, to even honor the King or in this case our republic-style civil authorities. I do this even though I know these men, including those like Witherspoon, signed the Declaration thinking they were justified in making war against the King of England, a thing they knew would happen when the Declaration was published and announced.
The signers of this document all seem to follow the "tradition" known as the "just war" doctrine established by Augustine when the Roman Empire became falsely Christianized in the fourth century. This deception, even delusion, runs contrary to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Sermon on the Mount and the prophetic Sermon on the Mount of Olives. Jesus makes it clear in Luke 4, Revelation 12,13,17-20, and many other scriptures, that Satan and his host of fallen angels have been given authority over all Gentile nations and kingdoms because of the sin nature inherent in all men, until the bodily second coming of Jesus Christ to this war-torn planet.
Jesus taught that wars and rumors of war, and many other evil things, would get worse and worse as his second coming approached, and nowhere does he teach that his people will Christianize the nations and their governments before his bodily return. We as his disciples are to call "out of" the nations people who hear and respond to the gospel message. Knowing that our Father has allowed Satan temporary rule over the nations, this is as far as we can go until our Lord comes again.
Some of the so-called Christian founders of America rightly talked about sin and forgiveness in Jesus, but tragically could not see their own sin when they rebelled violently against their Christian cousins in England. Nor did they choose to remember the violent legacy established when Emperor Constantine decide to be a Christian while rejecting the fundamental principles of the bloody cross to endure suffering and love our enemies, even unto our cross if necessary. Governments of unregenerate men, no matter how religious they profess to be, "cannot" operate that way because they don't understand the love of God, the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, or the components of the sin nature within all men. America's Christian founders did not choose to include these principles themselves, even though they talked and wrote about establishing America upon the principles of the Bible.
And while writing the Declaration and Constitution, supposedly undergirded by God's principles, they neglected to include the name, the Lord Jesus Christ, in their two esteemed national documents. Why? What were they ashamed of? They obviously did not remember, nor did the leading preachers of their day remind them, that Jesus said that if we are ashamed of "me and my words" he will be ashamed of us at his coming in his Father's glory, Mark 8:38. That means trouble for us when we try to separate him and his principles or teachings, or when we attempt to accept some of his principles while rejecting those we can't fit into our thinking and way of life.
This willful omission of his name, his bodily resurrection, his bloody cross, and pre-millennial second coming proves these men were "not" empowered and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit as saved men, but were only religious men who admired certain principles of the man named Jesus. A man who intervened in the affairs of Israel and the nations by going to his sacrificial death to save us from Hell, Satan, and the condemnation of our sin nature. And a man and God who is coming back to make war against the later day Roman Empire who has counterfeited his name and message as they were seduced by the religious fallen angels who rule over them.
John the apostle reveals that the sin nature in all men is filled with the "pride of this life" which is the root of militant patriotism, 1 John 2:16. It flows out of us all naturally. There was and is great sadness and heartache from the rejection of dear friends and family members as I became convinced that America's founders were repeating the errors of false Christians like Constantine and Augustine so long ago. Their pride of this life could not receive what I was saying, just as I first experienced when the Lord confronted me with this truth about America's role in the end times or last days.
The prophecies of the scriptures warned us of these things to come. For John's Revelation teaches us that Daniel's fourth beast, the Roman Empire, would through much division and confusion, morph into a mighty Kingdom (America and her European allies) through the guidance of a Great Harlot that guides and gives legitimacy to its government. This Great Harlot is led by the Papacy who has now managed over the decades and centuries to reunite with her Protestant daughters who founded America because they trusted in the just war doctrine and the post-millennial doctrine of prophecy concerning how and when Jesus would return to this earth.
Unless I missed it in the writings of the men you quoted in this email, all of these men subscribed to this false doctrine of post-millennialism. They all seem to be calling for the establishing of God's Kingdom, not by the imminent and bodily pre-millennial return of Jesus, but by the growth and power of their Christendom in league with America's government. This is leading to the rise of the Antichrist, and something we must warn all men to flee from spiritually.
Thanks again for sending me this, Robert, and please keep in touch.
Your eternal friend,
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